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INTPs and Fe?

by DaveSuperPowers • 31,844 views

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Lol Jung was an obvious INFJ :p he epitomizes Ni
So would Ti be just as draining for ENFJ as Fe is for an INTP?
Definetely! Se for INFJ's Si for ENFP's etc.
Both my parents are ENFJ's... I am an INTP. EXPLAIN?? (No, I'm good, actually, I have several working theories)
i just don't get way someone would want to Fe... makes no sense. 
I have a question about INTPs. Introverted Thinking is a very thorough function - casting the net deep, if you will. Extroverted Intuition seems very fast-paced, as it's the brainstorming function. Seeing as these are the two primary functions, it would seem that they'd clash. How do they interact with one another?
I'm usually unemotional. You couldn't get me to empathize with the usual dramas of people. You couldn't get me to take your side by shedding tears. When people come to me to vent feelings, I usually get rational, asking questions about the situation that led to their frustration or sadness, instead of cheering them up. This didn't work with my cousin, and we ended up not talking to each other for several months. When a friend tearfully showed me his bruised arm, I told him off for being careless. So he got mad at me for being so unsympathetic. Haha! There are times, too, when I can show real sadness, concern, or bliss. But if you graph my emotions, it would be like a straight line broken by occasional spikes and dips. 
I thought Jung was an INFJ
So that's why people are always calling me a cold heartless bastard. Whenever people tell me sad news or even happy news about them or someone else, I find it difficult to convey any actual feeling or emotion, yes I'm happy/sad that, that happened but I don't really feel it or show it.
make a video explaining each of the cognitive functions. You seem to know what you're talking about and you explain things well in an easy to follow manor. I would prefur to let you do all the work explaining it to me rather than going and researching it all myself :). researching it myself requires figuring out who knows what they're talking about and whose full of shit when even I don't know what it's all about. I'm an INTP and curious to know myers briggs with a bit more depth, I know the gst of it but now I want more. btw, you say the tests for myers briggs are rubbish, I would counter that by saying you just need an intp present who knows you well to set you right when you answer wrongly. I find I'm better at answering peoples myers briggs questionairs for people than they are themselves.
Just a heads up - Bill Gates is not an INTP - this has been exhaustively reviewed and disproved ever since someone a few years back made the suggestion. Most point to ENTJ or possibly INTJ but his introversion is linked to an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) - Regardless he is not INTP.
I guess that explains why I liked Oprah's show, even though I'm not very much like her, I admire her generosity and positive outlook.
Awesome video! Will definitely take your advice and put it into action immediately. Which type are you, just out of curiosity?
As an INTP, we are human beings even though it is easily forgotten when were busy thinking, we have social needs too!
Would it make sense that Sherlock (from the new PBS series) is an INTP? when he talks he's saying what he already knows, and he often goes deep into his mind to think which suggests Ti. He's clearly a Rational and an introvert, so INTP makes the most sense to me. What do you think?
@boghi4ever In a general sense used for speed reading and such, yes.
About a year ago my grandfather got me to read his really old, warn out copy of "how to win friends and influence people". Since learning about the MBTI stuff I would think that basically what Carnegie was trying to do was show people how to project positive ENFJ traits. Another good example to learn from perhaps? Especially considering that developing Fe is basically the purpose of the book.
As an INJF with an INTP best friend (both male), I can say that I've assisted my friend in developing his Fe because we both 'speak the same language' (Ti), and I think this kind of connection is more advantageous than, for example, an INTP learning from an ESFJ because the ESFJ's lack of way to demonstrate and communicate those concepts using the INTP's primary method (Ti). Thoughts?
Building up any function you have is important. I think if you look at Dave's video called "Shadow Functions! Avoid Them!", that will answer your question. (:
@Unique934 Yeah, I get that. But is it safe to assume that INTJs are generally better at sports than INTPs just because they have the Se function that is associated with this kind of physical activities?
Oprah's not an ENFP? I challenge.
yeah... what you .. "somehow"... cool!
@boghi4ever "I'm INTJ and my inferior function is Se. Does this theoretically makes me better at sports and stuff than an xNTP" In general, yes.
@DaveSuperPowers Yeah, my Father is an INTP, so I found these very interesting. Myself being a strong Fe, it's important to get a better grasp of how to handle/counsel/help/antagonise "T"s. Haha. Might I add that I found the picture of Beaker the Muppet in a previous INTP vid hilariously accurate!
I'm INTJ and my inferior function is Se. Does this theoretically makes me better at sports and stuff than an xNTP or types that don't have the Se function, or it makes me inferior to them? Or let's say I don't have the Ne function, but an ISTJ has it as it's inferior function. Does that make me more creative (Ne) than a ISTJ or is the ISTJ more creative than me? Again, the are just theoretical questions and generalizations that aren't true in ALL cases.
Awww man, that ending bit, the fruitiness, I totally know what you're talking about.
@cornyBandit and thus, your natural functions are probably coming back out to play.
as an intp, what do you mean by study the successful Enfjs? Study their business methods or try to talk like they do, etc....? Also why study them and not intps who develop theirs like feeling function, like top actors who are intps?
A bit of a tangent, but is there any way to test rates of types in the general population?
I don't know if this is the article on age you mentioned, but it has some interesting stuff...the section on INTJ / Hillary Clinton, for example. To get to the url, search for: The Faces of Personality Type Development
I was joking that he's hanging around Oprah and Will Smith to milk their Fe. I really think tom cruise would have to be an extrovert and somehow or other a rather strong extraverted feeler.
That would be a good one for the future. Planning on making many more of these!
I agree. Learning from your complete opposite probably doesn't achieve anything. People who are close enough to your own perception have a better chance of helping you "see" differently.
another great video! my dad is an ENFJ and my older sister is an ESFJ so i probably have manage, at the very least, noticing other peoples feelings(but not really act upon it).but after we set apart for a couple of years, i started to loose grip of what's the appropriate manners and such, and the significance of socializing, because i tend to rely on their values. people will see me as jerky now, not like in the good old days where i'm the goody goody who will strive for harmony.
I guess I better start working then! :)
I've noticed something funny with my own tendencies. When watching a romantic movie or hearing "moving" music my Fe (I'm an INTP) really tends to take a hold of me, and as a result I end up loving mediocre romantic comedies or start to cry upon hearing a song...
@burningsodium So your theory is that an ISTJ can use it's dominant Si for sports and stuff due to the fact that a introverted dominant function is very strong and gets some room in the extroverted area of one's function chart. On the other hand there are some people that say: "if you don't have Se as a function then you probably are bad at sports" , ignoring that fact. If the first sentence is correct that means ISTJs have more Se than INTJs , but INTJs have more Ne than ISTJs.
I'd really like to know ways of being able to tell if someone is ESFP or ENFP based on first impression
@DaveSuperPowers lol Just found out I am in fact an INTP after a long time spent studying the functions better and conversing with others. I realised that my family environment had in fact already started me on the path of improving my Fe. But because it was still my inferior I often mistook it for Fi hence thinking I was an INFP. But after considering myself when im healthy, I demonstrate Ne and Ti much more. Anyhow as a result I now remember to buy birthday/christmas presents.
Could you make a video about each of the Temperaments to make those clearer?
Study ENFJs to develop Fe. A well function developed INTP or ENTP would be fine as well. ENFJs have top Fe is why I chose them.
Presumably this principle would work even beyond the 4 functions present in a person's type, wouldn't it? Take an INTP —after he finishes developing his Fe, may he one day move on to developing even his Fi/Ni/Se/Te? In what order do you think that might occur? Of course it would take tons of age and experience, he'd be one wizened old person when he was done.
I second this. I'm having some problems figuring out which people have INTP or INFP; They view themselves as logical thinkers, but at the same time, seem to have deep emotions that you only get to see through indirect means...
Maybe a good strategy to REALLY balance out the INTP would be to first model after the ESFJ because they both have Fe, Ti, Ne, and Si which energize them (but are just in different order) and then once the INTP gets those down pretty well, THEN model after the ISTP who has Fi > Te > Ni > Se. yea? no? whatever?
As an INTP do I really want develop my Fe? I'm worried it'd take away from my more dominate functions? Is this something I should be concerned about?
@lwarley Hey sounds interesting, I'll look into that tonight.
I'm INTP and I feel the same way, but isn't Fe taxing to you? I think for a long time I've had the urge to help others and be appreciated (not admired, though that is nice too). Really -working- with Fe though to do stuff —like reading my friends' emotions and figuring out just what to say to either give them a boost or ride their good feels with them— is quite taxing for me. How do you manage that all the time?
As an INTP with a pretty well-developed Fe, I'd like to see one about NPs' Se function. Mine is far weaker than my Fe, and far more mysterious and confusing than my “weird hunch” Si, but I really want to develop it. Is that even possible?
I'm an INTP whom for a while was working jobs that very much are the type that an extroverted feeler would excel at. It is very challenging, and draining, and ultimately I got away from those sorts of jobs. However I can say I learned a lot. My current job is very much a stereotypical INTP job, and I love it.
Rather younger INT's usually experience it. So I agree with you about age. It would usually be more beneficial for Introverts to socialize more often to gain more experiences. You hit the nail on the head about extroverts, quite a few friends of mine are. They have more of a simplified way of life and perception it seems.
@boghi4ever The 4th function is your weakest but still a part of you. The functions that are not listed for your type are called your 'shadow functions' and are rarely (if ever) used and are generally too complicated to implement into becoming balanced as you need to play to your strengths. For example, I'm an INTP so my shadow functions are Fi, Ni, Se and Te.
How do they contradict? Fe, albeit inferior, is still a natural function for the INTP. Shadow functions are the ones that drain the natural ones. You are ergo, comparing apples to oranges.
I honestly had never heard of this word before.
As an INTJ I tried to develop my Fe, assisted by some advice by others per my request. I've given up. The idea of getting involved with Fe gives me this feeling... I almost need to barf. It's deep. But I think Fe is in good hands of an INTP. Respect to the OP if he can develop it successfully!
Im an INTP, my GF is an ENFJ. This is incredibly accurate.
I feel the same way, I am an INTP with a highly developed Fe. I feel like I can read everyone's emotions, I know exactly what they are thinking. I feel connected to nature, and have a drive to help people. But my brain is very rational and logical I have to find studies to support my beliefs. Using mostly Evolutionary psychology, Evolutionary nutrition, and Sociological studies, etc etc.
ok this replies to my previous comment...
My gf is INFP and im INTP.... shit gets real >:O
Most sources I've read type Jung as an INFJ. I'm not saying that you were incorrectly typing jung in this video, I'm merely curious as to why you type him as an INTP.
@DaveSuperPowers Heya, well you got the ball rolling w/ the ideas haha. You're one of the few good at explaining the functions and types.
@Andyp12 Si and Te, yes. To balance yourself out. Depending on how young you are though.
PLEEEEASE make an INTP vs ENTP video.
Your videos are so great, Dave! Keep them up! ... If you're fishing for ideas, I'd love to see a video about how to distinguish between ESFPs and ENFPs. :)
I've been on an MBTI for a few months and I've noticed people saying that they once typed themselves as INFP but later believed they were INTP. Because once they contrasted introverted thinking and introverted feeling they realized they'd typed themselves wrong. Could you do a vid contrasting introverted feeling and introverted thinking?
He didn't say he was an INTP, he described himself variously as introverted, a thinker, and an introverted intuitive. Remember, four letter types didn't exist when Jung created the system, which is a Te system, as is his writing--Ni/Te.
I think I've been an INTP for most of my life, due to my dominant introverted thinking and the fact that I often need time for myself to recharge. In the past 2 years though, I've developed my extroverted side BIG time. Most of the time it has become much easier for me to explain my complex ideas in a way everyone understands it, when partying I've learned to power off my mind and just have fun and I am even better in reading people, than i was before. Does this make me an ENTP now? (I'm 17 y/o)
I think it's inportant for people to, not only understand themselves, but also to understand others better. INTP's are one of those that I think people may need more context for. (So videos like these are good).
@boghi4ever While Se is (correctly) considered better for sports in general, in my view Si can be used for sports as well. A better comparison than between INTP and INTJ, would thus be INTP versus ENTJ. In that comparison, the ENTJ should (ceteris paribus) be better than an INTP at sports due to the Se. With INTJ versus INTP, it would be more of a toss-up, because INTJ has Se instead of Si, but it's still lower down on the chain than the INTP's sensing.
simply amazing delivery.. holy sh-t. that in itself is something to learn from.
So i'm an INTP and was wondering how Se works, could you do a video on Si vs. Se. I can't thoroughly understand Se and explain i to people, can you explain it working both with introverted thinking and feeling?(ISTP ISFP) Also can you explain why as an INTP I will actively try to seek emotional connections even though they confuse me and seem so irrelevant?
The notion that Richard Branson is an ENFJ also is incorrect. If one primarily introverts feeling and extroverts sensation--as he appears to--one is not an ENFJ. D'OH!
Right before Jung died he took an online test and came up ESFJ.
Great stuff, Dave. This is for other types than just INTPs: Another thing I've learned, too is that when you have a problem related to one of your lesser functions, USE that function to solve the problem. It might end with a train wreck at first, but don't you learn a new language best by total immersion? I did this with Fe about 2 years ago and it's amazing to see things from two different perspectives.
It's incredibly taxing, it's very difficult for me to be around groups of people for long. I start feeling drained. Feeling everyone's emotions can be very overwhelming. I require large amounts of alone time. It's the only way I stay sane.
What do you mean "It will drain you"?
Sent this to my INTP girlfriend, she enjoys the emphasis on the lead Ti ;) as an ENTP our functions are VERY similar which is why we are so similar in our ways and get along so well (the sound of it is sickening isn't it?). we both have the same functions on the same side, she's just a lot more analytical than I am, and I am quite analytical, so she is to the extreme! INTP's are one of the most intelligent types that I know, (well many NT's are, such as myself ;))
Much worse. Quite helpless, if you ask me. :)
LOL I'm guessing Tom Cruise is an IXTP then? XD 1:49
Carl Young was an INFJ he was much more mystical in his approach to analysis than Freud who was an ENTJ, Jung talked of having dreams that were foretelling the future such as his dream of WW1 this mystical and more emotional side to him is what caused some differences between him and Freud and their different approaches to analysis
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