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Creating DIY Fabric Flowers

by Erin Bassett • 1,314,849 views

Erin Bassett shows you how to make fabric flowers.

Love this technique!  thank you for sharing.. and never pay attention to all of the negative people out there.  i sometimes wonder how they even exist since they are obviously so bored with their own lives.  
This was so helpfull!
Gorgeous idea. Thanks
Awesome. Now I want to make a flower collar necklace.
Lovely flower you make it look so easy!!! Diana
it doesnt even look like a flower...
I have always twisted and glued as I go...who would have thought to actually glue the flowers down to something! haha! Thanks for the great tips and I will be getting one of your handy dandy glue holders...ha! The simple things in life make me happy! Thanks Erin, you're a doll!
This is like the ribbon twist flowers I've seen, so probably your fabric scraps should be long and narrow, if you want it to look more like a rose...
@KoiNohappygolucky I went to it, clicked tutorials and it says "I'm updating my tutorial for right now please use the search box located above the categories section in this column -------------------------->" but it points to a non existing search box and I want to know how to make zipper flowers @.@
I LOVE IT!! It's simple yet very cute. I'm wanting to start making money at home by making crafts. I'm always looking for new ideas. I make flowers similar to the ones you see on purses only made with fabric instead of vinyl.
Love it, Erin! Handy upside-down glue holder there, too. :)
@RysShorty Yep, although it can make your flower hard where you apply it.
I've watched several tutorials on making this flower and yours is by FAR the easiest. THANKS!
it would look better if you did another layer somehow
Thanks so much for posting! i love it!
Mi fa pensare ad un sotto pentola....
i love it thanks for posting!!!
What did you use as the base please?
@CharmyCupcake then shut your ass and don't watch it, what is up with people and their criticism!
eu quero uma rosa, nãso um rolinho com tiras de tecido....
@RysShorty I used a ribbon and a hot glue gun and used a paper towel for the background so u can use a hot glue gun.
I made one of these and glued a pin to the back. I had already made a shirred t-shirt top from a tutorial and just made your flower to match and put a large rhinestone in the middle. Loved it! Thanks so much for the instructions!
can you glue this onto a head band and make hair accessories out of it? and can you use ribbon instead?
i dont know if i like it or not....i looks like a mini rag to me...idk???
Hi. Love your video. I make similar flowers. Never heard of fabric tac glue. I use Aleen's but honestly don't like the smell of it. And because I've been trying to "go green" in many areas of my life, wonder if Aleen's is even safe (meaning is it toxic). Crafting is a new thing for me that I love, but my efforts at "greening" my life is something I've been at a while. Any thoughts on how I can find out which glues are "safe"? Thanks.
Erin this was great! Simple, cute and effective :) I'm going to make some tomorrow!!
@ErinBassett rsrsrs, brinco qndo pergunto, pq ficou muito feio! Dê uma olhadinha nos videos brasileiros !
Love this! thanks for sharing!
Would have been nice if you had cut the black fabric into leaves instead of cutting them all of :) Anyway, thanks for uploading I enjoyed!
So sweet of you to share this. I have always wanted to know how to make them. Im always making fabric flowers of my own but now I know how to make this kind. Thanks soooooo much!
hi, i love to make fabric flowers and accessoires ,please check out my channel.Thanks
If i add stitches, where do they go???
Great video! Thanks! I've been meaning to try making fabric flowers and didn't know where to begin, thanks :) -Kristine
@crazyxicexsk8er that shows how creative you are!! i think its pretty and i do think it looks like a flower!!!!
hmmmm....i'm guessing your american...cuz you said at the start you said inches and not centimeters(excuse me spelling) lol...just felt like pointing it out for some strange reson...and AESOME flower! keep up the good work! :D
what kind of glue is it im watching w/o sound.
You have a very sweet and patient voice.. I enjoyed your video.. God bless you!!
Thanks Terri! My glue holder was born out of necessity...I had to create a ton of things on time & I needed to stop battling with the glue bottle. :D
love it. simple, easy, and beautiful
Will this work if I use a hot glue gun?!
GREAT tutorial! I love flowers! This looks so easy! =)
if u do it loose will it look better
I'll definitely try this sometime. I like the simplicity of the project as I'm not very skilled, and the season has definitely made me crazy for all things floral. The only advice I can offer is to use materials that contrast in color when you film. Black and grey are a little difficult to see on screen. Thanks for adding this video. :]
LOVE THIS! i'm looking to make some of these for head pieces. LOVE! thank you SO much!
very similar to this! by the way awesome video! I am wanting to make a vintage rolled rose like this looks a tiny different the item on ebay says vintage shabby rose but has a rolled rose beside it... any suggestions
A really Neat Flower !! And I'm going to try one ! Thanks for Sharing !!
اعجبتني الفكره (:
Omg I just recently bought my daughter a headband made of these.rosette roses and it was around $20-25 think how easy it is to make the flowers!. I can make her some awsome headbands now!!. Thank u very much!!!! :)
That looks easy!! And I love the result!! I will try it today... Thanks for sharing!! ~hugs~ Nathalie
thanks so much just followed your step by step!!
I made a rose out of white grossgrain ribbon and i used a glue-gun to put it together with paper towel as the background and it looked exactly alike.I got the ribbon from dollar tree.
hey instead of glue can I sew it (o.o)
i'd call it a swirl rathr than a flower, but it still has something to it. cute!
Thank you, thank you! I've been looking for this style of fabric flower for a couple of days. Great Job!!
if u stop her on 0:06 she looks really funny
also-- the little tube you are using to hold your glue in the inverted position... cool. Gotta be on lookout for something like that to use.
I love it .. it is quick, cute, and easy to make. Not time-consuming.
Thanks so much, if I would have realized how easy it was, I would have started making them a long time ago!
wow! its pretty simple n good looking :) Thank u.
Can I use hot glue instead of the Fabric Tac? Will Denim work?
Great flower, it's looks great with any kind of fabric. LOVE IT!! Thank you so much for the tutorial.
hey, so what di u say ur website was??
it does look like a flower, not all flowers look the same :)
beautiful!!..a suggestion i have seen on other video's..that use dark colors..very hard to see the detail..tfs..loves ya
hi I love this video thank you so much! but also will it be fine if you use hot glue instead because I'm not goingto be washing this. :)
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