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Let's Play Pokemon Ruby - No Pokemon Center Run - Part 19 - Grand Finale

by Coatay • 4,611 views

Those of you who like long episodes: Rejoice! Those who don't....This can count as Parts 19-23. Just watch in small segments. Youtube bookmarks your spot in longer vids. Next time I do something...

Why the shit did you have to release this at 3am? Oh god here we go. I can sleep all day tomorrow anyway...
Norman: ... COTE. I'm so proud of you. The journey's been long, and you've come so far. To think, I'm the father of the CHAMPION! You've truly done this old man proud. I'm sure you will continue to have many new adventures with POKeMON. Don't let me stop you. Go forth! And continue to fulfill your destiny!
Already beat the game like last two weeks
Sorry xD Flash is soooo pointless. I'm with you. Dump it like it's a hot potato. Seems like either nobody on your team can learn it, or it only goes on your strongest guy, where it isn't worthy of the slot on him. It's annoying.
Good question. A Gold/Silver/Crystal No Pokecenter run is next on my list of things to do.
It went by super quick, didn't it? Episodes were just flying up.
What better way of kicking off a weekend than feature length Youtube videos?
(clap) Never thought you would be able to pull this one off with all the fail about getting to flannery's gym but you did it. Good job man.
You're starting a GSC run after this, right? How can this already be over D:
D: This'll probably be the last super duper long episode of anything for a while I'm afraid.
god this is awesome cote! I'm so pumped to watch all of this lol
*hit dick on wall hit dick on wall* fucking 109 mins! you are the man cote.
LoL i like the Ending Its Like Its Someone Died
Haha luvin ur guys commentary lol
Why didn't he heal at the pokemon centers
What are malk Andrews and gubz channels
You sound like Zachary Quinto.
Failing anatomy and biochemistry because of this. Fuck it, don't really want to become a doctor anyway.
Also, the paralysis sequence was about 0.03%, so only about a 1 in 3400 chance...not that unlucky :P.
Wat r mall Andrew and gubz channel I want too watch more let's plays
This will take me all week to watch! Ah well, we'll start in pieces. I personally HATE the fact Pokemon games still require Flash. It's the most pointless move ever and a total waste of a moveslot. Is it too much to ask for a lamp or a flashlight?? Come on Gamefreak!
They said to comment if you knew it, so I will.
Lol its BABY BORN, not BABY BJORN lol wtf ?
I definitely enjoyed EVERY second ( even in the zazoo grinding episode ), loved the series, definitely looking forward to the next one, I'm sure it will be great :) and btw thanks for having a longer description this time as well, I was already starting to miss your novels :D
Considering I watched the two and a half hour Super Mario 64 video all in one sitting a while back, I think I'll be okay with a video of this length. :P
So entertaining to watch! Great series
o.O Where in the world are you that it's 3 AM? xD Somewhere in Europe, presumably? It's only 1:30 pm over here.
Holy hell 1:49:43! This is going to be awesome :D
can't wait for your next play through, this was awesome, loved the skype call too! very well done!
109 Minutes of Cote? LETS DO THIS!
long episodes ftw keep it up cote!
This has been my favorite vid of the series. So funny, great guest commentary. Though I'm about an hour in and I /still/ don't think you're done with Victory Road...
There'll be more where that came from. Dont you worry.
marril would be the best hm whore. it learns basically everything. str, rok smash, flash, and some other ones
I remember back when i realized that the pokemon it shows in the credits are the ones you have caught.
There is a place where they heal all your pokemon in gold/silver/crystal when you're working with Lance :/
depends how much of a rock you are, i saw you video, and well, after a copuple of hits it when threw the wall :D
Actually enjoyed the hell out of this entire "Let's Play." In other news, I've decided to get another DS and start playing competitively (4th and 5th gen) again and will probably start streaming on twitch. Pretty stoked to be back in the Pokemon community.
I hate you cote! No more uploads in this adventure :-( start a new adventure soon please<3 love you
Errrrmmm, I UNDERSTAND that fact, but I frequently forget since I'm so used to competitive 4th gen, where that's not a factor. I never learned which types are physical or special in gens prior to Gen 4 because I didn't need to know.
That Steven and Drake exchange was awesome. x]
my nutsack tingled when this video appeared
1:08:00 Fuck you, Mightyena's amazing. ;o; <3
this is my fav pokemon game, and for some reason i still find the ending credit music sad:p i wish i was little again:/ i hate getting older. like i enjoy my year+ gf and driving and whatnot but i also miss just playing pokes 24/7, only training my starter, not knowing there were 16 badges in silver. haha :p nice lp cote, i hope to see g/s/c! that would be the hardest given the aftergame is there.
Gonna give Cote a swift kick to the neck
*cote starts a puzzle, leave to go read war and peace, return, he is sitll on puzzle, go to eat and take a shower. come back still on puzzle. hibernate, wake up "FINALLY!! I FINISHED THE PUZZLE" xP
I really must applaud you for trudging through this whole LP so swiftly. Done like a true champion. Well done sir.
I could see that. that takes some serious determination for no poke center run. you could have basically just leveled up your starter along with gruuuudon and probably just took um all on with just two pokes.
Nearly two hours Well holy motherfucking shit Cote, my fucking balls just imploded.
WOW! Cote I loved this :) Definitely have more skype calls during the LPs, it made it so much better.
really he literally named it NO POKEMON CENTER RUN are you a idiot or some sort of moron
o.O Maybe you should get that looked at. I've never slammed my penis against a hard object before, but it must hurt...
gold silver crystal no pokemon center run next? :D
"Oh I don't want to waste an EQ" *Proceeds to waste time, gets Bjorn killed and Snorlax crippled only to finally use an EQ*
I figure "Dom" is less offensive than "slave". Dom's chill, and cool with it, and so am I xD That's best friends for ya. They don't bother being polite. Just constant bashing and everyone knows its just for fun.
you dont seem to understand the mechanics of this game. whether a move is physical or special depends on the type. for example all normal, poison and ground moves are physical, while all electric, water and fire moves are always special
MY EYES SHIMERED WHEN I SAW THE LENGHT OF DA VIDEO!1!"1!!!!!!11!!11!!1!!!!111111
Fantastic series. Really, really enjoyed it. Keep 'em coming, Cote! :)
Hey, that's great! Glad to see you getting back into the swing of things. Hit me up whenever.
I can't, still have nearly two hours of No Pokecenter goodness ahead of me. If that means I will never have children, it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.
Thanks for watching sir! Figured I was overdue for a long one.
Man, you guys need to do a Pokemon podcast or more videos over skype or something. Time to go see all their Pokemon LPs after I like all these videos.
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