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Need for Speed Underground 2 - Drag Racing (music by NTL)

by BOBAH69 • 1,037,093 views

Nissan Skyline in NFS U II

Vai aprender a fazer um video animal
Tu e um merda lek kkkkkkk
Tirando conclusões precipitadas?
como se llama el tema ese? esta re bueno!!! y el auto tambien XD
Just is not drag its curcuit
man,ur car is my favourite car XD
Про что читает?! Какой нахуй поворот в драге?Говно...
remember the thimes this was the top of all race/tuning games
That chick's boobs bring back memories form my childhood... XD!
Honestly, the cars looked much prettier in NFS:U. The developers really took time for each car to have beautiful reflctios agains the rainy streets, if maybe too much. But in 2, they REALLY dimmed down the shininess, and all of the paint on ANY cars looks MATTE, even if it's gloss! I wih that they could have kept that same, beautiful, reflective car surface they had in NFS:U...
EA, we want NFS underground 3! Do you hear me and the others???!!!
How do you get the Nissan skyline for the GameCube version? PLZ comment back
your gtr is kinda ricer yo. i would of made this shit hella jdm
@casey88camaro i agree but ForSaken world is kick ass with this game!
@tristanholstein i dont understand jibberish dude speak english ive been up for like 30 hours and can type better than u
1:03 - short brown haired lady is mine!
pls help me /watch?v=hxnklF9s3VI
EVERYBODY goes for that wide body kit !! NFSU2 FTW !
i miss this game soo much their songs bring me good memories exept this one
@toliker12328 Why am I shit? When you say something is "the shit" that's a good thing. Retard.
@goldmartijn No, actually we dont want NFSU3. Why? Because they would ruin it like Shift and Pro Street -_-
wow looking back at nfs underground 2 the graphics sucks compared to now lmao
How the hell can I get this on ps3 I miss this game
all right one the pics suck balls two hot pursuit is way better and 3 hot pursuit is WAY BETTER
nice ride,i take u on a drag race
jo király de én most az 1 sö részét töltöm már ki játszotam
how dare you insult nfs underground 2 in anyway what so ever..
jou jako hudba je parádníí to je rusky coo pekny
in soviet russia nfsu2 wants u go nuts :)
@MagicalChickenWings ты сам хуйня из-под коня!!!
how you do drag racing in this game? My engine keeps getting blown. What key u press to change gears?
@BLANTERS if i remember corretly drive around and do random stuff and you should get a phonecall or somthing
@kay4x4 cuz u dont know what they r sayin, that's an secret stuff to make RAP musics work. talkin so fast that u cant understand.
EA GAMES! *challenge everything* <3
anyone play online? is it still availible?!?!?!?!?!?!? i need to effin know!
Omg... Russian rap is the shit.
@sonor1993 that car is a nissan gtr it is not ugly bitch so suck on a peenis bitch gtr kicks ass
malon eimai o monos ellinas p ktlv ton filo kwsta...hahaha...wraia paratirisi file :D KAPOTA
uau um brasileiro la em baixo =D EH 2 BROW
Can someone help me... I started the game and I have 2 sponsors.. I finished all races and there is no game process.. like, there is nothing to do help me!!!
@dumbass3000 lol, its russian, not spanish! though i see where u comin from. they missed 5 layer burrito and xxl chalupa
yooo dats da same skyline i made a long time ago
I want NFS Underground 3! Do you hear me and the others??????!!!
i havnt played that game in ages r u able to custimise the number plates i forgot
im gonna tell you what it think about nfs since nfsu2 (mah first nfs game) and nfsmw were the best then the carbon one have a maybe too dramatic story. pro street FUCKED IT UP, then the undercover well kind of makes sense but still i dont like it, shift... nothing to say and nitro let me tell you i doesent suck but IT DOESENT EVEN HAVE STORY P.S the song is russian right???
Eclipse war der beste in dem teil!
@curiousRS I like slipknot too, but i dont like their lyrics very much..
AH russian win <3 whats the song? (:
name of the song is NTL - Racing Portal
do you know where lambo doors are
i think the car would look better with red tinting and red neon...
Best customization yes but NFS Most Wanted stil tops them all
better than the underground 1 !!! thumbs up if u agree
can u give me that car design? plsss... i really love that car ♥
how to drag in the need for speed game i've never win everytime i dragged in
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