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'Up' review by Michael Phillips

by Chicago Tribune • 40,181 views

A Disney animated feature about a 78 year old man and an 8 year old boy that form an unlikely friendship and head off for adventure in a house tethered to balloons.

This is definetly one of those spot on reviews that Phillips shares. I don't always agree with him, but here, I Agree, I thought Up was Amazing! Best film of 09 By Far! P.S. The beggining of the film was one of the few times I really teared up in a film. It was one of the most moving moments ever in a Pixar Film. Indeed, 4/4 Stars! Pixar, As Always, has done it Again!
I cried three times while watching this and laughed out loud even more times. One of the best films i have ever seen.
I went to see it tonight, and I was holding back tears during the ENTIRE MOVIE. It was definitely pixar's most moving film to date.
Yeah the Bens can go to hell, they are nothing but quote whores Finally some real movie critiquing
I know, I was always suspicious of there being ghibli references in their movies because of that. hmm, they could have slipped mots of references in toy story series, actually... I wouldn't be surprised if say... in toy story 3, there are a few toys that are modeled after things in miyazaki movie (mowe glider model from nausicaa, the rosso plane from porco rosso, maybe a fox squirrel doll...)
thinking about skipping my friends bday party so i can go see this tonight.. does that make me a bad person?? :)
98% on Rotten Tomatos. Continuing the tradition of Pixar's Incredible work.
Let's hope that Disney doesn't screw up their winning streak if Toy Story 3 is bad. Disney does own the rights to what Pixar films get sequels. And without Pixar, Disney is nothing today.
anyone notice the brilliant references to miyazaki movies? I mean, come on, the concept itself is obviously inspired by howls moving castle. In several scenes, it's such a great shout out for those that know. There are references to Kiki's delivery service, Howl's moving castle, and even a lot of castle in the sky. There are at least two parts that were side by side animation mimics one with howls moving castle, and one with kikis delivery service.
I thought that this movie was brilliant, one of my favourite pixar films. Falling just under toy story 3.
@rlga5 i couldnt have said it better my friend. It was priceless!!!! I wasnt ready for that much emotion. Everyone in the theater was dead quiet. Unbeleivable sequence.
Absolute genius of a movie. It's pretty bad when the BEST movies are cartoons... It's too bad that the rest of the summer "blockbusters" are tanks with no fuel in them.
not surprising. I have a feeling that there is probably at least one reference to a miyazaki movie in every pixar movie... just a hunch... Well, now I have to watch for a Totoro doll in toy story 3... it's very possible... great, now I have to re watch all the pixar movies and LOOK for them... I mean, they GOTTA be there.
I cant wait to see one episode, even the trailer on their site is pushing words like "Serious" "Real" "Stimulating" they might as well say "This kicks the crap out of the last hosts"
Yeah I'm definitely gonna go see this one. ;)
No One Agrees with you Tinosmash86 U obviously dont know a great movie when seen. This movie was amazing,Sweet and heart filled.
hes a balloon salesman? did he just make that up because he ties balloons to his house ?:L
@HedgehogStudios1 After just reading my little dashie i blew up in an explosion of tears.
God. PIXAR's done it again, another perfect movie. I'm sixteen years old and I still love these kinds of movies because I've grown up with the messiah of hollywood. Best movie of 2009 by far. I can't wait for: TOY STORY 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!!! (N64 kid reference)
Before watching this movie I was just expecting a regular Disney/Pixar movie, meaning I was expecting fantastic animation and unique characters, but otherwise just your classic happy-go-lucky story with a happy ending. But already during the montage in the beginning I got to thinking "Shizzle, this is some heavy stuff. There are some pretty deep things in there". And several times through the movie I honestly didn't think it was gonna end well. This movie was really great :)
Pixar is still the one who's in charge with Toy Story 3... it was reported before that Disney alone will be producing the film but when Disney bought Pixar then Pixar agreed to make the movie, only if they would scrap all the ideas Disney thought about and let Pixar do Toy Story 3 with their own story and ideas
did you call carl a retired ballon sailsman?
my favorite movie of the year, and i wouldn't be surprised if it stayed that way to the end. god this movie was great!
isnt it charles muntz? not carl...i havent seen the movie in awhile but carl doesnt sound right
I read another review that ended with "I challenge you not to tear up from this movie." I thought that was a little dumb, but I failed the challenge within ten minutes. It's THAT moving. Plus, it's funny as hell. :D
i freaking cried this the only place i can put this up here lol the book got to me wat can i say
Saw it last night and it is just fantastic. It had everything - adventure, emotion, comedy. I loved it and I'm a 32 year old guy.
this is probably the most touching movie ever this is the only movie i almost cried in its a beautiful movie
I thought it was their best movie, it was simple and very sweet. But we can agree to disagree lol..
The only scene of that is the brief reference to that home-shopping mishap where the guy holds up a picture of a moth and calls it a horse.
For some reason, I thought that this film would suck... The advertisements made it seem like a goofy, unfunny, pop culture riddled film (You know, like dreamworks) This film was really deep... Especially the beginning of the film...
The only thing I hated was the chubby kid... Just annoying.
yeah, went to the party..... caught the movie last night... yadda yadda yadda
they're making the best movies coming out of contemperary Hollywood...indeed...:)
@rlga5 I couldn't agree more with every single one of your words.
imo this is the best Pixar film to date, its friggin so deep and compelling. it makes you invest your emotions towards the characters in a way that very few(let alone live-action) films manage to do, People do yourself a favor and WATCH THIS FLICK
It's good to see I'm not the only one who noticed that, even the music had a sort of Miyazaki feel to it.
Pixar never lets ya down. Luvs 'em, and for sure will see this on opening day.
but to give him some credit, it IS a pixar movie...
The animation was mind-blowing and the soundtrack reminds me of "My Little Dashie"
The montage of Carl Fredricksen's marriage was truly the most touching sequence I have ever seen in an animated film. I went to see this with my lovely wife of 4 years, and we sat together with my arm around her the whole sequence. Towards the end of the sequence, I had a lump in my throat and my eyes were starting to gloss up - and I squeezed my wife's shoulder ever so slightly, hoping that she would never leave me that way. One can only hope to have a marriage as fulfilling as theirs.
sorry i mean the funny line was TAKE A BATH HIPPIE!!!!!
James cameron is missing along with California's own Schwarzenegger who is now replaced by Batman with a gun
Russell grows up to become Johnny Vegas.
Mr. Phillips, I couldn't agree with you more, this was truly the best film of 2009. It was become one of my favorite films of all time.
kinda. you're looking for immediate gratification. The movie is more important to you than your human friend.
The Director of the Original Terminator movie is not directing the film. From what i've heard Arnold doesn't make more than a cameo apperance (and from what i've heard, it's mostly computer Generated). Christian Bale is now the hero and he sounds like he's still has his Batman voice wile carrying his gun.
What trailer were you watching? None of them showed any form of "pop culture riddling," as that's not Pixar's style. That's also why Pixar will always be far superior to Dreamworks.
Didn't realize this was being released. I'll have to check our local listings. It only gets better with Pixar. The reviews are great. Geez, only 979 views.
@godfatherofwiseguys Wow, if that's true, tis incredibly passionate, and fuckin good for them! And US!
this movie kicked ass, when i saw the name and what it was about, i didnt think it could have possibly been that good. it was so freakin awsome, by far pixar's best movie ever. It was also very funny and it was sad and every other thing you could want in a movie.
What should I see this weekend? Up Drag Me to Hell The Brothers Bloom
I cried nearly the whole time, it was so touching. I loved it. My favorite animated movie ever <3
No, I thought pixar would sell out to get huge voice actors, and I thought alot of fat jokes were in store. There were, but they were subtle. Amazing film, soundtrack was as just as good.
@eepruls Completely agree, I just finished watching it. I don't think it was the most heart-wrenching film i've seen,but i've never ever cried during a film, call me heartless, or whatever, but this had me in tears - many many tims. I especially thought the sound-track was INCREDIBLE for the setting. If anybody can give me a site that would sell the sound track in CD form, i'd much appreciate it. Thank you
The movie looks really good written and I can't wait to see Pixar's latest masterpiece but I'm kind of tired of this 3D trend. I think it's more restricted than animation. The downfall of animated movies wasn't the technique it was the plot. They usually were really childish and grown ups wouldn't go because they fought they were meant for kids. Who could blame them Disney made movies only for kids. Now 3D is just a medium to get people interested but the story is what keeps me from not leaving.
Really! I like this film as person try 2 save his house, but as in our real life we also have to live for someone else than i really appreciate this movie in my real life than cartoon,but little guy resembles ganganam style little guy...
True, and maybe it has a little bit to do with John Lasseter is good friends with Hayao Miyazaki, and they pretty much dubbed most of Ghibli's films.
I liked Star Trek very much too. It wasn't the greatest thing ever, but it was done very well, good story, bad plot (miner from the future? what?), excellent acting and a lot of fun to watch. So all in all, I would agree it was of the better movies this year. I think the big problem with T4 was the human side of things. John Connor was so underplayed, and really lost a lot of the meaning in the film. As an action film, great.
it was good but nothing can beat toy story and walle
i suppose ure right? well i really enjoyed up and guess evreyone has their opinions! Well i liked the movie!!! and i guess u didnt!!!! Any way that was a funny line in the movie! AHH SCRREW U HIPPIE! any no point in arguing! PEACE! :D
Trust Me, Toys Story 3 won't be bad. The first two were amazing and damn near perfect! Although Disney is in control of it, I think it still has a good chance of becoming a classic, its Pixar Material after all.
I listen to Michael Phillips. I don't always agree with his opinions and I think he tries to hard to be funny at times, but he keeps my attention most of the time.
I think UP is a 9. Not perfect like Wall-E, but still beautifully done. For a longer review, check out my videos, which features me and my friends reviewing UP as we drive home from the theatre.
I don't know you guys... I really didn't expect much out of this movie and I wasn't surprised, I really didn't like it that much and I saw it in 3D... I'm sorry but it just wasn't that great. I'd say one of pixars weaker movies
This movie is overrated, the first 5 minutes are amazing but after that it drags on. Who agrees?
man!!!! who listens to michael phillips???wot a twat
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