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DNAngel Opening Song (Full!)

by xXxXDarkmousyXxXx • 3,410,932 views

My 2e Video of DNAngel -i made this again becaus i love DNAngel so much and my other account i lost the password from i made a DNAngel vid on that one to maby u know (tinohollands thats me :P )...

It's Nov 11... 2014... This song doesn't get old. :) IM going to see this anime again. :)
+Enny N JeoLLi XD yeeeesh! If you do not have this song on your j-pop list...... What's wrong with you!!!
Exactly! Cuz this song is one of the best j songs ever^^ ..I love music and lyrics in it so much and it reminds me old times watching DN.Angel :D 
I actually knew of this Anime before SSS Warrior Cats but it's still cool. ^_^
LMFAO GHAHAHAHA i actually started watching this anime because of SSS HAHAHa god damn im ashamed...
is DNAngel a good anime and what is it about
+meow meshew It's bc turning into an angel runs in the family genes :) unfortunately only guys can become one but still kinda cool.
This is what got me into anime...through warriorcats
Chup Warrior cats is awesome forever
The reason why i started to love anime :3 thank you Dark and Daisuke <3 The memories tho, ok .. I'll try not to cry TT_TT Failed
That's SSS!!!! And thanks you Vic for singing an awesome song!!!
3 million views. Shows that this song is bomb XD  #LuVThisSong  
I'm a huge fan of Warriors and anime and that is what brought me here. 
Laaa amooooooooooo!!!!!! amo esta cancionnn <3 
this reminds me of warriorcats 
It's the ssswariors theme song. 
He's right beautifully done by these few Warrior fans! Go Thunderclan!
DN Angel was the first anime i ever watched <3 
I love D.N Andel :) Dark and Dark Mousy is my favority's ;3
OMG 3.000.000 views,awsesome,i really love The song and the anime is beautiful
I love this opening, one of my favorite anime. I'm gonna continue reading the manga now since the anime already end.
+聖天便 Yes, I know the manga is already ended. I'm saying that I'm going to continue read the manga because I haven't read all the chapter.
I loved both as both had a different angle on the story.
whats this anime about exactly?
+Caroline Bowler ok thanks cuz like on the descriptions on anime sites it didn't make sense to me at all
DN Angel was the first anime I ever watched, so whenever I hear this song it brings back great memories :')
+聖天便 oh ok then. ........ oh I remember, my first actual anime was Black Cat!! :D 
This was my second anime ever, and the first one that I actually finished and became a real fan of. I used to wear messy wigs and my mom's sunshades with my cousin and sing this song like it was an anthem XD And we would cry over Dark Mousy, and fangirl and talk about the anime, like if it was hannah montana or something. we were the otaku preteens of the day.
Can someone help me, I'm looking for an anime similar to this one. It features a girl who has to go around 'stealing' things that actually contain demons or something like that, and when she does they turn into chess pieces, and the girl has a tiny angel sidekick.
Omg I loved this anime waaaay too much!!!! Lol
The manga is great but they totally ruined the characters in the anime :/ I def felt like the director was pandering to the yoai fangirls -_-
+EverythingxYourexNot You didn't say "misandry is better than misogyny," you said misandry is not as bad as misogyny.  Misandry irritates, misogyny kills.  That is exactly what that implies. 
I reread all my comments, and besides what I wrote yesterday, I couldn't find that. Can you please tell me, that when you first said that I was an idiot, what exact sentence or paragraph were you talking about? I can't defend myself well enough if I don't know what exactly it is that you object. Both of them are bad. The difference is that misogynysts have power in their hands to act out on their hatred - for example, the banning of abortions, or the accepted practice of throwing acid in women's faces if they say no to you in some countries, or the fact that in some countries, women can only report their own rape if they have at least three male witnesses of the act. All of these rules and regulations are the result of misogyny. Mysandrists are fewer in number, and they have no power over mass number of people - they might have a couple hundred people who read their blogs, but that's it. Rarely anyone dies because of misandry, but many people die every day because of misogyny. If the roles were reversed, if misandrists had the power, I'm sure more men would die than women. It's all about who has power to act on their hatred. That is all I meant. They are both equally bad in theory, but in practice, one of them has the power to kill, while the other doesn't.
like if your watching in 2015
I've seen many english versions of this song and they're (most of them) are all different!
I watched this anime when I was young and I think I like it buuutt I can't remember anything about it lol... i only remember this opening and the guy with two different face & personality or what, the main character~ lol but in my head, I still like it, a lot. ( ^o^ )
who else got here from warrior cats???
well my furby enjoyed that
I loved this anime i miss it so much i love this song
the sec anime I have seen in my life , and I just want to cry :"(
This was the first real anime I ever saw. (Pokemon doesn't count :3)
Who wrote this song?
That's just BADASS!!! One of the greatest animes ever deserves such an opening like this!
SSS warrior cats thank for take this opening for your warrior cats opening ^^
Is this anime good?
SSS warrior cats brought me here.
Is it worth watching it? Is there romance? Please answer.
Its not a shoujo if thats what you mean
+Alex Babe Contrary to popular belief, D.N.Angel manga is actually a shoujo
Sounds like a toilet flushing at the end of the song. OTL OTL OTL
Lol yeah it does 😄
Is it bad if I am from America, and I remember the lyrics in Japanese? :P
+Peter w. Pyle I will definitely be looking for them now XD 
@vixen581 That would be "Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne". (I didn't know this was anything like that! Cool ^.^)
I'm literally crying right now. It's been like 7 years since I've seen this anime and the amount of memories that flooded back are overwhelming. QAQ I really wish I could go back in time. //criesforever
I get so much warrior cats nostalgia from this song
What's worse is that DN Angel manga is discontinued. ( damm, you manga/author! ) I'm so sad because I will never know what happen at the end, only my imagination will. I didn't like the anime ending, but it was still good anime show. Too many unanswered questions though :(
HOLY NO! I watched this ages ago once and loved the song and then I watched the warrior cats thing and recognised it but couldn't put it to anything now I see this and the comments and oh my gosh help
This is one of the most amazing animes ive watched when I was younger.. And it's amazing and wished that they made more. It definitely deserved it.
I love this song but I cant understand what it's saying. 😧
This reminds of poop tards in my oatmeal. <3
I think the music is better than the anime.
This made me start watching anime
wow hace años vi este anime :D es sin duda uno de mis favoritos <3
da ending made me cry even if I finished watching it two years ago, it's still so sad ;-;
My beloved dark is gone lol
OMG love DN angel remember this from a kid love this anime
Why ? I can't find the fuckin tab of the solo ! Why ?! :'(
Does anyone know anyone know what other animes Vic Mignogna plays in? I know he plays in Fullmetal Alchemist, DN Angel and  Vampire Knight
Es hermosa esta canción, hasta lloro T..T
I live for my family
This anime is like "Saint tail" for boys.
3,000,000 views Just let that sink in.
This gives me so many great memories. This anime brought me into the world of anime, and it's a great anime. It really deserves more popularity.
uuggghhhhhh i wish the manga continued ; u ; so many questions left unanswered!!!!! dn angel was so perfect
I like this  version better than the English verison. It just seems like it brings out things more. Very well made. Great job.
Noemi Rey Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Lupe Torres Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
It's so strange watching videos with a cracked screen..
Since SSSWarriorCats used this intro, I loved it, checked it out, then the anime, and well, that's how I started watching anime! Couple months later, this song memorized. I luv it :3
Found this song by SSS Warrior cats
The most epic opening ever! 
Now i whana see this soo bad
Wow, I forgot about this song for about 3 years until I heard my sister listening to it. So nostalgic.......
Lol this was my first anime when I started watching. Memories ...
I honestly really need to finish this anime never did cause I was busy but after seeing people NOW talk about it im gonna finish episode 20 something here I come XD
By the way, I'm in the year 2349 and still watching on my ancient iPad.
thx. yours is awesome too! high-fives Ike
0:45 is where it actually starts :P
Dark!! I so 3 you. Hahahahaha. Until now I still memories the lyrics of this song. Hahaha XD
I'm so obsessed with this anime back in my high school days. Oh, memories. :)
I really really like this song and also Dark. Hahahaha XD
what a great song i love it
I love this Song! (and the Video is very good 2!)
I will ALWAYS remember this song and I don't really know why.  The series was okay, but nothing amazing and I could've sworn I've heard several other similar opening songs. I think it's just because it was one of the first anime I saw when I started viewing them on the internet...
Love this song!!! Love the anime and manga!!!
I never seen these episodes all i kno is dat this song is in warrior cats
i loved the anime but not the ending 
僕が小2のころ見てたアニメです。 でもいい歌だったからずっと耳の中に残ってました。
coming from a guy here i loved the anime.  and yes Dark was my favorite.  XD
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