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Noted to Death

by Rooster Teeth • 866,371 views - In the season 2 finale, Matt struggles to finish the final short while Joel keeps trying to change the script. Season 2 DVD now available at

Look at the camerawork on these shorts... You just know that Lazer Team is going is so fucking cool
Is going is so fucking cool? Not is going to be a-fucking-mazing? =)
When Matt turned around and Joel was there, was that the Slender sound effect?
+ThatGamerThatBeatboxes It's actually an Achievement Hunter reference, but I'm sure you're a great person.
+Lou McGopher Oh ok lol. Must not have gotten it. Derp. 
I would so love to work at Rooster Teeth
Chris looks like a totally different person in this.
Matts licence plate "drugs in car" lol
dangnamit Joel you act like caboose even when your not.
Matt looks like Mark Hoppus from blink 182 (I don't listen to them)
Not even in the slightest
+MultiCheeseLouise To me he does. But that's just my opinion.
Why does Matt have to start by showing the ending?
Look at the RT Short "Spoiler Alert".
+Joseph Briggs That's what i was making a reference to
Wait. A TWIST ending, I GET IT NOW!
This whole video Joel's like: "You finished with those errands?" type of thing.
0:36 I like how one of the emails was Lunch Later.  Was it really them going out for lunch or was it part of the short?
Damn it, Matt spoiled the ending AGAIN.
Am I the only one who noticed the "DRUGS IN CAR" on Matt's car?
Watch RT short "unusual suspects"
Some of the smartest writing RT ever did. Probably mostly Joel and Matt.
Ha "Drugs in Car" I get it.
+CyberDragon19 if memory serves me, its the song thats played in the cardboard gus short.
I'm going to lock my doors and cry in the shower now.
The E-ail spam has "Luch Later?" in the center.
So, the video started buffering at the point where Joel broke Matt's neck.
the only man that scares Nathan is joel
lol the chris part
i s2g this is my favorite short
It's funny how it's like that spoon guy.
hehe "twist ending" did Barbara helped :P
Yeah clever little pun. XD 
Right after the message at the end, my iPad got a message
Was it asking to show you some notes
Teeheehee. Twist ending
lol at the pub that was the creepiest thing i've heard from Joel…. "it's notes time"
Joel scared me on this short.
Is Nathan still at rooster teeth?
Well I'm not completely shure (I know it's spelled sure, but I like shure more), but no he doesn't work there anymore.
nah he makes his own movies. he goes to the sundance festival a lot
These old shorts that Matt & Burnie wrote were the best. 
I don't think I'd be too bothered about getting spammed by Joel or followed by him I mean..
Matt's ringtone is "I say ooh"
did you finish those errands
a get it. a TWIST ending
Damnit Matt.. Why must you spoil the ending for me?!
why don't they make these anymore
They do, they're just nowhere near as good.
Holy shit the Achievement Hunter office is empty as dicks on this!
as dicks? I only know one person who says that... jesse?
its notes time...
I don't know why, but I always consider this the sequel to 'Spoiler Alert' from season one haha
yeah I just rewatched season 1 shorts and realized it only now hahaha
Joel is the best !!!!
I loved Joel in all these shorts xD
Twist ending what a pun
Who else notice that Matt's licence plate says 'drugs in car' at 2:10?
wait ur allowed to have a 12 character license plate in the USA or is that just part of the skit
That was actually pretty damn creepy. Anyone else get creeped out by that?
oh fuck Joel is an enderman and nobody is save. O-O
*safe Also. I guess you're pretty right... And the way he snapped that guys neck... What if Joel is the product of a SCP-173 mating with a enderman (or enderwoman. Depends on if SCP-173 is a man or woman itself, and if enders can be both genders.)
On a side note, I love how Joel makes Nathan nervous for change.  
Nice, an endless loop. Matt editing the short that he dies in at the end so epic.
anyone else saw at 00:36 lunch later?
Joel your AWSOME, creeping someone out!!!
lol at the begining he was editing the last scene on his computer.
0:37 Joel Heyman - I have some notes about that script Joel Heyman - I have some notes about that script Joel Heyman - Lunch later? XD
at the end he totally made the caboose voice!!! :D
i got a text as soon as joel killed matt it freaked me out
More like a twist neck ending.
I still have notes for you on the script!
If ray joined early he would've been like u ninja
Remember kids...Take notes !...
It's like sponge bob have u finished those errands
I love how Joel was able to scare Nathan this time.
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