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Avalanche - A warning to all Freeriders

by EnterAName • 2,476,518 views

Verbier, Switzerland. Skiing close to an official off piste slope: here are the exact Latitude/Longitude to find it on Google Earth: Lat: 46.148 Lon: 7.36 March 14th 2006, Nice sunny day, no...

What is an "official off-piste slope", pray say? And what is "skiing close to"? You go to the mountains, it is dangerous out there. You are responsible for your life. You get it wrong, you get hurt or die. I know that this is not much à la mode du temps. But unless you grew up in the mountains and know what you are dealing with, you should stay where they prepared pistes for you and come looking for you before they close the lifts.  No Ortovox system and shovel can take away the fact that you are in a place that needs to be respected. And before you bitch at me: I have been skiing for 42 years, and I love it. As much as I love my life and wellbeing. No need to go to Alaska or the US, just ski responsibly.
You are absolutely correct on this one. I live in Alpine country and cannot stop to wonder how irresponsible and careless are some individuals. Despite publicly known facts that skiing outside organised tracks it is extremely dangerous and risky they are challenging their luck time and time again. They do not realise that off the piste slopes are clean and intact because we do understand danger and above all we respect mountain and that is why we do not run on every clean slope and enjoy first ride. By showing disrespect to the mountain is calling for accident, however they believe that this cannot happen to them, and that is why we have every year too many deaths due to avalanches and falls.
You do know that in 90% of avalanch casualties, there was at least one guide or local experienced person? "Unless you grew up in the mountains" those who grew up in the mountains are often the most irresponsible ones, believe it or not.
In Europe even skiing on piste can be dangerous. Last time I went, there was an avalanche on I shit you not an Intermediate trail. It's not America your on your own to hit some awesome terrain.
Thank God he's alright. I started skiing 3 or 4 years ago and I have gotten pretty good on groomed pistes but being a New York suburban mostly weekend skier I haven't had many opportunities to ski powder and BOY DID I SUCK the few times I did! HAVING SAID THAT, I'd like to learn to ski powder and ski in some awesome places out west...but avalanches would always be on the back of my mind. Thank God this guy outskied this thing.
Would love to, if I didn't have to be wealthy to be able to afford a week there!
come to canada, it's closer. i get at least 10-20 foot+ pow days a year. i don't even go anymore unless there is good snow. when you learn to ride well in deep snow and on steep terrain, there is no better feeling in the world. I'd rather have a good pow day then a good day of sex, blow jobs, and well made sandwiches. 
If you were close to an off piste route, it doesnt mean its safe.
That looked like sketchy spring gnar pow anyway. Where was your pit? Did you test the snow or go by a bro bra snow report? Your fault it went off. Pay to play. Looks like fun and plenty of people around to dig your ass out. Not many trees to tear your guts apart like over here.
Although the last post was pretty cool, remember to be careful out there guys :) #avalanche #backcountry #skiing  
Dumb shits. If they end up under the snow just leave them
You some kind of expert, Dave? Psychic Armchair Avy Pro? What do you know about that day?
stupid faggot. I'm down with everyone on the hill - skiers or boarders - as we are all there doing the same thing, just trying to have fun and improve our skills. 
so what you kept on filming and didnt go help your friend, what the fuck
looks like he stowed away his camera and went over the peak to look for his buddy. Once he noticed that he skied it out, he went back to the camera.
What was he supposed to do, kris!? Jump into the avalanche as it was moving?! Video is actually very important for a few of which is as a record of what happened, & as a way of following the victim.
LOOK! At the end of the vid you will see the overhanging snow at the crest! NEVER I would run these slope!! These total stupid guy eat also YELLOW SNOW!
Really?! I wouldn't say it was optimal, but if you avoid every wind lip, you wouldn't get very far.
you're an idiot dude. overhang is normal, especially when doing any sort of backcountry riding. come to kicking horse, bc, canada, and there is way bigger overhang on normal runs. on whitewall theres about a 5-10 foot drop in on big pow days. you don't know what you're talking about. 
@scottclements78 Because if he kept skiing normally he would have been taken out. The skier would know something is wrong and ski to safety.
@justpullingyourleg But they do grab their leg and roll around like a little pussy when their playing soccer
camera man is a dumbass. why would you stop with an avalanche behind you? i'd be picking up some speed.
the safest thing to do is speed up and get in front of it,but not to try to out run want to find the nearest ridge or knob.if your in the middle,even though your just about fucked,treverse over and once again,find the nearest ridge or knob.and if your above,wait it out!duh!
Hopefully he had his beacon handy.....
There's something beautiful about an avalanche.
If you like real extreme skiing: /watch?v=PZQtRYmnZmE
He is telling his buddy to stop carving and fucking bomb straight down and out the side to avoid being buried.
stop stop in front of avalanche????
So glad to see you're okay! this vid made my heart skip a beat. Makes me think twice about going Backcountry
Wow. The guy had snow chunks the size of his torso all around him. Lucky guy.
avoid going on the sunny sides of mountains when it has been hot or in afternoons!!! and try stick to where there are rocks and trees, where u can be safe!!!!
I'm not saying transceiver is a bad choice. In matter of fact, it's one of the must haves when you're hitting up slopes like the ones in the video. However, with an airbag, you'll have a better chance of riding up the avy instead of getting buried deep underneath. And who knows, maybe the extra space between your body gives you that extra min from survival instead of death.
i want to ride a tube down a that
If that was me I woulda powered full speed down that hill.
"stop.....stop" words to DIE by right there
If it's ready to go on it's own a human voice has the potential to trigger a slide. Obviously it has to be right on the brink of fracturing for that to happen, but I've seen it before. I can't say whether the yelling triggered the slide or not, but there was yelling and a slide triggered in the area above where we were riding.
lol yeah stop stop and have a chat with the snow rushing at u
Pfft that's not even close to a fair comparison. In an avalanche the friction heats the snow up making it moist, then when the slide stops it freezes solid. People have been known to tear off all their fingernails scratching at it. Burying yourself with packed snow wouldn't even begin to give you an idea of what it would be like.
Stop?? How bout run for your fucking life!
You my friend have cheated death.......right on!!!
Thought you were fucked there for a bit. Way to get out of it.
@glazealotabrass420 its impossible to out ski an avalanche, the only thing you can do to save yourself is ski out of its direction
He clearly sounds foreign. So maybe by saying 'Stop!' he meant 'Get your ass outta there!' Don't be so stubborn.
Ich hab sowas schon einmal gesehen.Sie fuhren, als ob der Teufel hinter ihnen her ist....irgendwie war es ja so :-))) Dummheit wir sehr schnell bestraft
It's in verbier, where I am right now
wow, isn't that a free rider's worst nightmare?
This is in the ski domain of telenendaz, not verbier, although easily accesible from verbier
No actually it's well known fact avy airbags save far more lives than beacons, and furthermore, beacons have killed way more people than they have saved. Experience counts for far more than the false sense of security that a beacon provides.
when he said ''Stop,stop'' I didn´t see anything.... he´s very bright
"STOP STOP" if he stops he dies
i think an AVE pit would have been a good idea...
@justpullingyourleg in canada especially in bc your allowed to ski off piste. I've skied with patrollers out of bounds it was sick cause they new where everything was :) and suing at every indiscretion is an american thing don't hear it as much of it in canada
@Brooksyishere15 The one where you have to take the bus to get back into the resort.
@kelsham18 stop spamming that shit video everywhere
You can not put a price on life, the best you could get is a full avy pack with transceiver, probe, shovel whistle etc. Also an airbag. Also a avy lung. And always use a helmet. The amount of people i see free riding with all the gear but no helmet. Are you stupid!!! ha Safe riding
... I mean he prolly could have ridden that one... woulda been sick... nothing below but whatever
@FatBouy333 Granted, but it's called common sense. An Australian comedian, Steve Hughes, did a good bit that reminded me of this: watch?v=BAnGYfnFz9I
It was easily big enough to have killed him. But yeah, whatever, not dangerous.
Shouting stop, wow, that's retarded.
@eviilhomerr hey what elce could you do? xD seriously tho.
dont tell him to stop lol tell him to go faster! haha
Schneebrett. Shit happens, especially when you are in a big one, not like this. But this one was lucky.
why on god's green earth (or white) would he STOP for an avalanche
as I told the Austrian Ski Association the sloping up hill has to absorb the skiers energy as it is a discontinuation of a straight path of travel and so it goes of.Also the cutting off of snowsurface takes place.Should have dodged the hill.Maybe tracking left or right through the field would have cut off only areas that don´t reach the skier.
Danger. Makes me want to free ride even more!
Actually you have your safe zones picked out ahead of time and cut left or right to get out of the way. Usually a ridge. He did good.
i wanna ride it..just slide down with it haha
The guy at 1:13 : "Wow, have I just done that ? Hope no one else has seen me."
Don't listen to flotscho. Solar radiation is a major cause of avalanches during the winter, as well as a trigger for wet slabs and wet loose slides in the spring. Saying you should stay away from rocks and trees and therefore ride the open bowl to avoid avalanches is preposterous. Also how does flotscho know this was a wind slab? What information do you have that wasn't in the video??
@ShamelessKyla theres chunks of ice the size of a human in there travelling at a high speed, if it hits you you will be crushed to death
So what alerted you to the fact that there was an avalanche roaring down the hill behind you? Was it your friend screaming or could you actually hear the the slide itself or perhaps feel the vibration? Or do you specifically keep an eye out on your peripheral vision during turns if you're skiing in an area where avalanches are likely? Just curious. Thanks.
Its just weighing the risk for the reward i personally just think the reward of fresh pow greatly exceeds the risk so after every big storm comes throught im ou
@Aklovelivesnowboard Now tell how stupid I am for not being able to spell reckless. I am a recless typer. Haha. Peace!
You've got to be a real idiot firstly, to find an avalanche prone mountain in verbier and secondly, to not realise that the hill was avalanche prone by the condition of the snow. You're very lucky it wasn't bigger. BE CAREFUL!
i like how hes just kinda standing there at the end lookin around
Reasons to carry a shotgun or a loud device
Look at statistics you fool, I know exactly wtf I'm talking about.
Très impressionnant, amatrice de poudreuse, voilà qui me donne à réfléchir. J'imagine la frayeur de votre vie! La vidéo fait bien voir les plaques qui se détachent, et la puissance phénoménale de la masse de neige déplacée. Votre ami a eu de la chance!
U don't stop in front of an avalanche
You just have a lot of chance dood! Where was it in verbier?
@CharIiePresents yeah i think he clearly meant stop CARVING and B LINE THAT SHIT
@upgrad3z There is hardly anyone that can out ski an avalanche. And if you were a good enough skier to even attempt straight lining it, then you would know it is safer to move out of the path.
fuck turning I'd be bombing it down if i knew that was behind me
stop!!!??? that'd be the worst thing to do...
@eviilhomerr Ohhh, ok. Thanks for the advice, just in case I go free riding I'll make sure to remember that. Learned something today :)
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