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Need For Speed: UnderGround 3 trailer

by AnimeTrix427 • 1,228,525 views

No Copyright Intended I Dont Own Any Of These Videos Used In This. This Is Basically A Fanmade Trailer I Made Of Racing Hope You Like It Rate Subscribe Comment & Enjoy. This Is Just For Fun So Yea...

Man,this trailer is for other game wtf man...
вот зачем они меняют геймплей, когда Underground1 и 2 покорили сердца и так, зачем менять то что совершено????  that's why they change the gameplay when Underground1 2 and won the hearts and so why change something that made????
+Сергей Гончаров что всёровно? фейк есть фейк, зачем обсуждать фейк
Это вроде Шифт 2,верно?Так то игра классная,и тюнинг продвинутый.
Тут вапще все игры серии намешаны
rivals is better, PEACE 
from 1:48 to 2:53 is split second right
Lol.. ITs just mixed car games..
I think he was smoking weed or something because 2011 was 3 years ago
Дизлайк и репорт нахуй !!!
ate hoje espero uma sequencia do underground 2, seria foda de mais poder tunar o carro todinho como no u2
its not underground the spelling is mistake it should be undercover
This is great but needs more tuners
+rjfadler98 First off, it's NFS Shift footage, secondarly... sigh... do you really think an underground game would be trackbased? xD You need to be a little bit more sceptical about things :)
life's no fun if your too aseptically
что за трек играет в самом конце с 4 55 подскажите когда тачка несется по пустыне
Nfs shift 2 mentiroso
и в чем тут суть. сначала показали шоссе underground 2 потом Shift далее Sprint Second затем Hot Purset часть не  знамо что
+TheMrIgrus ха ха, мы все бро...
Faaaaaaake the last in This i made was from hot pursuit? LOL and undergorund 2
это же granturismo
Learn how to READ the description before rating something. Its       COMMON SENSE    
no hell no that is fucking stupid hell no
Logic: uses nfs hp trailer.
it is shift 2 unleashed not nfs u 3
it's grand turismo 4 and nfs shift 2 +
Sem comparasoes simplesmeente imcrevel.
WE WANT NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 3 !!!!!!! the BEST street racing game in the WORLD of WORLDS !!!! I would buy this 1000 times !!
it need for speed undercover is underground 3 or they making underground 3 2015 because heard they coming 2015 but the crew it coming out this year on November
Блядь, это вырезки геймплея и видео из NFS Shift, NFS Undercover и Burnout Paradise.
Why you trying to cheat to people you dumbass 
Love it man u did a great job merging the videos together
это не настоящие видио 1 это шифт 2 это зе рун 3 хот пурсит 4 нфс ундерковер
I want nfs underground 3 to be not to complicated (but i actualy do... If you dont know what i actually mean) I just want it a to be a mix from gta5 and need for speeds so you can be outside of your car doing stuff (not the killing people part of gta5 but just that you can walk around the map) I just want a large city with a harbour to dirft some industrial places with 90degres corners and straight roads to drag race drift and street race A city were the storie goes just about a boy who has worked hard for an old 97honda civic and knows something how to tune it... I want in the city to be tuning places and street racers meet ups... I want a lot of cops who can chase you and when you get 3 times busted you can lose your car I dont want lambos i dont want bugattis i want (to give you an idea) the fastest cars must be an evox or a toyota supra somethin like that I want to have acces in the game to the internet so can have a fake kinda ebay were you can buy cars and stuff The tunings i want have them cool like you can do so much stuff as in real life If need for speed maket reads this plz plz make something like this in the futur I was playing need for speed when in was 4 i played from u2 till the run after that i turned away and im now playing shooter games Becaus now these days i cant put cool body kits on my car or a sick stereo in the back :( Its an standard 1000 000 € super cars i you keep doing it youll lose true car lovers like me we want u3 so bad guys plz help us and if u make something like this i think it would be a great great games All cars and more from like gt6 you can get out of your car like in gta5 You can drift like in old nfs You can do street drag races like irl Have lots of traffic driving cool cars (and a lot of diffetent 1 like not everyone has the same car irl to you know what i mean) Put cars from the 60 in like mustangs put 90 cars in it like rx7 put new cars in like evo x and stuff And lets just have these slow cars have a lot of possible upgrades So a little detail can do so much difference (maybe give a manual for noobs who dont know what a turbo is...) And maybe put somethin in that you can buy tuned cars that others put on for sale like a different way to make money... Thx for reading
Whats This???? Need for Speed Underground 3:The Shift Turismo Hot Pursuit and the Real Driving Stimulator???? If some ass will create that game count on me.....
Похоже на Need For Speed Shift
The best of all NFS games but with the map size of The Crew. A game in development for over 3 years and only for next gen (PS4, Xbox One, PC). Doesn't that sound epic. We can only dream and hope. sigh
DUDE this is from Need For Speed Shift 2 unleashed wtf who are you fooling😡
Расходимся! Нас на*бали! 
Alter das ist Stift 2
WTF Polyphony makes Gran Turismo!!!
i know that this is fan made the start really seamed legit, but when all that legal real racing crap came i went rage
And Second of all How Creators of Gran Turismo[Polyphony Digital and its the GT5 trailer on 0:08]  came to Nfs
Нас на*бали, тут слепленные видео из разных, уже вышедших, частей
What a fuck???Its no NFS!!!!!Its shit!!!!!!!!!!!Big shit!!!!!!!@Fuck off mother Polyphony!
seems like granturismo for some reason
автор пидорас, гори в аду гандонище
esse é o trailer de gran turismo   
not need for speed underground 3 its the need for speed shift
sério isso é need for speed underground 3 oooooxe
read the description >:( (this is basically a fanmade trailer) ! read the description!
This is hot pursuit 2010
fuck you go fuck yourself you stupid son of  bitch you piece of shit asshole suck my vagina and my cock if you have to you sluted whore
UnderGround это вам не по стадионам гонять! а по жилым улицам где копы за каждым углом !так что автор просто упоролся клеем
Oh my gosh , if there was a game which had a story line which compiled all those games . That would fucking amazing , sure id be more than 100 hours but holy fuck that woukd be amazing. And then when the gamer retires , it's undergound 1 and 2 . Oh my gosh I would buy it 5 times for every one Must buy-- of the year let alone century
Hi all, I'm 25 years old, 9 years I still look forward to continue Underground 3, and would like the same was extended tuning, old Japanese,American,European, well and modern machines as Underground 2,but without super cars!!!
That is gran turismo 6 trailer
It's Need For Speed Undercover .-.
I know its fake and all but what makes it more fake is need for speed underground is a street racing series not professional racing
+Jimmy Jawa are ou fucking ADD?
this is so fake he used nfs shift add on,  splitsecond,nfs hp,nfs undercover, and an older nfs hp  
Put it the way the fans want it not thi
im sorry its combo trilers nfss
Nfs shift exotic series trailer, nice try
Read the fucking description you retard
Underground was street racing, not track racing that was the whole point in "Underground"
ohohoho !!Need for speed shit!!!
need for speed shift
I know this is fan made but still is a great vid!
Говно. Это скорее шифт чем андерграунд
quite good fanmade 
Nononono we dont want this Shit !!!!!!!!!!
2:56 e need for speed hot pursuit
Hot pursuit 3 not underground 3!!!
Говно. Это скорее шифт чем андерграунд
Nfs Shift 2 Unleashed ! 
first clip gran turismo 5
NFS Shift , Split/Second , NFS HP (2010) and NFS Undercover . All make this video shit...
Кто думает, что это хоть одна из частей NFS или это сплит секонд - долбоёбы. В конце написано понятным шрифтом - это Real Racing на андроид вообще.
hell if ea will not make it make it a kick starter I'd back it like if you agree
Read the description you retard
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