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I have watched tons of youtube clips on this subject. I found yours the best!
Thanks. It's an amazing explanation. How would you relate that to substitution effect and income effect? I'm trying to understand how to calculate them mathematically if that's even possible. 
great refresh of intermediate micro excellent
dude this video is great, you cannot know how helpful you've been.
Good, I like that you share this video, I wish success always General Formulation on how to do Utility Maximization
thanks so much- brilliant refresher! totally saved me from embarrassment in my tutorial.
Lagrange right? :) i have to solve a similar problem for my Microeconomics and also find the economic importance of λ multiplier.Thank you so much nice video,helped me revise and remember what our professor told us.
I Really Like The Video General Formulation on how to do Utility Maximization From Your
very clear and helpful! Thanks
Very informative! More videos please Such as change in income, prices, shifts of the budget line etc..
This was cool and all, but nithing in this video uses a Lagrange multiplier. The Lagrangian was a placeholder of sorts to show through kind of a long process that partial derivatives of utility and the budget constraint could be set equal but the multiplier itself was completely unnecessary, evidenced by the fact that it just divides itself out as soon as the derivatives of the constraint are divided. So why bother complicating things if they end up being useless.
didnt find this great. you should do an example with normal figures afterwards this is quite confusing
could u tell me how to solve this ques With quantity of x on the horizontal axis,the Engel curve for commodity x corresponding to the utility function u,=y+f(x) will be (a) a raY through the origin (b) a vertical line (c) a horizontal line (d) a curve with an inflexion Point
I Love The Video General Formulation on how to do Utility Maximization It Can Increase My Knowledge
Your Video General Formulation on how to do Utility Maximization Is Very Useful Sharing
what is an economic interpretation of the lagrangian multiplier, say it equals 3? i need to know for my exam tomorrow !! :S
You sir, deserve an award for this. You tought me more in 4:14 min than my microeconomics teacher in 20 hours ;)
why do you divude MUx by MUy and why lambdaPx over lambdaPy?
utility function u (x) = √x huh??
Great video! Thank you Mr. Da Viesuo, this saved me on my microeconomics exam. You are the man!
Nice Video General Formulation on how to do Utility Maximization That You Share , So Very Nice Thanks You
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