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Reveal Trailer - Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

by CALLOFDUTY • 33,580,353 views

Black Ops is back. Experience near-future black operations with the next evolution of the legendary Call of Duty: Black Ops. Pre-order now Out 11.13.12. Make...

new infinityward worst COD maker  old infinityward BEST COD maker that ever existed treyarch great COD maker  sledgehammer ok COD maker 
Treyarch CODs ARE THE BEST !!!!
Treyarch is the reason COD still stands
Why so many dislikes :(
CoD Bo2 did everything right. The perfect call of duty game. Still play this to this day! Took off from Advanced Warfare for a day to play! Live you guys over at Treyarch!!! Can't wait till y'all's next game in 2015!!!
58K people missed the like button...
Thanks for cutting out content for the Wii U, Treyarch, we paid the same amount for your stupid game as Xbox and Playstation users did, and we got 1 map, and it wasn't DLC.
+Joey Moesa They said they had no idea they've been talking to nobody through their microphones, this is shocking news...Illuminati...CONFIRMED!
My top 3 call of dutys are MW2, MW1, and black ops 2. I wish infinity ward was a better game developer like they used to back in the day.
Okay does everybody realise that Halo was remastered? 6 games in one...??!?!?!?! Remaster all the cod games!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be pretty good. Remaster BO2, BO1, WAW, COD4, MW2, MW3 (even though mw3 was shit) and put them all into one game, Call Of Duty 2007-2012. Just split the one game into sections. Like this Campaign -COD4 Campaign WAW Campaign MW2 Campaign BO1 Campaign MW3 Campaign BO2 Campaign Multiplayer -COD4 Online WAW Online MW2 Online BO1 Online MW3 Online BO2 Online Zombies WAW Zombies BO1 Zombies BO2 Zombies Spec Ops COD 4 Spec Ops MW2 Spec Ops MW3 Spec Ops and remaster them in stunning 1080p, 60fps on Ps4. FUCK XBONER69 (even though xbox is superior for cod dlc and all that)
I loved this game so much!!!!!!
It's funny how many dislikes you see on this trailer, yet many people will tell you this was their favorite or second favorite.
Please stop with infinty ward games suck and treyach are better, yall havent even played the other ininfity game before ghosts, LOL COD4 nd MW2 were the best and highest rated games, bo2 was 3rd and bo1 is lower ranked then ghosst so pls shutup bo2 was good tho
Lmao your mad late, mw2 was the best, bo2 second and bo1 third
black ops 1 was amazing
COD 2, COD 4, COD WaW, MW2, Black Ops, and Black ops 2! Best games in the series, nuff said!
I still get chills. This is maybe one of the best game trailers ever. To bad the campaign sucked ass.
+AxelTheBrony Why are you saying the campaign sucked? Its amazing!
+Joel Lemon destiny had a better campaign and gameplay
I can't wait until this game comes out!
Who game back here to get the feels when an actual good CoD was released. 
Remember when people thought this dude at 1:11 was david mason 
Worst Call of Duty game. 2/10
"they will ALWAYS need men like us..." best quote ever.
Im think im blessed by cod this came out on my birthday
Anyone else accidentally come here looking for some info on Black Ops 3?
Advanced warfare or BO2? What do you think is better?
I think both actually. but BO2 is more cool
Top 3 call of duty games of 2012 - 2014 1. Black Ops 2 2. Advanced Warfare 3. Ghosts
Ghosts sucked, advanced warfare wasn't great.. Just great graphics and the ability to jump very high.... I hope Treyarch gives us a great Call of Duty like BO2! If not, I think it will be Battlefield or something for me... I really mis the old CoDs, great story/fun multiplayer/and without the damn micro dlc's. The last good CoD was in my opinion BO2
I was so disappointed when I heard Sledgehemmer was making this years CoD. I'll have to wait another year for a good CoD. Maybe they'll bring back old CoD players and not try to appeal to ten year old Halo kids. 
Illuminati at 0:47 look in the clouds and you can see an eye almost and a lighter bit of cloud around making a triangle.. You cannot say that this is fake guys seriously that is pure illuminati proof. Treyarch is illuminati people don't play their games it will brainwash you
So original, so beautiful
how to decrease your already low sales on your future game: 1 make another cod 2 make the game even from the trailer look like halo or crysis 3  let the people know that the campaign is simply about a man stealing your army's keys...
1 COD 2 2 BLOPS 2 3 COD 1 4 BLOPS 5 ADVANCED WARFARE 6 GHOSTS 7 COD 3 (modern warfare)
Cod Ghosts a brand new series that came out on halloween last year it was the best game i ever played in my whole entire life. Dont hate Cod Ghost the creators of Activision InfinityWard and treyarch were the same people that made every cod they made this game for us.
1:17 never did find out where this scene appeared in the actual game..
here is my favorite CODS. 1.Black ops 2  2. Advanced Warfare 3. Black ops 1
Black ops 2 is one of the best call of dutys. Too bad they had to dumb down ghost for a newer generation in order for the series to get "better" again as time went by. I see the pattern. I just wish they would remaster black ops 2 for the next-generation consoles.
Cant wait till this game comes out like if you are getting it
Best CoDs rating list (my opinion) 1.Advanced Warfare 2.Black Ops 2 3.Modern Warfare 3
New call of duty:online with chris evans live action trailer in my channel enter and enjoy it :)
I'm hyped! Can't wait for this to come out! Do any of you think that there's gonna be zombies?
I remember before this game came out people were saying it looked like star wars. Sadly most of them dont remember them selfs
This is still my favorite CoD game after 2 years. Ghosts and AW are just shit. I have no idea why.
Still the best CoD ever made despite of shitty graphics 
Man I hate Zombies Just Like I hate COD ghosts and advanced warfare its a pity I loved Cod till black ops 3 and everything changed.
now i know were vannos got this quote from
is this worth buying?
yes! it is the best cod ever made it is also the most active with around 200k people online everyday and about 400k on the wekends
its defenitly worth it trust me,its very fun!
I remember when this trailer came out, everyone was like "WHY ARE DERE HORSEZ?!?" lol good times..
Who else can't wait for the Black Ops 3 trailer? (Or whatever the next CoD is called)
advanced warfare is bad.
I'm just excited because it's going to be trey arch this year
This trailer is a million times better than the game.
I am actually waiting for their next game. I did not get Ghost or AW. They are my favorite COD makers and will always count on my money. If that wasn't clear enough I love Treyarch! lol
In my personal opinion, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 has the best Campaign so far.
The official reveal trailer for call of duty black ops 2
I really miss this game I hope they make it for next gen
I can't wait to see Black Ops 3.
Bo2 will always stay the future forget aw and ghost
Cod 2 best game ever !!! :3
Is this coming out 2025?
if your not joking... this game came almost 3 years ago...😅
This game blew Vannos up he got popular of of this
Now let's see their 2015 beast of a game
Tell me about one game... ONE GAME that doesn't have bullshit in it that doesn't exist. every game for the past 4 years has been games with aliens in it and weapons that doesn't exist. And don't come with that assassins creed ninja ass bullshit! If this keeps on, im gonna stab a bitch!
That has hovering tanks, so...
It's 2015 and I'm still rewatching this. BRING ON CALL OF DUTY 2015!!
Agree with joey the wii sucks
Hell no. CoD4 and MW2 are much better.
Horses still exist in 2025?! Wut?
Yes horses still exists. they're some that survived the Equine Plague of 2018.
When is this game coming out :)
Treryarch is the whole reason CALL OF DUTY STILL STANDS (sorry for bad spelling)
After this COD everything was over-rated. (My opinion)
None of this stuff was in the game... was this trailer a lie? or after everyone flipped out over the mechs, horses and shit, they removed them quickly?
Typical cod player, only plays the MP....
+Pretbek I only played the SP and Zombies
There's some evidence about black ops 3 :/
Like if they should add dolphin dive back
I used to hate COD but now I'm totally in luv with it😄😄😄😄
Is it gonna be call of duty black ops 3 in November 2015
The Golden PS3 Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
A trailer of one of my favorite games.
Hát azért egy kicsit túlzásba vitték a dolgot szerintem!!!
Best game of the year followed by dead space 3
Best cod ever In my Opinion..
Does any one know if black ops 2 goes with the story for black ops 1 ????? 
CoD was great! Until Ghosts came...
Bal of duty advanced warfare*
Who else wants CoD to not be soo fucking advanced? Thumbs up if u think bo1 and bo2 are the best cods!
i think the next CoD is advanced warfare
80% of this trailer was on the mission in los Angeles
And that mission sucked because you blacked out like 6 times during it
Awesome video game.
Why so many dislikes? :-/
BO2 sucks (lets see how many hate comments we get on this bad boy ;) eh ? )
This was surprisingly motivating
Why can't we enjoy video games?
Because games nowadays is 95% bullshit.
Not really. Think about it. We're comparing today's games with our beloved games of the past. Nothing can match up against that. That's when we fell in love with gaming. I guarantee that if games were invented today and the first game we played was Call of Duty: Black Ops or Halo 4 or some other game we might hate; then we would love it and hate every game that came after. Games nowadays are actually pretty good fun.
Wow. When I saw this trailer a few years back I was thinking "could graphics get any better?" Now that I beat advanced warfare for ps4 and watching this, the graphics are crap.
Meh, for the time they still werent revolutionary. Compare them to a game like Far Cry 3 they weren't anything to obsess over.
whens it coming out?
so many dislikes yet it is the most popular cod
Nobody ever plays the campaign, focus more on multiplayer, that's what everybody plays
i focus on campain for story i play recruit but i still play zombies and multiplayer
Never has a trailer been so spot on. IRL this shit can happen. We have all this realistic robo-shit. Also what Woods speech is so inspirational. His acting is great in this trailer. The military will need men like them. To do what others cannot.
+Derrick Frost so do i gta v beats bo2 i when it comes to gameplay but bo2 beats in story but i did love the open world segments in gta... but bo2 is the best cod game evah! 
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