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Drake - Hate Sleeping Alone (LYRICS)

by LyriczKINGZ • 245,134 views

Drake - Hate Sleeping Alone (LYRICS) Facebook - check out my other videos :)

Uinka Rumnowa Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
you say that you're over me, you always end up under me
so its safe to say you been...........sleeping alone.......for five years
He should really get a cuddle-uppet....
You say you over me but you always end up under me... :/
this isnt drakes voice its to deep
I don't like sleeping alone because there is a weird man in my closet.
follow me @mizz_prettylipz , i follow bck
D A M N Drake Yhu Slick Song Fat But Shidddd It'ds Okkay , !
If You Hate Sleeping Alone , Follow Me On Twitter @_BloodedMARY
This song is too good for comments
14 people had no choice but to sleep alone...
this is the only song that like 6 people got mahhd likes
What The Hell Is Wrong With Drakes Voice ? Tf' . . .
Don't lie mofos We are Either '' Wet '' or '' Hard " :P
You hount have edittedd his voicee
i hate every time i look up a Drake song his voice always seem too deep or to high, get the pitch right !
I didn't like because i wanted to keep the likes at 420 :)
why is 'im 15 and i've slept with 300 men' in the suggestions? clearly she hates sleeping alone....
Drake beat that pussy up. (/.\) Add me on facebook. Miguel Mendez. ^.<3
Nah, I know I'm not the only one who understands what it's like to want to sleep beside some one, for more than just pleasure.
were all horny........thats why we all hate sleeping alone
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