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Pride & Prejudice (3/10) Movie CLIP - Elizabeth and Darcy's Dance (2005) HD

by MOVIECLIPS • 1,072,568 views

Pride & Prejudice Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe An intimate connection forms between Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) and Mr. Darcy (Matthew...

Why is it that in EVERY 2005 P&P video, there's always a loyal 1995 P&P fan who wants to come in and comment about how 2005 sucks and how 1995 is better. I GET IT. YOU LIKE 1995 BETTER. I like that version too, almost as much as I like this version. What I don't understand is why you feel the need to watch THIS version, even though you clearly resent it, and waste your time crapping on it. What's wrong? Is it not enough that you love your preferred version? You actually NEED to crap on this version just to make yourself feel better about the version you like?
+Quyen-kun Don't watch "IT" specifically refers to the video clip above - not the movie. I don't doubt that people have watched the movie. People would have to be pretty darn ignorant to comment rudely on something they don't know about. As for "If you don't like something, then don't watch it," -- that's as basic as "if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all." Case point: yes, people have seen this version; yes, people don't always like this version; but NO, they don't need to comment rudely, and NO, they have no reason to keep watching if it just makes them unhappy. The train wreck reasoning doesn't work either: watching a fascinating mishap is not a justification for negative comments. However, I would like to point out that your opinions - and especially your delivery - are PERFECT. It's polite, it's objective, and most of all, it's respectful, and for that, I'm grateful to you. See, I don't mind people sharing their opinions about why they like a version better. As a matter of fact, I can AGREE with either side's opinions because I see the merits of both versions. I just think we can do our parts to avoid harassing each other's sides. I just want people to be respectful about the way they deliver their opinions; no one likes an obnoxious commenter who just looks like they're out to make everyone - including themselves - unhappy.
+MagicalConch89 Some people really do enjoy watching things they don't like!  It happens all the time.  Maybe everyone just needs a little more confidence.  If you like something, then who cares if other people don't like it!  Different tastes for different people, right?  It doesn't say anything bad about you if you like something that another doesn't.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that me saying, "2005 version sucks" is not being disrespectful to your opinion.  It is merely having an opinion of my own that is different from yours.  Now if I said, "You are an idiot for liking the 2005 version" then that would be crossing into the category of disrespect. 
its so funny how in this movie "mr. Darcy" (dont know his name) and Kiera knightly play as love interest in this movie but in anna Karenina they play siblings and "mr.Darcy" character is so much more different and looks older and ...uglier i just can't take him seriously in anna karenina 
Wow,it must've been awkward to communicate like that. Say a sentence,twirl twice,listen for reply,twirl twice...
1995 Pride and Prejudice is much better, and Colin Firth makes a better Mr. Darcy. Jennifer Ehle is also way better as Lizzy.
And really, in the book Lizzy isn't actually supposed to be very beautiful. 'Fine eyes' was what she was supposed to have, and Jennifer Ehle's certainly matched that description. And although Mr. Darcy thought Lizzy handsome, it was her attitude and temper that drew him in, not her looks. Besides, having Anna Chancellor and Crispin Bonham-Carter play in it was really nice, seeing as how they're distant relatives of Jane Austen, plus they played Miss and Mr. Bingley very well.
+Marguerite Pridmore Just because an adaptation follows the source text more closely does not mean it is better by any means. A film is working with a different medium than a novel, and must change some elements to produce an enjoyable result. Both adaptations are interesting in their own way, but I prefer to watch one that doesn't take 6 hours, and doesn't just replay the same scenes from the book. I am more willing to simply read the book in that time and use my imagination to create the characters exactly how I want. 
I love watching Kiera Knightley trying to light a candle to Jennifer Ehle's portrayal as Elizabeth... why'd they even bother when the BBC mini-series is as good as it gets?
Well, they could have done better. Hell, remember that "Lost in Austin" miniseries they tried to pitch? Alex Kingston actually made the series with her role as Elizabeth's mother. 
beautifully shot scene 😍❤️
This is really one epic scene and of course Matthew is superb, the one and only and the one only and one Mr.Darcy, it´s amazing the way that all the old versions with 20, 40 years disappeared when the movie and Matthew appeared, as we can see here, because we are in the right place,on youtube we have 2000, two thousands vídeos of the movie, amazing, isn´t it,... and all fan vídeos really, not from the own channel of one series, and of couse when we go to Google and search for Pride and Prejudice we only see the movie... amazing...and what about so many vídeos, 30 and more of some scenes .. with hundreds of millions of viasulizations.because there aren´t only 5 or 6 of the same scene...hundreds of millions... Matthew is sublime and so so beloved for so many so many millions of fans and not only and u.k. but all around the worldand with his own magic,,, really iconic, epic, mitique... the one and only...
Love this scene, such a great job! 
I don't think it's fair to compare the two, and trust me I've watched both the miniseries and this movie plenty of times as I love them both.  The series has more time to flush the story out, so it's more accurate to the book, however, this movie is beautifully shot, music is excellent and the actors did a nice job of bringing more passion to the roles than say Firth and Ehle did.  Although, I think Firth and Ehle probably had the more accurate portrayal and did a wonderful job themselves.  Its just that the interpretations are different in the way the actors portray the characters.
What a horrible portrayal of Mr. Darcy 
The song is "Rondeau from Abdelazar" Henry Purcell
We had to watch this for our English 11 class, because reading the book with the idiots in my class would have been "too hard". I can honestly say going in I was not a big fan of P&P, and had no idea why everybody loved it so much. Oh my god, now I do. I loved seeing Darcy being socially awkward, and Lizzie being her stubborn self and oh my god the music. It's so beautiful! I had to have it after watching the film, and now I just can't get them out of my head!
I remember watching this when it came out. Mr Darcy was my first crush
What a totally uninspired piece of plagiarism of the splended dance fragment in the BBC version of P&P. The 1995 BBC film is the final version: unsurpassed and unsurpassable. 
I don't know why people feed the need to compare one version with another at all. There will always be an adaptation somewhere that someone doesn't like.  Watch it, if it not your thing, move on and leave it, the actor, producers etc alone.  Maybe the version you don't like really helps someone else get into and understand the book.  
what is the name of this dance please ??
'A Postcard to Henry Purcell' 
We want to watch the movie pride and prejudice but I can not find it can anyone help me porfavor
I Love How They Are Suddenly The Only People In The Room. It Was So Sweet.
1995 Pride and Prejudice is much better, and Colin Firth makes a better Mr. Darcy. Jennifer Ehle is also way better as Lizzy.
I just love this movie... seeing darcy n lizzie together takes my breath away...♥i hope i find my Mr. Darcy..!!
shall we dance lov???
hey!where is Colin Firth&!
Nobody has ever measured ,even poets,how much the heart can hold ♡♥
when men were still men
1:37 - 2:06 AH it!  ^ ^
I love the comment "when women were still women". I'm surprised you remember it so well, considering it would make you about 200 years old.
Ah! I love Darcy! I would climb him like a tree!
that made me LAUGH! hahahhaha
It is not good as the serie, The serie is best than this film
I love that Mr. Darcy said he didn't like dancing (when the two first met and spoke) but he asked Elizabeth because he wanted to be near her.
ana1ism Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
they look like they're floating jellyfish  how romantic 
Ly Pam, he replies, "I hope to afford you more clarity in the future."
Ly Pham, he says "I hope to afford you more clarity in the future."
That is some hot hot discourse :-P
this scene is just so well done!
is this song along in youtube?just the song?because i didn t find it on the ost...
I may be stupid since I don't get it, but why are Lizzy and mr.Darcy from 1:42 dancing alone? :O love the book and the movie :)
Ah, that makes sense:D 
It indicates that from that moment onwards, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth can only see each others in their eyes <3
Can anyone tell me what exactly did Mr Darcy say after Elizabeth said "I hear such different accounts of you as puzzle me exceedingly?" I can't hear him at that.
OK Gosteva Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
- Why do you ask such a question? - To make out your character, Mr Darcy. - And what have you discovered? - Very little. I hear such different accounts of you as puzzle me exceedingly. - I hope to afford you more clarity in the future... © Pride and Prejudice (2005) by Jane Austen
Crapest version ever if you want good pride and prejudice watch BBC's 1995 version this Darcy not a scrap on Colin Firth
If you want to get a good wife you first have to invent a time machine and travel back 250 years in the past.
That is right ,,even if you want a good husband :)
This scene gives me shivers. The camera work and the music is amazing XD
This is one of my favorite parts of the film. It's so sweet. How at first they're bickering with one another but then everything goes silent and everyone disappears. That's a scene where you witness their natural chemistry together, even though they're not speaking to one another. You can't deny also how they were both looking at each other. Not really with passionate devotion as much with mutual interest in one another. And the music is just nicely plotted. It's very well done, basically.
Oh yes, I agree absolutely! I've seen both, and Matthew MacFadyen is my favorite by far!!!
I love the part " No, I prefer to be unsociable and taciturn."
No he was trying to lead up to the subject of Wickham, his enemy, since that was where Darcy first saw him in Elizabeth's company. Most of the actors emotions come not from his lines but his body language and eyes which makes him such an awesome Darcy.
young person's guide to the orchestra? It reminds me of that a bit :0
it's called "henry purcell. a postcard to henry" :)
Keira Knightley IS Elizabeth Bennet. Nobody has played the character so well! Her wit and her facial expressions are exactly how I imagine them to be whenever I read the book.
and after this talent and outstanding performance..... Colin who????????????
Think back to....oh, about 200 viewings ago when you saw this for the very first time. l thought she was gonna slap the piss out of him! Didn't you think she was about to slap the piss out of him? Because l thought she was gonna slap the piss out of him!
is it me or this man is definitely a gift from God?tall,gorgeous,amazing blue eyes,sexy deep voice,and he also dances.......yeah,this especimen is extinguished.
It's a postcard to Henry Purcell
It is very interesting, the decision to use the imagery of them dancing alone towards the end of the piece - I suppose it's foreshadowing of their later relationship, or even simply representing intensity of the tension between them at that point, as if all else in the room is insignificant.
they talk way too fast!! i prefer the 1995 version, particularly the Netherfeld Ball scenes.
I think this scene is much better in the other version of 1995.
What is the background music??? It's so beautiful, and I heard it again in the trailer of Moonrise Kingdom!!
everyone here must watch the Lizzie Bennet diaries, it is my favorite adaptation of P&P... just watch it
but once she learns who he is she is quite respectful and sorrowful over her attitude
upon my word! she sure knows how to make darcy feel utterly inadequete!
U can"t believe how happy i am to read your comment !! I thought i was the only one who loved to talk like that but couldn't because then no one would understand :( lets be best friends ! Hahah :D .. I WISH i was born in that era ..
gosh!!!!!!!! why are u just soo handsome mr.darcy???? i just can't help to love this movie!!!
No one else talks while dancing. They are facing away from each other half the time in this silly archaic dance. Why would Austen have Lizzie chide Darcy on his silence if they were really like this? English country dance wasn't like this at all.
Costume designer Jacqueline Durran proposed the idea in her interview with the director,who says he hired her because of that, adding that wearing white was a "massive fashion" at the time. (Directors comment the DVD which I happened to watch few hours ago)
love it, and him... and i love jane austen for her great novels. she's one of the best authers of the 18 and 19 century... (next to her there are just the bronte sisters, i think). and thats a awesome screening. not perfect but very very good.
No way the dance scenes are hideous in the other version !
INDEED...Matthew M. as Mr. Darcy has the best performance expressing emotions...very natural! i am obsessed!
They ought to make a spin-off for Mary Bennett. She was obviously the most riveting character in the book.
They dance while shooting daggers out of their eyes. The looks they give each other... It's so amusing! :) I love this part!
Classic Joe Wright direction! :) Love it.
Henry Purcell - Rondo Abdelazar, pour te servir. Il y a une belle vidéo British Airways A380 sur cette musique
@soccerbug94 i think it is a *kuranta* .... but i am not sure -.-
I love how in this scene, you can see almost all the other characters.
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