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by Philip DeFranco • 1,486,155 views

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No gay marriage is not okay
+Gavin Watkins  Don't marry guy then. Simple.
I think I like Obama more that he came out about this!
I am so proud of Obama for taking that risk and saying what he believed, even if in the next election he might not get the vote! But for the remaining time he has a president, I hope he does a lot for the LGBTQ community! 
Phil, when you put your arm near the camera it looks like you have a really long arm. It's like your that guy from one piece.
if there were no gays (at all) the world would be a better, happier place
what wait, Obama is gay?
you didn't know his wife is transsexual lol 
Welcome to Gay-Propaganda.
Please don't use the bible as a shield for your ignorance. I am a very unreligious person but it had come to my knowledge that the Bible acknowledges shrimp as an abomination four times more than homosexuality. So please stop.
Homosexuality Is Natural, but not normal. Just the same way autism is natural but not Normal. Also, people with autism can control their autistic behaviors to a certain extent, gays can as well. That's why many people actually admit they have an attraction to the same sex, but are married to a member of the opposite sex.
But you have no quarrel against homosexuals in general? Because, either way, I honestly don't care who marries who. But I believe that we as humans should all have access to the same privileges.
A country from north europe, try and figure out which one. So you are fine with forcing your lifestyle and agenda on to others but they can't do that to you? Also I don't belive in a god, I think it's a waste of time, cous a 'god' is just a justification for apathy and hatred. Plus if god made man in his image, dosent that make god bisexual? But if HAVE to chose to belive in a god, it would be FSM... Stop being angry bro, enoy life, cous you only get one, don fill it with anger and suffering.
you dont concern me in the least. go wipe that shit off youre dick and get some help.
called kickstarter. google it. if your ideas actually good youll get major investment oppurtunities.
You have no FACTUAL information.I did not say personality and sexuality are the same thing.I said it is part of who they are.Much in the way black skin is a part of many people.You think, for some reason, that this isn't discrimination because you can't relate it to what's happened in the past.Just because they haven't been enslaved or denied the right to vote does not negate the fact that they are treated as 2nd class citizens.Say what you want. Fact is, they will have equality sooner or later.
Pedophiles say they "love" children too. Does that make it natural? No. It's perversion. This whole "accept everything and tolerate everything and love people no matter what" crap is driving us into the ground. They are already trying and make pedophilia and beastiality okay because of this extreme acceptance of homosexuality. Do you realize the amount of physical and mental problems gay sex causes? A few years ago my friends were actually normal, now everyone is going gay because it's "cool".
Children have legal rights that pertain to them. And homosexuality will not lead to the acceptance of pedophiles. The fact that you can even compare them is ridiculous. Homosexuals have the RIGHT to anything straight people can have. Otherwise, it's called discrimination. And actually, marriage originated as a social construct that allowed family patriarchs to facilitate a transfer of chattel property, such as livestock or daughters. It wasn't a religious ceremony. (c)
more than 50% of America is pro gay marriage get your facts straight
Who's the best president in History.
I live in North Carolina, I'm pro gay rights. I don't like the first amendment, but still I love the state.
marriage was MADE for a Man and Woman. And you think homos are entitled to something that it wasnt made for. Loving someone of same gender is great. Its the having sex with someone of same gender that is evil and discusting. And shameful
EXACTLY!! They aren't getting married because of love, it's because of the benefits. Also marriage is not a RIGHT it is a legal contract that one can choose to enter. So saying that they are fighting for rights is contradictory to what you just said. It's not a right. They aren't fighting for rights. They're fighting to have joint benefits.
Yes, because a consensual and committed relationship for a gay couple is exactly the same thing as child molestation and abuse -_-. The fact that you argue bestiality just proves that you are incapable of intelligent thought. And really? What "problems" does gay marriage cause, exactly? You have no logical or secular reasons for banning gay marriage, so you make up fallacies. Please stop poisoning the world with your ignorance.
People like you make me embarrassed to be a US citizen. Why is it cool to hate on other people when it has absolutely nothing to do with you? You make me sick.
Homosexuality has actually been observed in over 1500 species. Just thought I'd pitch in.
Women needed equal representation. Blacks needed the safety. Gays were never enslaved. Gays were never told they couldn't work a good job or vote. Gays have plenty of equal status, the only restriction they have is not being allowed to marry but some states support that. Yes it is. All of the evidence suggests otherwise.
I love the U.S. It's the country I was born and raised in and It's great. But why can't we just set an example for all other countries and have equal rights for everybody!
Son, I come from a country about 4 times older then yours, and we have found that fiting over trivial shit like who likes to have sex with whom is meningless. Life is beautiful and sould not be wasted on imaginary friends nor what others like to do in the privacy of there own home. There is no point in being angry over shit people do that is not relevant to your life, so what if they anger you god? How is that relevant to your daily life? Grow up, or atleast stop bothering people you dont know!
Nobody just "thinks" they are gay. That is the way they were born, that is the way that GOD made them. How does being gay have any impact on how one serves their country in the military? Last of all, how is having loving parents that just happen to be gay better than having opposite sex parents who are divorced and hate each other?
yet it's legal to marry a horse in more states than it is to marry a person of the same gender, stop complaining that it's not natural because all it is is two humans together. I do not understand why you don't see christianity isn't a good reason to hate gays, I have never heard a quote that was not misinterpreted that says being gay is wrong. It says nothing about the subject and you just say it does so nobody is like oh this guy just hates gay people.
dont cry,does ur pussy hurt?I'll get you a tissue.Could you Answer 1 of my questions,i answered all of your questions,r u a kid?You sound pretty soft being a metalhead.something tells me i can tear up a guitar better than you ever could.Im happy to be the "ball and chain" to your beliefs.And the salt of the earth.I dont jump on the band wagon with everyone else when suddenly its "cool" standing behind complete perversion and calling it love,like your president Obama and 58% of these catholics do
Thank you for doing this video. I'm glad people outsiide NC talked about this. I wish it would NOT have passed. I'm subscribing to you, because I'm a Gay 21 year old from NC. Maybe we can repeal the Amendment in Future
Thank you. Glad to know there are still intelligent and enlightened people out there.
Ah well, I'm sorry for wanting tolerance and acceptance for all people. What people believe in is irrelevant to me, but when those people act on those beliefs for the sake of condemning a group of people because they are different, then yes, I will tell them they are wrong.
I kinda got the gist of that. I had to decipher some of it. But I think it looks like a bit like your declaring yourself as an ass hole. But that's just me guessing.
You are such an ignorant cunt. People don't choose who they love, that is just the way they feel. What they do behind closed doors is their own business, not yours. The don't ask don't tell policy is complete bullshit. You don't feel like you have to hide your sexuality, so why should they? It's people like you who are bringing this world to hell, you are the abomination.
It's fine to personally not like homosexuality, but that dose not mean that your personal opinion should have an effect on other people.
we are animals...humans are just another type of animal actually. and did you not listen to me? i said over 100 species. not just dogs.
almost all the comment are in paragraphs
I'm sorry you people in here are so confused.If you dont follow god you are lost like a goat in a hail storm.God made us all the same in his image.But in this world, there is sin.We are all born into it.God didnt make them that way,God is the way out.We can all fall into that trap.Its confusing.Also,I'm sure there are a lot of soldiers with gay tendencies but they keep it to themselves.They dont make spectacles out of it. For your last question I'll just say, ever hear of Mommy or daddy issues?
You're wrong and trying to make stuff up. Homosexuality has been observed, naturally, in 1500 species. Also, Gay brains are generally structured like those of the opposite sex, suggesting being gay or straight is a biologically fixed trait. Homosexuality had nothing to do with Rome/Greece's decline. And don't use the Bible as a source to justify your actions. It's outdated, contradictory, and is a pathetic excuse for apathy and hate.
oh really? did you know our fore fathers created seperation from church and state purposely to protect the CHURCH. not the state.. you got it backwards smarty pants. Only fairy tail i see is a bunch of fairy's trying to step on as many toes as they can. I mean really, how many times do the people have to vote this down??
Yeah all of what you stated you can thank Muslims,, not christians.. And if you read the bible, you will find that it says there will never be peace in the middle east. So get use to it, Christians dont hate the gay person. They love all...We were created in gods image. but that dosent mean they have to accept gayness. You love using the word Homophobe huh?
LOL You know shit gets real when the caps lock happens. XD I would never hurt anyone. I'm not gonna go murder a bunch of gay people because I don't agree with their sexual choices. However, I'm not going to lay back and let people tell me what to believe in either. (This doesn't apply to you, it's happened to me in the past though.)
I know, a lot of people disagree. I have experienced things and seen things that just don't allow me to agree with homosexuality. There is just too much that I know, that I can't unknow. There was a time when I was all for gays but things change. I appreiciate that you are so level headed. I have spoken with few who have been so calm in words as you.
And it really doesn't have ANY effect on your life. It's your shitty kid, why don't you fucking tell them what gay marriage is? Why is that anyone else's problem? Maybe, with any luck, they will grow up to be a productive and progressive member of society. Unlike you, obviously. Your argument is weak, baseless, and is an excuse for apathy and hate. The only disgusting thing here is you.
I wouldn't vote for someone who support fags. Normal marriage all the way.
Well, I can't fault ya there, I sure as hell wouldn't
I would say gays are more than free.. But when you want to marry the same sex, thats like switching the rules for certain sexes to use certain bathrooms.. maybe men should be able to use womens bathrooms? Hey this is the land of the free right? Actualy i hear that is actualy in the works..
Personally i was for obama even before he came out in support of gay marriage, i'm really happy thought that he did show suppord :)
then the right for someone to marry as many people as they want etc.. etc.. you want tolerance, but theres no such thing as tolerance with you pervs. Its all about us having to deal/tolerate your lifestyle. Tolerance goes both ways. I will say this, if you are familiar with the bible, and revelations.. then you would know that us christians are prepaired for this place to go down the toilet. It's inevitable. But it wont be without a fight, now go pretend to be Lance Armstrong on your BMX.
Last time I checked, not everyone is Christian. Plus, state and church should have nothing to do with eachother, so really your whole "IT'S NOT CHRISTIAN" argument makes no sense for something that is about government.
I dont dislike peaple who belive in god and i dont hate on them for disliking homosexuality and i can deffinately understand how you could fear it. But! What i do (Hate) is peaple trying to choose for others not giving them the option of doing a "mistake" wich i imagine is what the anti homosexual peaple think of the act giving it the name of being a sin.
You CANNOT compare a sexuality to race or gender. Sexuality does not make up "who you are" it makes up who you have sex with. Civil rights only ensure that everyone is treated fairly but does not define anything related to marriage. Under the constitution homosexuals have the right to their safety, and equal treatment. Just like everyone else. This doesn't cover marriage. So arguing that it's for "equal treatment" is silly legally speaking. They get the same civil rights as everyone else.
You can justify it any way you want. Yes, gays HAVE been denied jobs and other rights. They used to get the shit beat out of them just because of who they are. Hell, that STILL happens. THERE CANNOT BE "THE ONLY RESTRICTION". Acceptance has no exceptions! Marriage IS a human right, not a heterosexual privilege. Gays are still treated as 2nd class citizens. You are wrong and you have absolutely no valid argument to say otherwise. Stop being an asshole. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality.
It was proven to be scientifically valid. His study was peerless in it's sampling size and representation. It does not prove that and if that doesn't convince you perhaps you should read the accounts of reformed homosexuals. They describe in detail the true face of "gay culture". homosexual-insider-spills-the-beans (google search) And of course people who grew up in same sex homes. Read Lesbian Moms Messed Me Up. You can't say it's wrong when it's written by the gays and children themselves.
Yes, I want tolerance for all people. I will not, however, tolerate being governed by your beliefs. And yes, I am familiar with your fairy tale, but the Bible has no place in this. The Constitution separates church and state, so people of all beliefs do not have to be legislated by a certain faith, including yours. Hate it if you want, but it is not your place to say whether gay marriage should be legal or not.
yeah celebrate our differences? thats a tradition? so i guess that blows the tradition of marriage out of the water then huh? And yes.. close lining you off a bmx bike at full speed would be epic. then of course i'd probabl;y stand on your neck after until you were purple..
Oh no! People are thinking for themselves and learning to develop their own moral compasses as it applies to them as individuals! We are truly all fucked!
Consenting adults should be able to marry each other. Regardless of sex. Whats your stance on Polygamy?
So we should clearly force Christianity on all non Christians, kill those that refuse too convert, and hey why not start a war in the middle east too!
Oh right. There's something wrong with nature. Because you must know everything about how this world was created and how it functions. I'm sorry, I forgot it was your job to play God. Please continue living your life full of hatred and intolerance while the rest of society advances without you.
lol. i love how youre like all serious and credible....and end with "kill yourself" :P
he is verry good at informing us!!!!
I never mentioned a scripture, I only said I read the Bible. MY agenda did none of those things. Please tell me how homosexuality can harm people. The only reason being gay does any "damage" is because close-minded and intolerant people like you think it does. And I'm sure those poor babies will have a much better life in an adoption center than with a loving family, gay or not (I wish there were a sarcasm font). I don't accept narrow-minded people trying to push their agenda on human rights.
Very true.I don't have a problem with gay people committing their selves to each other, just don't call it marriage,because you are not going to gain any support this way
Children don't have rights in the legal system so it really doesn't matter if it's consensual or not. It's the very sad truth. That's why pedophiles get away with it. And if it becomes accepted, which is already happening, the whole "consensual" thing won't matter. Gay rights? Being gay isn't like racism or women's rights. Gays can live without the ability to get married just like they have been. They aren't getting murdered over wanting to vote or being black. Gays are highly accepted nowadays.
that is not true at all. people are not comming out and being proud of it because there are people like you in the world who tell them that they are terrible people for something that they have no control over
It will not lead to acceptance to pedophilia because pedophilia is harmful to children and not consensual. Which was WHY I addressed the fact that homosexuality is between two consenting adults. It's none of your business what they do. That's like saying rape will soon be accepted. Hey, it's just another orientation! And yes, you SHOULD hear this all the time! It's your intolerant crap that keeps society from moving forward. It's the human rights of our era. Civil, womens, and now gay rights.
just cuz all the other countries do it dosnt me we should.
Thank you for sharing this. It needs to be known. You're willingness to share is brave and appreciated greatly. I'm sorry that most people don't understand. I do. I know what you speak of.
Piratebay is only blocked because you're uploading stuff. Downloading is legal in the Netherlands, Uploading however, is not.
gay-parenting-conducive-to-sex (put it through the google search.) No, it isn't. /apwh/essays/cot/t0w32homosexuality(put it through the google search) Read what's under the "Being gay is like being born into an ethnic race" and the section right under it. They have the Civil Rights everyone else does. Stop trying to force sexual acceptance on everyone. That's like forcing everyone to accept BDSM as normal. You 're right, but it isn't good. Especially not for the kids.
so you are an idiot???The original definition of gay means happy so gay marriage = happy marriage XD
It would be discrimination if it weren't for the fact that people are harmed by homosexuality. Have you ever read about what happens to a child when they grow up in a same sex home? "Children of lesbian mothers are nearly 12 times as likely to say they were sexually touched by a parent or adult as those raised in intact, biological families. 31% of those raised by lesbian mothers and 25 % raised by homosexual fathers were raped, compared to 8% of those raised in intact, biological families."
Stop acting like it's discrimination. Women and Blacks are completely different than gays. But fine, you aren't willing to hear. I used to be that way too. I used to feel how you do. Until I actually did my research and realized the truth. Believe what you want. But watch, things are regressing and right and wrong are switching. Soon enough the filth will accumulate and society will drown in these perversions. In the end this "equality" will be made to cover all bad things.
No, you're argument is weak and baseless. The only thing you have is personal "experience" and your "scientific facts" are from Makow. Neither of those are credible enough to discriminate against an entire group of people. Your "friends and family" may have been damaged by it, but that give you no right to say it's wrong for everyone. And YES I CAN compare sexuality to race and gender, because it's all human rights! I'm sure people that the same you did when women and blacks couldn't vote. (c)
Did you even READ my comment? Talk about lack of intelligence, you aren't even responding right. I SAID that the ACCEPTANCE of HOMOSEXUALITY will lead to pedophillia being labled as okay because "It's just another sexual orientation". I was referring to the problems caused by gay SEX. Here is just a small list of problems that are caused. Anal bleeding, severe pain, anal tearing, puncturing of organs. And for women, infection, disease, tearing and puncturing as a result of using toys.
No, it's discrimination because you are giving unfair treatment to a group on the basis of prejudice.It's difficult to obtain an accurate count of same-sex families because of fear of discrimination. Not to mention many are denied children. Where did you get your source, anyway? Was it henry makow or someone like that? Most research studies show that children with same sex parents fare just as well with heterosexual parents. Maybe you should find some real, factual information next time.
I bet you take the seat off your BMX before you get on it..
Not a right. Legal contact, rights, completely different things. There are a lot of things that happen in nature and in the world. Doesn't make them right or normal. Society knows that homosexuality is not beneficial to it. Homosexuality is a reactive disorder. I have known more than one gay man and they were preyed upon during their sexually confused stage by an older gay man. Letting your child be too much like the other gender in formative years has also been proven to cause homosexuality.
That's what I'm telling, they aren't going anywhere. I'm for traditional marriage.
Heavenly God Almighty showed me the way back to the kingdom of Heaven by placing a seal on my forehead. If you read John 6:53-54, you will come to understand that Jesus said we have no life in us unless we eat his flesh and blood. By flesh and blood Jesus meant the Passover bread and wine (Matt 26:17-19; 26-28). The bread and wine of the Passover represent Jesus' flesh and blood and is celebrated on the 14th day of the 1st month on twilight according to the Holy Calendar. It was truly a blessing
See, she doesn't answer. She never denies she picks and chooses parts of the Bible to fit her agenda of hate. A pathetic case indeed. Now she will call me "an agent of the devil" or that I "lie for the devil". As predictable as a morning shit.
yah, If i were you i would think so too.. it could be Iran where they hang'em high out there,, respect this place.
the Bible says " Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." so it says dont judge if your not willing to get judged, if this guy put this on the internet he knew he would get judged
yeah lets fill it with the things that made Sodom and Gomorrah fall. History repeats itself..
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