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CGR Undertow - DEAD SPACE 2 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

by CGRundertow • 31,528 views

Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Dead Space 2 from Visceral Games and Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 3. Dead Space 2 is also available for the Xbox 360. Like the original, a...

The Javelin Gun: Because death is too easy.
u guys should review Amnesia: The Dark Descent
I was alittle shocked at the end of dead space 1.
@Hanagigi Scary, has great mechanichs that fit with the theme, interesting story, good enemies, it delivers. Action and direct confrontation is not necessary in horror games.
@Eldwinn you don't know the meaning because you've messed it up everytime. Again with the internet hardness lol. You don't tell me what to do, wake up.
@Hanagigi Amnesia might be a scary game. But that isn't all what makes a good horror game.
My opinion of Dead Space 2 winds up being the same as my opinion of Bioshock 2 - An excellent game that has the misfortune of following a game that was already perfect. As much as I like the sequel, it'll never top the original.
for real fans of deadspace if hidden images and messages that hav nothing to do with the storyline i know it sounds crazy but its also in assassins creed and a bunchload of other games if u wanna see a baphomets face in dead space 1 go to ur trophy list on the ps3 menu and go to the trophy that has the front of the ishimura and also dead space 2 has a hidden storyline . i know it sounds crazy but check it out
I love this game its just pretty amazing
sorry, but i didn't find it that scary. startling at times yes, and the "eye" stuff freaked me out, its still a really good game but not that scary, but then again i may be pretty desensitised by now.
im glad theres anew real survival horror game out there. not like most that are catagorized as such but are really just action shooters with monsters
@DAZOMB13 Its not fully rendered...which is also why you don't see a screenshot on the main page.
No... the new benchmark for survival horror is Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Dead Space 2 is the new benchmark for horror-themed action games like Doom 3 and Re5. Great review nonetheless.
@Eldwinn, it's pretty piss poor. You can't help it I guess. Douche? Wow, I know you came up with that one :-)
The only thing CGRundertow is missing in its reviews is THE VIRDICT!
@1983Dave1983 wow. pure genius here. your the man. WOO. what kind of a douche cares if someone misspelles something on youtube. go get laid or something fuckhead.
@PapasBeer Doom 3 is the shit, it scares the shit out of me but only play it with lights turned of and high volume
I wonder how it is that this game passed for an M rating when Manhunt 2 didn't.
Back in the Classic Game Room Galactic Space Arcade. If you're trying to find Mark in the Classic Game Room Underwater Base, well… good luck with that.
i have finished the game twice why i am watching the review?
call it what i want, i payed for it there are monsters= horror is scary if you imagine been there=horror trying to survive =horror this is a survival horror to me maybe you shouldnt call it a survival horror stop telling people what they can or cant call a game they payed for
@Eldwinn, you can't call someone a retard when you had and keep having the same spelling problems. Enough time? It takes a few seconds to reply to you. I don't hate people on YouTube, only the ones who deserve it. I don't help them with their English unless they behave like you for example.
This is scary only in the same way that maybe firecrackers are scary, or a jack-in-the-box.
@1983Dave1983 lol I messed up? you clearly didn't understand the point of my first comment, and like a retard berated me for my spelling errors. you seriously have enough time on your hands when your not selling yourself for sex to hate on people for spelling incorrectly? for the last time... stop wasting my time you fucking knave...
amnesia is scarier than this shit
I shat my pants everytime i play this game
@GonchyT more romanticism and nostalgia bias than fact, compared side to the side the sequels are better in my opinion,the only reason people would choose the originals are due to the memories they got from it,instead of the games themselves.
this review is better then ign
@NodakJo2010 yeah i just refreshed and its fine now. :)
I didn't really find this game to be scary.Sure it has the BOOO moments but that's not horror that's just .....shock. And the shock is kinda diminished when a monster is coming to me from across the room 1cm per hour and I have a flamethrower
Honestly, this really isn't scary...
As said, the first one was very, very good. But this one is so much better. While on the first you got to explore the horror slowly on the second they just threw you right in the middle of it. And it is VERY scary. I´m just starting playing it and I´m already suffering. If they made a movie out of this games...just like this it would be truly terrifying.
@FreedomOstrich The offended are the offenders my friend. And yes your inquiry into my sex life is correct I have an amazing girlfriend :)
Why are they called horror? The leaders in the genre are NOT scary (horrific) at all. It's the worst genre title since 'RPG.'
Mega Man is not trying to be scary. Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2 are trying to be scary horror games. You dont need to worry about ammo and Health so its not survival horror maybe but they are still horror games. A horror game is supposed to make you feel scared so it does not need to force you to be careful with your items to be a horror game. But yea i agree that Dead Space 3 is became mostly an action game. Can only remember one Place in DS 3 where it felt like it was trying to be scary.
i played this game through and it was awesome..then played dead space 3.. It doesnt feel the same
at the end of each reviews you should put a rating of 1-10!
I played this at night with the lights turned off and headphones. I really felt my chest go badunk, badunk, badunk! Then I turned a light on and that feeling just went away.
@scruffy688 I know, it pisses me off how everyone is like "oh this is the scariest game ever! I got so scared playing this." Holy shit, this game is not scary one bit, and I played the first one during night time.
The "first" comments would be a lot less prevailant if people didn't give them attention(those types of comments usually get the highest ratings). It's just like the chainletter things back in the early days of Youtube: they would have ended a lot quicker if people didn't acknowledge them. If not, why do you worry? They are literally THE last comments you read, no one really cares besides the people who get angry at them and the posters, themselves.
@SkeetSkeetStreet Oh sorry, I didnt saw Silent Hill in your post, my fault.
lol this games not survival horror, you use weapons, so its an action game. review Amnesia.
unless u have the assault rifle, the pack will fuck u up
thumbs up for an another Wii dead space !
@UBEDAMAN3 Thats cuz story mode is where its at.
@1983Dave1983 lol my point.. yet again. anything used to kill something is a weapon... if you cant understand that you need to finish gradeschool. of course their mining tools... mining tools use to kill things.... i could use a coffee cup to kill something.. see my point.... of course you dont bro. oh wait, your not a bro, your a fucking douche, go comment somewhere else douche. lol some youtubers are fucking retarded
I liked the game however the complaint about the first game that I kept hearing was that the backtracking on the Ishimura made the game too repetitive. I didn't feel that way at all, I loved the fact that you had to backtrack and by going back to areas you've been to before and see how something has changed added to the scariness. So here on DS2 they put the game on the "Sprawl" which implies a large world...but I never actually felt like I was in this large city, because it all ran together.
i remember the 'your mother hates this game' ads they made for this game lol
@SkeetSkeetStreet Didn't see UGH......;D
@1983Dave1983 jesus you really don't have a fucking clue lol. STOP FUCKING WASTING my TIME ASSHOLE
@DragonRising88 I actually sort of agree with you. The original gets put on a pedestal and the sequel is denied the same "wow!" first impression that the original had. It's unfair but nostalgia is a tough thing to overcome - unless the original had obvious room for improvement.
@Eldwinn, you didn't missepell something, you misseplled a quite a few things. Your last reply there added to it.
Derek, you hit the every mark of this great game in such CGR Undertow style! awesome! Everyone else, THIS IS A FANTASTIC GAME! don't be afraid to pick it up. but be afraid of what you'll encounter. nothing can prepare you for the terror you'll encounter on the sprawl!
@1983Dave1983 because you have no clue what my point was, and btw i never meant bro as in friend, why would you even think that. my point was that having the advantage of offense ruins the survival horror feel. idk whats so hard to understand bro douche. youmadbro?
Unlike Bioshock which sadly the sequel was not as good as the amazing original, Dead Space 2 is just as/even more amazing as the original Dead Space... so kudos for Visceral.
@MrTURBOJOHN I don't think I mentioned Doom, in fact I can't even play Doom I get dizzy, but have not played Doom 3 either, and for what I heard Doom 3 has the exact same type of scares that Dead Space has so I think I'll pass. Just so we're clear the only Horror game that I've played that I actually liked was Eternal Darkness for the Gamecube, although I do want to try Silent Hill, I do not have any interest in the Jump Scare games they bore me.
DONT,PLAY,THIS ONE,if you havent play the first one yet
@Eldwinn, my point... again, was they're not weapons, they're mining tools. Like in the first game. Again... I'm not a "bro". Also I'm not mad, you are.
@TheXshadowzz It's all really subjective plain and simple.
haha I'm the 3rd viewer XD....Dead Space 2 is a pretty good survival horror.
@1983Dave1983 since when does it matter what you use to kill a monster, , you use it to KILL THE MONSTER . wtf do you even have a point or something? its a fucking item used TO KILL THINGS. WHO CARES WHAT IT IS.. might as well have used a nailgun it doesn't make a difference bro..
This is NOTHING compared to Amnesia. It's a gorefest.
how the fuck do you know I don't know the meaning? just stop commenting and I will stop. but yes, you are a douche, don't comment back. fucking douchebag.
the main character...not knowing what is real or not...scary fucked up horror and being in space...sounds like who ever made this games story loves H.P of my favorite horror authors.
@TheFarjack i actually found the multiplayer pretty awesome it was pretty fresh compare to all of those cod like games
@EPICsliceOFcake the only thing that's shitty about this game is the atmosphere. No tension at all with all that light. Everything else is just frickin awesome.
@MrTURBOJOHN What are you talking about? I'm saying I wonder how Dead Space 2 passed for an M rating while Manhunt 2 got an AO rating and had to be censored.
WAIT! Dead Space is supposed to be scary?! I haven't played DS2 but DS1 was totally not scary all it did was jump scares, and I found that more annoying than scary because it did them every 5 minutes and jump scares are only scary when they are unexpected thing at which the first DS failed misserably again, have not played 2 nor am I saying that DS1 sucked, just saying that the first game was not really scary.
@1983Dave1983 lol youtube is great, I misspell something and you assume I don't know my grammer. fuck off your wasting my time.
Survival "ACTION" Horror....there is deffinetly a difference...but good review nontheless this series is the shit...was a fan wayyyy before the whole Dead Space franchise blew up and now its finally getiing the attention it deserves and the first Dead Space is still one of the top tier games out for this console cycle....peeaacee
@Eldwinn bad spelling makes you look... You get the point. Your internet insults are making me yawn. Not creative. You call me a douche yet you don't know the meaning between two different small words. So I'm not the douche here. It will be terminated.
great review but nothing on multiplayer
this game made me feel physical pain due to the stress. but I loved every second of it
Too bad it isnt a survival horror game. If u get scared in Dead Space u might wanna make an appointment with yr gynecologist.
I mean don't get me wrong Dead Space is one of my favorate next gen franchises but to call it the new benchmark for Survival Horror. I mean it's awesome but the way they try to scare you is the same over and over again. Room is empty, you walk to a certain point, enemy's jump out and scare you. Even though Dead Space 2 has a little bit of that psycho factor in it as well its still doesn't hold up to for instance Silent Hill 1 , 2 & 3, or REmake, Siren, Project Zero for that matter.
@MegaCamu yeah, that was the joke usually people comment "first," and some one says "and last to get laid" but this guy commented "last"
@iscrewy Let me guess, it's because every game involves playing a role.
This game was way to sort I bet it in a day.
I really want to play this game. Dead Space was amazing
@EPICsliceOFcake wtf, manhunt 2 was banned in some countries, how could it not be rated M lol
@MrMagicalToast I know. I loled so hard when i read it. xD xD LOL
@Eldwinn, fuckhead? Wow, good imagination. You've messed up quite a lot. I thought I'd point that out as you exploded for no reason.
@rickthegunslinger If I remember correctly, the reviewer, derek, is a major in English.
@1983Dave1983 its a youtube comment why would I give a shit about spelling? is my fucking english teacher going to review this shit? lol this conversation should of been terminated a long time ago due to pointlessness. I don't just call anyone a douche. But you sir deserve every douchy letter of it.
@OrdoMallius I've played the first one, and I didn't find it scary, but then, I DID spend most of my time playing it cracking more one-liners than Spider-Man.
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