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Buffed Rocket Jumper: TF2 [Commentary]

by STAR_ • 657,394 views

Quick overview of some of the changes made to the Rocket Jumper. (So many people were using it!) Also the enforcer got nerfed or something like that. ---------------------------------...

Man, I really like star with the exception that a lot of his videos are like 1-2 years old...
Am i the only one that uses the reserve shooter for gardening? Why you sayyyyyyy? It's because of the +15 change speed.
I do, But it gets annoying against classes like demo
I do, I grow carrots by shooting them with reserve shooters. It cooks the carrots too.
I traded my air strike for the rocket jumper , was what I did dumb xD ?
+Caesar Czarson no he isnt i use it against demoknights no why
So in a nutshell, the rocket jumper became actually useful and not just a toy
You are so good at rocket jumping and getting people lel. I can't even rocket jump in mid air of walls (/doublerocketjump)
+MaybeNo Is JumpAcademy a server? If yes, what's the ip lel
+ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΣ ΔΡΙΒΑΣ you dont need. Its pretty much the same as normal rj-servers, only there are some tutors here and there
Plz can we be friends on steam I its my dream
why is it only in 240p?
Too faggy??? What specs do you have and I'll compare to mine.
+Abdulaziz Aboalkhoyour No need to be rude to the computer...
+Peter Clanton I know this is late, but I've finally found out what he wears. Its a Team Captain, Kringle Collection, and some kind of medal (probably from competitive, can't tell which one)
I like star be a teacher for all p2p even f2p 
What map is the first one!?! Pls reply
pl_thundermountain ;)
Rocket jumper. B.A.S.E jumper. Market gardener. All of that together? Instant death.
2:01 u have nice boobs star Read the chatbox xD
Can someone tell me how can he has the health bar nad the ammo thing and the kill chat like that? nobody has the health bare right in the down left corner? and then ammo pack in the right corner??. how can he has dat?
Omfg how he such a good rocket jumping !!
Ur the best tf2 placer I watch! :O
+mookipfisto oh you have placed it in your program files and you also placed a shortcut on your desktop!
+Kushiro Furuya ohhh that's what i was doing wrong :O
The Rocket Jumper used to suck since it wasn't supposed to be used in actual games. The description says "to learn tricks" of rocket jumping. It was supposed to be used in tr_walkway or jump maps to practice rather than market gardening everyone. It was buffed because Valve realized that everyone was using it for pubs anyways because if you were lucky/good enough, you could still get that market garden.
+Matt Jeevas Do you know how to read? That small paragraph described why it had 100% damage vulnerability. 
At 3:05 I thought “How did he know that???”. Then I see it's not live commentary.
I had such high hopes for that last clip! D':
sawmill sawmill sawmill sawmill
A question: I’ve seen many players avoid fall damage when rocket jumping by shooting a rocket at the place they know they’re gonna land. But when I try it, I end up suddenly stopping, at best maybe getting bounced up to the air for quite a distance (kind of helpful really). Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? :’(
you just need to learn the timing of it that is all i can pretty much say about what you could possibly be doing wrong
I wanna b like u dude
you make that look so easy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, it is really ez
+BlackRäv TF2 Remember kids, if anyone says is easy, always correct them and say that its spelt "ez"
For a beginner would you recommend a sticky jumper or a rocket jumper
He was so much better at the Market Gardener back then
Lol its ethier market gardener to the face or shotgun to flying soldiers
Ur the best tf2 placer I watch! :O
he wants to place tf2 like 13 other people on this same exact link
Lol its ethier market gardener to the face or shotgun to flying soldiers
I Wish I Was Good Or Even Meh At Rocket Jumping Well At Least I Have My Derpy Beggars Bazooka
Chee -Z Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Software: FRAPS Hardware: Gaming Headset (Turtle Beach, preferably),  Good Gaming PC, and a Sense of Humor
So you hate yourself? Don't worry, we all hate you.
Quick! im from the future! Come with me no time to explain
Sorry, but I'm using mobile and I can't see the full description. Could somebody please reply what HUD he is using... Please
You sound a bit similar to chuggaaconroy
true thing is medic always got blamed in game
Seriously, why the Rocket Jumper was made so useless before? Honestly... But it's "welcome to have a new reason to blame Medics"? JEEZ. I hope that was sarcasm.
see video's name : oh he is gonna use buff banner with jumper ? after watching : trolled
Technically, you do, because you technically gave a fuck by in all technicality, replying, technically.
I technically gave a half fuck :/
4:00 Meanwhile in how to properly sawmill rollout...
Jerma followed your instructions well. /watch?v=j1OorMU5pTQ
2:24 2 people coming at him like that, in quick succession, and both on low health? thats luck and probably some skill though
You technically gave enough fucks to reply to him.
I technically don't understand why people try to reverse psychology get to the top comment technically i think its stupid, but I sure hope that this comment doesn't get the top comment :/
Hey look! A comment chain about thumbs up! I'll thumbs up this comment!
star, y r u always so lucky?
But don't you see, you're giving the promoters more attention, just ignore them, flag them as spam, and be on your way.
XD amount of likes: 39, 68, 70, 164, 188, 422. Second time I've ever seen a comment with 422 likes or more, though.
Always welcome to blame medics? See, this is why I have a difficult time playing as the medic.
calculating fucks given... error. fucks.exe does not exist.
im the spy at the end :3. i live in Finland so i lagged alot
technically if my calculations are right when i reach 88 miles per hour in my Delorean i WILL got the the future then go to the past and then stop this conversation from eveing HAPPENING
Guys my steam friend says using the shotgun with rocket jumper and market gardener is for noobs, is it really? Because I use this set as trolldier. Please give the best answer and reply it to me.
star, niichts, whatever your name is. i love your videos. i don't even play tf2 anymore and i still watch your videos for enjoyment. i know you won't read this, but keep up the good work. you're a beast.
Every time I rocket jump, there are no people on that area -_-
too bad im to fucking stupid to atleast make me chain rocket jump
1. Pause at 2:00 2. Read name of killer. 3. Giggle.
1- Watch this video 2- Try to market garden people like STAR_ does 3- Fail 4- Repeat
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