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Eeyore Nails - Collaboration with ArcadiaNailArt and IHaveACupcake

by professionalDQ • 115,153 views

Hello! Read here if you're awesome and sexy... Today I am sooo proud to be doing a three way collaboration with two kick-ass YouTubers. Most of you may already know IHaveACupcake, and I hope you...

EEYORE!!!! :D <3 <3 <3 
Do whinne the pooh nails please
@professionalDQ I love Eeyore!! He is so cute and melancholy. This is an adorable design! And I just love collabs! Great job!! =]
@professionalDQ hehe of course it really makes it complete :D
@addie899 Aw yayyy thanks so much what a lovely comment xD <3
@aoana15 Hehe ;) Eeyore is super cuddly xD Thanks hun xxx
Eeyore is so gloomy but he looks happy on your nail ≧^◡^≦ This has nothing to do with the video but I thought it was funny! It aint easy... ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) being cheesy.
Beautiful, like everything you do! ;)
You don't need a load of thumbs up for me to see your comment. I get email notifications - I can see them all. Acrylic paints come off with nail polish remover, easy peasy :) xx
@AGDBM I did recently cos I fancied a change, what a coincidence ;) I like them long though and they'll grow back pretty quickly. Why SHOULD I cut them though? No one would actually benefit from me doing so.... I've had longer nails than this all my life and I do the same things as people with short nails :) xxx
Awesome collaboration, Beth! Eeyore is so freaking adorable & I just love his tail! teehee
@LetterByOwlxox Yay!! Thanks for watching <3 Yeah Eeyore rules! xx
so you also have a tutorial of your other hand?
ohhhh snap u replied to my comment!!! wow i feel special...wher did u get the stripper and acrylic paint from??
Where do you get the dotting tool? I also see you and others using it, but don't where i would get one! Luve you!
@angelonero29 Wow you're a big WTP fan then? Awesome! Thanks so much for watching! massive MWAH!! xxx
@Secret32300 Wow awesome comments they totally made my day!! Thanks so much I'm glad you liked my Eeyore nails so much. I hope you and your Winnie the Pooh gang have loadsa fun with your nails and I'd totally love to see them if you'd like to share. Yay! xxxx <3
Great Nail Art and music. Well done! ;)
ohhh i really like this one!!! i'm gonna try it immediatly =D
This is so cute! :D I love winnie the pooh! :)
I just gathered up the nerve to try this and it worked perfectly and looks fabulous, thank you so much!!! Loving your tutorials.
I know dis is random but when I try to do water marble the polish will not spread out
I love the collab :3 eeyore is my fav from Winnie the pooh I like the design sooo much <3
Will the acrylic paint stay on real nails??
@1VampieNight Awesome!! Thanks so much xD Eeyore is an absolute LEGEND! <3 xxx
@amandy1241 Haha ;) it doesn't hurt... but it is definitely annoying when it does happen, lol xx
Sooooooo cute! I really love the tale on your pink! ;D
Hahahahaha! The first line of the description is, "Hello! Read here if you're awesome and sexy..." (I had to stop reading. But I watched the video and it was awesome!)
@CraftyStephie Aw yaaaay! Thanks so much xD It was super cool yeah - I don't know which one I liked more but the other two girls designs were EPIC so I'm really happy to collab with them xD xx mwah xx
@TheBibbleBug Thank you :) Yeah acrylic paint comes off just the same as polish. it's great! xx
Your was the best I think it was you drew him perfect
I didn't see a stripper in this video... I did see a STRIPER though...
yes, Acrylic paint makes a layer and it dries like plastic, had that in my art class, i was like: ohh, lets save this, and when i opened it again i had plastic paint...
so cute i luv the designs can i request a Mickey mouse nail tutorial would luv to see where u go with that :)
@LNETSA OMG the first line of your comment is what I've been thinking all my life!! I think Eeyore is just putting on a grumpy front and he's a happy sweetheart really. My boyf is VERY similar. Haha ;D But YAY I'm glad you liked the patchwork - I thought of that last minute when I looked at his stitches :)
so cute! r u gonna do a tutorial 4 the design on ur other hand?? =]
@larebelderbd Yayy! Thanks so much I'm glad you liked :D Sorry but there's no tut for my other hand - I've done way too many leopard designs recently and I thought that one was too boring and too similar to my other designs [some not yet posted] xxx
I love Eeyore When you started drawing the tail i thought... maybe that's why he's so gloomy.. HE has a pink bow on his tail haha.
if any of u could check out my videos it would mean a lot, I do nail art too and I'm looking to hopefully get more viewers!
Eeyore is my all-time favorite!!! <3 Great job, woman.
@Cajanails xD Thanks Camilla xD Best three-way I've ever had in my life ;) hahaha x
He's adorable <3 So awesome doing this collab Beth, thank you
@MaddieMindy18 Aw thanks so much xD He's my fave too. Eeyore's a legend and I'd totally go for a beer with him if he was human.
Absolutely :) A couple of short nailed girls have recreated this design and shared pics and it looks great. All designs work on shorter nails just the same. They look slightly different because the nail shape varies, but they always look fab :D xx
@ArcadiaNailArt Aw thanks hun <3 and you're sooo welcome. Super-happy to introduce a new cutie to everyone, yay! I hope loadsa people get to see your channel xD xx mwah! xx
@IHaveACupcake Hahaha! Awesome! Well, it's easy for me, but I know cheesiness takes a lot of hardcore training for most, especially when you're not a natural ;) Thanks a MILLION for this collab. It was the best ever xD xxxMWAH!!xxx
@lllelly316 Thanks hun xD Eeyore is irrisistable. I'd probably ask him out if I was a girl donkey ;)
I love it! It's so cute! I was just having to read Winnie the Pooh in my lit class the other day, so I got all excited when I looked in my subscriptions and saw all of these Winnie the Pooh tutorials! XD!
Hi how could I email you. I did one of your nails. I want to show my inspiration. Lol My email
@rubydoesrandomstuff Yay!!! Feel free to share a pic or video if you like xD And have fun xx mwah xxx
I'm growing my nails out! No more biting them (luckily with braces i cant just gotta work on the nervous picking) WOOT IM GONNA GROW THEM OUT!!!! :D
@beachcurlss Thankyou, yes they are real. I just cut them and thought they were "short" now but I guess with my long witchy fingers it's hard to tell with nail polish on xx
ahh im so jealous !!! your amazing !
can you use acrylic paint on nails?:')
@35pandabear Aw thank you :) that would be pretty cool. But I had fun doing this anyway even if I don't :)))
do the acrylic paints come off your nails really easily??? like this so she can she please! xxx
What should I do......I'm asking cause u do the best water marbling I've ever seen thx :)
@configure1973 Aw hiiiii thanks Nicki!! I think I've overdosed on collabs recently tho, lol. I'mma stick to normal vids for a while. Hehe Thankies for the sexy huge rating ;) xx mwah! xx
What brand of acrylic paint do you use, and where do you get it from? Awesome vid!
Aw hi :) I made a Facebook page so all the awesome girls here could share their designs and re-creations with me. The link is in the video box. I'd love to see xxxx
You've very beautiful nails on the other hand. <3
Are you anywhere near Texas? I want Piglet on one hand and Eeyore on the other!
Wow, I love these! Going to do them now, thanks a lot!
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