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Battlefield 1942 LoopZook

by ZookaMan • 2,100,450 views

Dogfights are boring. 10/19/11 Update: Well this video sure got around eh? haha. You should check out some of my other 3+ year old videos for even better LoopZooks... 2 LookZooks:...

thats where it all started...
First RendeZook ! man are you the master !!!
are you serious? read my comment again. I said that a loop zook IS A rendezook, but a rendezook ISN'T  a loop zook, and if you can read between the lines, thats basically what he said.
+Twon It's basically the same way a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn't necessarily a square.
149 people attempted this and rammed themselves into the water
Oh yes. THIS theme. It was on almost every video in 2006. Oh man...the memories...
Tell me about it, haha. It was either that, or "Bodies" by Drowning Pool.
It's also the only one that's actually worthy of the theme.
My grandpa won WW2 doing this.  He still calls me a casual.
I know is troll, but the facts against this are that his body will be pushed by the aerodynamic forces, same for the cockpit who wouldn't open under that pressure, and the plane would stop flipping as he pulls his hands of the flight stick
Funny how I saw the same vid on the guy that created it channel
James bond's grandfather !
Wuaw!! very impressive
Disliked because of the music.
that song should be erased from existence
Did this spawn the: "Only in battlefield" thing?
No but it spawned the various zooks in BF3 that we've seen.
how does this have dislikes
@AtomicHamburger1 it takes 30-41 shots depending on the machine gun to down a plane...stop talking out of your ass
AtomicHamburger1: WTF, are you talking about? You can't destroy planes with guns in BF1942. You can just slightly damage them. "It's pathetic really how useless the planes where besides transport." Its not true at all.
Dude thats amazing...
RUFKM!! I cant even hit the cars which are coming towards me :D
This is what games should be.
i would use your shit for toothpaste, you are god ha ha
yea a damn shame i used to this for a living, jumping out of a plane and shot the following plane with an bazoka then entering my plane again... but you got arma 2 and soon arma 3
In loopZook he looped the plane back to him. In RendeZook he Rendezvous with his jet.
the fact that the plane actually loops around so he can catch it just in time is fucking amazing
Song is Clint Mansell Requiem for a Dream
I did this only once I remember way back in the day, but I didn't stick the landing back into the cockpit. I had to spam 9 but man it made my day. Battlefield 1942 was the best.
all i can think of is the last scene from Requiem with the you know whats whenever i hear this
Yeah just watched that video explaining that,But same purpose,killing the enemy.
Mean while in COD 1 a car blows up
What is the music in this called
Holy shit! That was 100 times better than the Rendezook. Fucking A+++++ man.
Meanwhile in Youtube, a BF fanboy tries to be funny by insulting COD!!
LoopZook. RendeZook is different. And I doubt that we will ever see a LoopZook again.
See, DICE knows shit like this happens, yet there is still no battlecam or theater mode or whatever the hell you want to call it.
cod is meant to be more fast paced, they replaced graphics with twice the amount of fps that you can get on BF3.
Like if StunGravy brought u here
>Implying you can just 'add' fps into a game
still better than call of duty ghosts :D
Ok you can keep doing that but you know you can fucking stop doing that it doesn't matter thank you everyone with the help but I allready bought this song and own it so I know what it is called but pretty sure it is called requiem a tower
I mean they limit fps on consoles due to graphical capabilities, COD has good bad graphics so they can get more fps on consoles, take a look at rage, probably the only best looking console game that runs at 60fps.
This game is free now download it on origins website!
как скачать батлфилд 3
Insane! Have to say it's the one of the best clip on youtube ever. WICKED!
The original *bows down* and in BF3 someone has continued your legacy
You both should shut the fuck up, before I bitch slap both of your dumbasses
COD stole the graphics from BF1942!!!!!!!!!
The japanese had some pretty ace fighter pilots.
Or it's a video from a guy who's not sponsored and used the creative commons music.
so fucking dramatic it needs requiem for a dream fucknut
You could have just shot the plane down with your pistol instead of your rocket launcher. Considering this is BF1942 in that game you could easily shoot down planes with your handgun. Each shot would take like 25% of its HP away.
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