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Rihanna -Rude Boy - Fanmade Music Video - New Song 2010

by FreakyxDMusic • 1,521,271 views

I Love this song^^ I hope you like my Video :D Please don´t copy it, ´cause I did it my own ... I do not own any Rights!

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I Learned The Words To This Song After Listening To It Twice! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!
good song everyone watch my vid (b1gtrent)
check out my freestyle to rihanna's rude boy if you got a sec thank you
Whwat the hell??! Why is it so many songs of Rihanna here on youtube with this childish light voice? It's ugly.
WOW Rihanna = Best i never seen somethink like this <3
ga illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
if you like this look at my page
CHECK OUT THIS ROCK VERSION OF RUDE BOY! ww w .you tube. com/watch?v=Mgts8iCIRhg
♥Know ye that the Lord he is God:it is he that hath made us, and not we of ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. PSALMS 100:3♥
Awesome song!! For more songs check out fratmusic. com/playlist/stuntin-summer-mix/ Thanks
Check out this new artist, VC Baby
Cant somone put the real video???
who ever did this video did a wonderful job i really lik it
@Mamasita5678 I did it with the 'Windows Movie Maker' Not the best Programm but still okay :)
nice --> aldee aber ich bin der BESTE!
Hey hey everyone, shout out to who loves this song!
most catchiest rihanna song i think
Sowas schauen sich 'KINDER' an finde ich echt nicht in ordnung,da könen die gleich mit papa in die kneipe. aber ansonsten gutes lied.
A voir absolument sur youtube : Selektt festivity To watch absolutely on youtube : Selektt festivity
ı like this song:D ı love you!!!RİHANNA
I Like This Video Better Than Her Original Video, Good Job Creater!! :)
@amun8isis U & yer wife wanna date her?? Thtz not creepy at all....
She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Her, Nicole Kidman and Liv Tyler. Wow. Just wow.
) Hold your breath. 2) Copy all of these steps. 3) Go to two other video. 4) Paste it in the comments. If you can do all of this without breathing you're a good pot smoker
LUV? HER Rihanna had few great movements together with her unrealeased songs which I reviewed at ReciveRihannaTune[.]tk .
if you like this look at my channel
good song...i like it a lotttttt.,,,,,,,
Sooooo fantastic!!! Rihanna Rules!
The song is hot. But I hate your made up video.
wow, me and my wife wanna date you and worship you as the beautiful curvy sexy goddess you are...
whats the sample of this beat argghhh thas gonna bug me i swear its british trak
some of parts of this video i wouldnt have used no offense
rihanna is a princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You say your a rudeboy show me what you got!!!!!!!!
na moje super piosenka i love you Rihanna i jej song XD
Good job! I love this song and this video. =)
i cant beleave chris brown beat this girl ... she is BAD ass sexy !!!!
Not bad! shots of her singing other songs for longer than a quick glance detracted from the over all song/video flow. Other than that, great job.
11? Mio plays ftw She had some great movements in her unrealeased music which I reviewed at ObtainRihannaMp3[dot]tk .
cant fukin w8 for the offical vid
no matter what has sd. and done she is always my caribbean girl raw and unedited all the best to your feauture success
sehr gut gemacht :) echt cool =)
oww..!! :O Come here, rude boy, boy; can you get it up? Come here rude boy, boy; is you big enough? Take it, take it baby, baby Take it, take it; love me, love me La La La..! jajajajajajajaja xD OMg..!! ILove you :D
Good job on the video!!! Thank heavens she released this song!!! The other songs that were released were as "UP" as this song is I feel she's hitting her stride again. SHE'S BAAAACK!!!
sexy video? Rihanna had some great movements in her unrealeased music which I reviewed at GetRihMp3s(.)tk .
salma7864lyf yet u bothred clickin on this channel lol love this sonq:)))
haha love the orgasim part ... lolage
@Mamasita5678 Oh, sry :) Hmm, I don´t Think that this programm is aviable in your Country .. It's a German programm
ich würde mal sagen, BESTE SONG DEN ES JE GAB UND GEBEN WIRD ?!
This is a cute song Rihanna. You know how some songs just stays on your mind, and you are constantly singing it to yourself all day long? That's how it has been for weeks. it just won't go away. And I just wanted you to know that I love it.
Good job! I have every album of hers-so sad :D lol
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