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You make me want to lyrics-Luke Bryan

by aquaturtle66 • 1,552,945 views

My first video on YouTube, I tried to add pics but it wouldn't work... :( well, here it is. NOTE: I do not own anything or take any credit in anything.

if you wanta know what religion I really go to 180 degree church over by ysidro's moms  I am amish.  or used to be.  my dad was a decon when he was a young man.  we were waiting for this church for quite some time.  I go to the new church abinding word if you ever wan to catch me there.  all the way protestant.  I don't pray to mary sorry. 
Neicy Masters Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
You make me want to lyrics-Luke Bryan:
For you Lori, I am happy I met you
I love this song!!!!!!!!!!
hehe yeah he is good and kinda cute as well +jam2music 
Kiss me 'til I feel the truth....
:D!!! Yea you make me want to!!
This song explains how I feel about my girlfriend.
@cassi4horses which one did u go to? which city was it in?
Thumbs Up if Luke Bryan is the greatest country singer:)
who doesn't love a southern boy? ;) thank God i live in Alabama home of the southen boys(:
Hey I live in Kentucky so of course I love this song! ;3
Luke Bryan makes me want to older than I am, and single, and famous. He's so perfect x.x
Why does country music sound that much better in the summer?
Country ain't a spot on a map. It's a way of life. LONG LIVE LUKE BRYAN <33 (:
do or die, ride or die, go hard or go home bite the bullet! all she can say is no
You lil fuckin rat. My best friends black an he's the nicest and most trustworthy kid i ever met. Tired of inbreed retards like you spittin ur shit on youtube. im white and proud of bein country, but most of all im glad im not like u ratboy
LOVE LUKE BRYAN!! ;) ...but not in that creepy stalker way. haha. his music is so good & i haven't found ONE song that i didn't like of his. Woohoo, go Mr. Bryan!!
This isn't Luke Bryan it'd Brantley Gilbert his voice is deeper than Bryan's
damn good how i feel b out my baby girl
boy, your looking in all the wrong places just come to my town you'll find plenty like that!!!!!!
Exactly us men in your freind zones are really wishin we were a lil over that
iceman92dh Cool story bro. Take an English class. Your "Dipping" has obviously had a negative effect on your education.
just went to his concert Sat. night! AMAZING!!!!!!! he's a doll and was funny!!!!
Texas can have Country All Around! Im in North Texas where Kelly Clarkson used to Live!
<3 Best song to listen to when I need a smile
try minnesota some time! our governor's got a couple three screws loose but other than that...
i love LUKE BRYAN i went to a luke bryan, tim mcgraw, the band perry concert this summer i LOVED it
I can blame it on his southern boy ways, on why every time i see him i wanna undress him right then and thereeee. ;D
i love this song....<3 this song is one of the best ones out there,
Anyone notice how during a country song you can read the comments and in pop/metal/rap or whatever it's hard?
Im living in michigan was born in Tennessee and i just need a goos country boy to hang wit
Well, it seems like she only wants what is best for you, since Dip can have some nasty effects on your mouth and teeth. If you want to by any amount, than its you changing yourself, with a little support :)
I also like his song shake it for me girl i love that song
this song really fits me and my bf i love u jay so much<333333 it could be our song ^_^
guys think that every girl wants them cause they have "swag". the kinda man i want is one who will be kind to me, love being with me, funny and a little shy in public but crazy around me, i want a gentleman who is sweet and when he says "i love you and ill never ever leave you", i want him to mean it and i dont wanna change for anybody so i want him to love me for who i am. (my dream man is Sebastian Vettel, though :P)
Country boys never get old ;) I may live in the north but I'm lookin for a southern boy haha
Reading this just made me text one of my guy friends I find extremely sweet and possibly dateable..... hahaha
I would never want anything besides a country boy
@elizabethlbishop I went there 2 over the summer! It was GREAT!
Miranda Jeanette Becker this country boys loves you more than anything in the world and always will(:
Sure does!! Like Southern CA, Southern MI, south is south. I live in AL now, but I loved S. CA & S. MI!!!
THANK GOD im southern hottest boys in the world live down here!!!!!!!!! :D
i need a boyfriend that is a cowboy and is country!!!!
looovvvveeeeeee yyyyyyyyooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu luke bryan<3
My girl sent me this song..I love it... Love you Jenny!
yupp,im most likely gonna find mine there,hes been in the friend zone for about 3 years now..we like each other but right now hes in the player stage and he said he wouldnt want 2 break my heart so hes gonna wait till he settles down ina few years and find me..we know everything about each other though and hes totally my type<3
This song makes me want to rape the replay button!
This was me and my boyfriends songs i still love him but he will never want me back
im not from the south.. does the south part of canada count? x)
pssshhhhhhhhh... I've live in Mississippi <3 Where southern is created(: the air is sweet and the weather is purtey! I LOVE N my southern boys:*
I had a boyfriend who dipped & he would try n kiss me with it in his mouth I was always like Nuh uh ain't gonna happen boy. Lol (:
@brookie1386 I'm country...but have a girlfriend and dont know you...damn, your dreams just went down the drain didnt they.
Gotta love those sweet as sugar country boys!!(:
trust me, quit dipping. it is totally nasty and a turn off. its changing for the better and will maker her happier.
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