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Attention Mogulers! Need Questions for Jameson First Shot/Kevin Spacey Interview!

by Indy Mogul • 5,176 views

This Saturday, Russell will be attending the premiere of the American winner of the Jameson First Shot short film contest, and will be sitting down for an interview with Kevin Spacey, producer Dana...

Is this the way of the future for Hollywood stars to produce good movies cheaper? Does Netflix and internet TV, Blockbuster pay good money for these films?
Hey guys, young filmmaker here. Just finished my first short film. Please go check it out and give me your thoughts, thanks
Tell him we want an American Beauty sequel!
OOPS! Good catch, I'll put an annotation in there. Thanks!
what does marsellus wallace looks like ?
paltrow's head (i guessed your referring to se7en right ? :)
@RussellHasenauer A word of advice: no questions about his personal life. He guards that thing like fort knox.
America, Afrika and Russia. What about Europe?!?
in the description you have the wrong link for jamesonfirstshot
what is the best mixer for filmmaking?
why USA, Russia and South Africa? Seems like a pretty random selection of countries.
Ask the guy if he can help out with my films.
You don't have to! His new channel is TheIndieMachines!
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