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League of Legends - Loser

by TsunamiEX • 9,183 views

I'm a loser. All I do is lose. I'm a loser.

"I'm a looser"(victory)"I'm a looser" Lol :)
XD looser ? i dont think so tsu ur rly good.
i lost like 3/5 games cause my lane is the only one not feeding -.-
When I play LoL, I turn off the sound, and play your videos.
lost 4 games in row this morning on NA server
U r just really unlucky w teammates..
Taric ap 4/1/1, volibear 25/5/9 etc, ur teammates are the blames
Taric ap 4/1/1 ur teammates made you lose
Null problem you are Tsunami you can win when ever you want!Even if you are playing some strange mid characters or something! <3
tsu's themesong is teh best themesong xD
Team games suck when you have horrible team mates lol
This song remembers me what i am:IM A LOOOOOOSER XD
well, it's not about the winning or losing, it's about doing your best, improving your skills and sh!t ^^
damn don't beat yourself up over it just play different games XD would be weird to win all the time right? Even m5 havent been able to do it^^
It's "I'm a Loser" by the Beatles, although this video he may have either found a repetition of the same line of just did it himself.
I actually saw most of these matches, so I can definitely say it isn't completely your fault.
Omg, you loser. Uninstall LoL pls. Terrible Player, so bad.
first song of Tsu's that i dislike.
That kind of mentality is what seperates the good players from the bad players. And I'll give you a hint, it's not the good players that have that mentality.
You said you stop making videos in the laning guide describtion. SEPIROTH! I TRUSTED YOU... But just a little, heh
Lol I remember this from the stream xD
not sure if I should like to show support or dislike because I don't like the fact that you lost
when you're right, you're right
I'm on a 7-lose streak I feel ya tsu
Well you actually won when u played with mah xD
why tsu you did a god job bro ;)
dammit ,you noob go and get your degree ,so I can keep watching you lose. xD
No matter what anybody says, it's always your team mates. Remember that.
It's ok. You get shit teammates most of the time
Tsu, you don't lose. Your teammates lose.
I find it hard to win now unless I play some ridiculously easy champ.
P.s. Cookies N' Cream Guys...Cookies N' Cream...
I blame ghosting and bad teammates >>
Nope, I watched him stream. He actually did lose pretty hard. Even normals. That loser.
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