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Spider-Man (PS1) - What If? Mode Guide Part 1/3

by PSXPS2PS3 • 50,899 views

First part for the Spider-Man - What If? Mode guide I made. This is based on the guide done by JKoenigsbeck on Gamefaqs (Thanks man ;D) Hope you all like it ^^

Aw man, awesome guide! I've played this game several times in What If mode but I've never noticed Human torch in the 2nd level! And at the beginning of the the level where you have to rush to the Daily Bugle, I thought that was just a random fireball dropping by the building, didn't notice it was Ghost Rider! XD
Anyone know what the "Hans was here" thing is supposed to mean?
I like how Laurence Fishburne voiced the Watcher
kwin0811 Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Take a look at this video on YouTube:
Ghost rider happens to appear on pc without "What if?"
The BEST spiderman game.
I love how The Watcher was just a static image.
8:30 QUICK! Change to channel 7
In the version I had, human torch flew backwards.... guess it was a problem with my game lol
What do you mean? This game is on N64 and a few other platforms.
does anyone one else agree they should put this and the second one up for download on psn
@whaowman Same here. I always wondered what that was.
my game glitched at the spidey disco
Also if when you go past the captain American poster spiderman says Jerry Jerry
damn at level 9 i haven't heard this voice :/ but the silver surfer passed so quickly during the baloon that said spider-man i hadn't even noticed him when i was playing xD
When is this game gonna be on fucking psn already
looks like Spider-man was trying to move like Bernie
When will you do Spider-Man 2 PS1 What If? Guide?
This is awesome I never knew of this mode when I was a kid thanks for taking only the new parts (:
i never see human torch there , am i doing wrong :( ?
@MrJohnTheMan619 @mondenkindqueen this is probably a reference to the movie Die Hard
Oh that sucks. There's always ps1 emulator if you really want to try the What If mode.
@F14ace that happens in normal mode too
@MrLegolicous I downloaded it via torrent... Just google it and you find it very easily ;)
Who does the voice for Uatu the Watcher?
Silver Surfer Was In The Blimp Level.
Uatu the watcher freaks me out
That Ghost Rider bit was more awesome than the Nicolas Cage movie.
There are some differences wit hthe PC version. for example, there is no neversoft version on PC and the ghostrider is seen without what if mode
Ghost Rider appears without "What If?" mode in the PC version. Weird... Maybe a glitch.
3:59 C'mon, hostage. His dancing's not THAT bad...
@MrJohnTheMan619 Probably the guy who designed the level.
Please understand that while getting it this way is easy (I don't care what the fuck you do) That you should have at one point owned the game or still own it without a console to download this legally.
Can You do Spider-Man 2 Ps1 what if?
i was playing this game on my pc i could have fooled anyone
ow , i did't saw it lol i just have skipped the first part
Holy shit. I played the game as a kid and never knew about this. Awesome stuff.
Laurence Fishburne voiced The Watcher
I Never Noticed The Wolverine One Before!
Oh Man I Gotta Get outa Here! XD He Dislikes Disco Spidy
@PSXPS2PS3 aaaaaaaaahh you missed 2 "What If?" moments: on the "Race To the Bugle" level.....if u wait the entire time and let scorpion's head icon reach jameson''ll get some really funny dialogue when jameson goes flying out the window.... and during the police chopper chase while climbing up the building that had the wolverine sign there is a captain america sign that says "jeffry springer" and as spidey passes it he says "jeffry, jeffry..whoowhoowhoowhoowhoo"
You missed the ending of Race to the Bugle where JJJ throws himself out the window if you don't get there on time.
The what if mode isn't on n64. Not the game, I have the game on n64.
"Wonder if all Wolverine's bones are made out of Adamantium?" OMG good question! Adamantium cock!
@RobinOlsen2011 he is uatu the watcher and i think theres no what if on nintendo 64 spiderman
What-If mode was always the best humor of this game xD especially Spiderman-2 enter electro.
ive had this game for 10 years and never even heard about this stuff
vc fala portugues?se fala,faz logo a porcaria do monsters inc
Cool man. Do you know where I can get this game at?
i love how most of the hero who made a cameo appearance just ignore spiderman bieng get his ass kicked
I've Never Noticed The One Where The Chopper Says He Loves The Smell Of Napalm In Tah Mornin'
there was not of this in my ps1 game o.õ max i managed to have was green goblin's hide out watch?v=T4kn6Zu0Hww
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