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Minecraft Seed Spotlight #11 - SPAWN DIAMONDS! (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 529,586 views

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mining down from spawn always has diamonds, ive tested it oever and over and over again
I tried this and I sawned on ice just at the middle of the sea
Were you on version 1.2.5?
500 it's a seed with a village I don't know if it will work it has blacksmith
What cordinates of block? I'm asking this because every time when I do it I fall to lava
who else didnt see the huge ravene thing to the right of him?
The best one you can have is called troll because you get a stack o' diamonds from the blacksmith
no there are specific seeds for pc and specific seeds for consoles, console seeds are not caught up with the pc seeds due to the constant updates. xbox is currently on update: 1.4.2 pc is currently on update: 1.5.2
2,273 subsrcibers!? Wtf happened
Also go to the rivine and dig to the right you will find 1 diamond
There is a seed like this with more diamonds, gold, iron and you just dig strait down. It kind of stinks because it's on the pocket edition though. Anyway it is "0.4.0" with out the quotes.
Two jungle seeds are TARZAN and JUNGLE HUNTER
why is the seed a dumb stinking bad word
Do the seed: i like diamonds do you? Then select Large Biomes no bonus chest for a dungeon visible at spawn and do a seed showcase of it! But it is hard to find trees!
can you do the seed "MARTHA'S VINEYARD"
well not really its still there but you spawn on a diffrent spot
Hey whats going on it's SwiftyzsdbvcxgbvChimneyswift here lol
If you're into that sort of thing...
there was 40 blocks I counted :3
Diamond - Diamond Gold - Budder Lapis lazuli - Blue Pickles :D
if you guys want redstone and lapis lazuli mine down at corrdents x of 191 y of 65 and z of 267
In PE minecraft put in the seed jpgaming and dig strat down and there are 8 diamonds
A good seed is I can't find a good seed
Check out this seed it has 4 diamonds obsidian bread iron helmet and leggings and apple the seed is 8653412836768334567
if you have minecraft pocket eddition heres a seed to get 8 diamonds and 8 iron from digging down form spawn the seed is:jpgaming btw im not sure i its 8 iron or 6 :S
There is a seed for minecraft pocket edition like that but it has 6 diamonds that seed is 0.4.0
I play Xbox minecraft but I still watch these pc minecraft vids and I spawned a random world with a iron pick in the bonus chest and 11 diamond in the village right next to the spawn
if u run ahead u will see a big hole in the ground jump down go in the corner and u found a spawner ;)
This video was made almost a year ago do you really think the seed will be the same?
at the end of the cave thing is a dungeon
Hey Hows Going On Its Szxcftzxsw Here ... .Again -.-
Do i like pizza and u get 8 diamonds 5 gold and 10 iron or more
i watch it in my handphone BUT i cant post comments so i my computer was right infront of me because i saw the seeds then i play minecraft then that seed was EPIC it was cool i cant find the diamonds so i fell in lava 2 times ... the only thing is when i spawn there in the seed it was not lag like others this seed is cool
Priest houses hav chests! ( atleast in ftb)
try it on 1.5.1 and you will find lava
in minecraft 1.5.1 do the seed MinnesotaUSA it is awesome with a bunch of caves and awesome mountain biomes
here's two -12 or crate or yo mana go coco
ChimneySwift11: Did you saw the Zombie Spawner beside the dungeon??>
Chimneyswift if you are reading this for a seed is to spawn near a npc village is Nightfall
for xbox, there is a seed for a survival island.the seed is : 1q2w3e4r5t6y7u8i9o0p
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