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Jupiter and Moon - 12.5" Telescope Terrace BC

by Redshift40 • 222,664 views

A few live shots of Jupiter and the moon from Terrace BC Canada. 12.5" Newt/Dob telescope on Aug. 30th, 2010. A focal - hand held Canon ZR-80, 30mm Celestron EP. Seeing 4/5 trans 3/5. Sorry my...

Outstanding imagery of Jupiter. The moon looks like you could touch it. It is clearer than the Clementine photos. I was on map a a many times looking at the moon. I saw some of those straight lines on the moon's surface, like in your vid. They almost look like aquaducts, or roads. I also saw structures that resembled vines or branches sitting the surface. They appeared to cast shadows. Going by the longitude coordinates, I estimated them to be over 20 miles long. I saved several of these photos, and plan to post a compilation to youtube at some point.
It's funny because I feel like my fiancé does when she sees a celebrity in person lol... That's not a poster, not a documentary, not something in a textbook... That IS Jupiter! Man I need to invest in a telescope. Thanks for the upload, m8!
The moon looks great what is the f stop of your skope? thanks
There are lots of mountains near Terrace BC.  What altitude were you at?  The atmosphere looks very calm in your videos.  Have you tried processing your videos to make higher detail still images?
I took this from downtown, so about 600' above sea level. It was a rare night, we get about on average, 4-5 nights of good atmospheric seeing per year. I have stacked some of my videos with good results on Saturn, Mars and the Moon.
what kind of view of the details of the International Space Station can you capture with this telescope? could you see the solar panels or the shape of it? nice views of the moon I feel I am about to land right on it
+saiprasad pashupulate  I can track it by hand with a 30mm (wide angle) eyepiece.
:-o Its a 12.5" aperture scope. Why lines on Jupiter are not visible? Moon was amazing...
Even though you would die, these would be awesome vacation places.
whats the price of this skywatcher ?
How many magnification is this, sir?
75x on the moon and about 250x on Jupiter.
excelente video,  muy lindo,  gracias...
Great shots. Shows that you get what you pay for in telescopes and everything else.
É Joe Satriani música se chama "Home"
Thanks dear friend Redshift40 for sharing this video. Nice and liked! 
If you want compare with the worlds best 1100mm Tele lens and the Panasonic GH3, have a look on my Video:
beautifully done!!!! Not sure if my cel phone through the telescope can match yoru work....
Very nice Redshift 40
I love the message it gives at the end Keep looking up :)
Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading to a better telescope any suggestions..I also want to record the the new telescopes come with adapters to record to pc? if not what would i need....thanks
I liked it ALL Thanks for posting.. I have a 14" refractor telescope. That is 14" focal length.  lol
I just checked out those eyepieces.  Say, they should really make the views through my $29.99 Surplus Shed objective lenses really stand out.  ha ha  
Well just in case you upgrade one day. The nice thing about EP's is they will work with any scope.
Both vid and music quite nice!  Thanks for sharing!
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.
Goto or no on your dobson? Equatorial? What lense and size?
Wow first time to see an actual footage... Thanks for uploading ;)
Nice guitar Great images
Nice Job...Great View...Jupiter Is a challenge to film...I have the SX50 HS Camera also and have done a few zoom test videos...take a look when you have the time...
How much do I need to spend to be able to view the moon like this?
What do you mean by model?
thats great that a special camera?that you can put on the telescope?.good vid dute
Nope just a regular video camera Canon ZR-80 handheld at the eyepiece. The scope is custom made with a 12.5" mirror from John at galaxy optics.
Wow! I didn't realise you could see the moon that clearly through a telescope. Thanks for the video.
+Redshift40 I've got to get me a telescope. Can you see where the moon landing site was or is that too much of a push?
You can see the spots where they have landed. You won't see the landers though. From earth you would need a telescope 600 feet across to resolve something that small. Even the Hubble can't resolve something that small.
Very nice I get some excellent views with my 6". Moderate detail but I was hoping to resolve the Cassini division on Saturn. Even though I haven't been able to see as much as I would have liked I am pretty impressed by it. Orion Starblast 6". BC is my home as well in Kamloops :) Clear skies :)
@johncbradley1 -anywhere from $500-$2000+ should get you a good one. If you have the room, get the biggest you can. Only get a brand name scope or custom. Never buy a scope like Tasco or Bushnell.
do you mean the little dot below Jupiter? If so, that would be Io.
thats pretty cool, you can see the atmospheric distortion with the shots of the moon
So many craters... just think if the moon hadn't been in the way those asteroids might have crashed into us instead.
If you get it soon, Jupiter is going to be lost in twilight in the next month. You will be able to see many galaxies, globular clusters and nebula.
You tube has a good stabilization utility. It would take away the shake. It's somewhere in your video options.
Wow, that's impressive. I'm using a 10" Meade Schmidt-Newtonian (f/4 with corrector plate) and can't get a view anywhere near that good. My collimation's good and the seeing here is reasonable, but I can see cloud bands and then occasionally in moments of good seeing I'll catch a glimpse of some cloud band features. I'm considering upgrading to a 12" and moving to a completely rural area - so fingers crossed!
@Edsan91 Thanks man, glad you enjoy! I need a HD camera, mount and a EQ platform next. But most of all, for it to stop raining 300 days out of the year.
How do you capture these with your telescope, do you use a specific camera?
watch?v=ah2-1DFab28 here's mine firs try :) please comment.
@rdevil25 Thanks man. I have the same problem here. It is cloudy 200+ days a year. Google "first time telescope" as everyone has different needs.
Have you ever seen something moving on the Moon? Can you see the American flag?
Wow. I love your videos, but the reply you wrote (the one about the "hood" and "smokin my rock") to the person who criticized the music is disgusting.
I kinda like the tiny shaking, believe it or not. If it was 100% still, it would be just as good as an image (since there is no moving objects there). So then you could just upload some images instead. And then we could just go on Google Images to check out some images there instead. I love it they way it is. Got the feeling that I'm the one actually seeing through the scope ^^
Because it hits home that you are tiny and insignificant in relation to the universe and makes you appreciate the fact that you are a miniscule part of a beautiful thing called existence. The music might hit a chord with you too but that is also insignificant really. Humans think they are clever, but we are ignorant really. We have no idea, that is why looking at stuff like this puts you in your place and smacks you with a reality belt! These things are here to enjoy and respect.
@johncbradley1 -that is a good beginners scope. I think you will have fun with it. Buy some good eye pieces. Though you may change scopes over time, you will always have the same eye pieces. Get a low, med and high power, and a 2X barlow (this will double your EP's)
you could have played across the universe, that would also be epic
You still have great detail in that video. Can you see any of the Apollo landing site with that telescope?
where are all the big chunks of rock that hit the moon?
Beautiful images, beautiful music. I have decided to buy a good amateur telescope, which one would you suggest? thank you.
Really nice shots man.THNX for uploading this video.
Hi, what telescope where you you using for this. Is there any telescopes you would suggest for vfiewing the moon, for let's say 200 dollars?
Nice job! Love Joe Satriani's music! Good combo for viewing astronomy! :-)
Great Shot and very sweet music :) may we is the music ! thank you for sharing
There are adapters that clamp a ring around the focuser and screw into the bottom of your camera (the tripod mount hole). These are usually adjustable and work much better than hand holding. Alternately, if you have a camera with a removable lens (like a film or digital slr) you can get a "T adapter". It attaches in place of the lens and lets you put your camera on your scope just like an eyepiece. You will have to slide your scope forward in the mount rings to adjust the balance. Cheers :)
redshift40 fancy seeiing you here =) never met you but your stuff is awesome.
@redshift40 Thank's for the advise! I will be buying some more lenses
Whoever put all the craters on the moon will receive 'sirius' charges. I know, very funny.
watch?v=_5H3W52Hvkg my second try :)
I definitely need to get a bigger mirror.
How mauch did you pay for the telescope that captured these imagess??
by the way; anything that is light years away may not even exist any longer because we are looking into the past
Any of the name brand scopes ( Celestron, Meade, Orion ) are pretty good. The thing you should spend the money on is good quality eyepieces. They will last a lifetime and work with any scope you get down the road. If you can afford them later, I recommend the SMC Pentax EP's. Get at least one of them. All together you only need 3 EP's - a high, med. and low power. Then get a 2-3X barlow lens. It will double what you have. The barlow - Orion Shorty is a good buy.
i tried looking at the sun and the moon with my 5" spaceprob and there was some kind of distortion at times, similiar to one you get on your moon shot. object would go out of focus during this distortion, any thoughts what it might be? thanks
i have a question if i want to see more and better to my telescope what part do i need to buy or do i need bigger eyepiece please i need a answer thank you. your video looks awesome
wow this is awesome. thanks for posting
woooowww amazing what did you use to get such great shots of the moon
I currently own an 8"inch dobsonian telescope, but in a few days I am buying a large aperture 12"inch dobsonian with a 6mm televue lense the lens itself is valued at $380. has anyone here got any experience with this sort of optics and apperture? I'm wondering what I can see in comparison to the 8" which has regular quality lenses.
Awesome, I was hoping my iphone camera would have worked but it's not to great lol these videos are wiked. Your name always reminds me of the redshift app as well is that where it originates from, because it's a pretty awesome space app. Thanks for the advice on the camera though! Cheers
lol nice reply + love the music great upload thanks.
@redshift40 I bought the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ online! I paid £180 for it. I hope it's good :)
I'm not mocking you... 600 feet across is the size of telescope you would need to resolve something as small as the moon landers. Even the Hubble couldn't do it. Remember many of the craters you see here are hundreds of miles across.
nice i have meed 70mm 700 only have 25mm 9mm eyepiece for know but want to get set. Im in calif and weather changes quickly. missed metor showe it clouded up after sunset. and raining todoay so i missed it again. I just want to live on a moutain top away from city lights. thanks for post feel free to friend me.
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