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Brotherhood 2.0: January 25th

by vlogbrothers • 152,449 views

In which Hank eats fake cheese and discusses the limitations of vacationing. HERE ARE A LOT OF LINKS TO NERDFIGHTASTIC THINGS: Shirts and Stuff: Hank's...

Oh gosh, I can't stand fake cheese. Disgusting disgrace to cheese everywhere. XD
Who knew years after this he'd make another rant about fake cheese on this blog as a part of his rants video.
when this video was made, my house had dialup internet.
Mission: Second run-through.    Lives remaining: x3 Level 19 Status: FIRST CAFFEINE POWERUP DEPLOYED, REMAINING RESERVES: x3 NRG DRNK
Only way I'll eat that cheese. There is a zombie apocalypse and that's the only food available. I either eat it or die of starvation. 
Those "cheese" things are only eaten by me when it would be rude not too, a.k.a. when my grandmother provides them.
The folding and quartering of the cheese?!?! I USED TO DO THAT AS A KID :D I feel so relieved, because I thought I was the only one who did that cx
He kept talking about "jaunting," and I couldn't help thinking of Hannah Hart's Canadian videos.
I watched the rant video from many years later where he says almost exactly the same thing about kraft singles. Some things never change. 
It is now 1:10 AM. I'm going to change my rule for how long I watch. It will no longer be a time limit. I will watch between 20-30 of these videos in one sitting and I might do more than one sitting a day. Also, I will only post the date at the beginning of a sitting. I will still post the time, though. Now, I'm off to dreamland. I'll say hello to Kirby and see y'all tomorrow.
I'm writing this comment in 2014 and I still live in a town without broadband internet. But, on the other hand, fantabulous views. I'm learning to deal with it. :)
im not sure how to respond to this...
Night before my French final and I'm watching Hank talk about his childhood and eat fake cheese...I actually used to eat it the same way but now I can't even smell that stuff without feeling sick
Watching all the videos :D 7/23/14 11:58 pm
That dog and kennel look exactly like ones that I made when I was younger. My dog didn't fit in the kennel either :/
John said in the poopy nintendo videos that they never talked about Red before, but he was wrong, ha.
Hank didn't talk about Red, he just mentioned him.
Cheese is good. Srikar
#19 My mother does the folding into quarters thing. She's 44.
When you say that you and Hank have similar cheese-eating habits, do you mean that you also deeply inhale the aroma of your cheese and blow into the wrapper to make a tiny balloon? If so, we should definitely have a cheese-eating party because that's something I'd like to see first-hand
Just watching you eat that cheese makes me feel sick. It always made me throw up.  Shepherd's pie is much, MUCH more delicious. It's my favorite dish ever! =D
Well, this was weird. 
ceramics just might be hank's greatest talent.
Ad on this video: join the NRA
I used to eat cheese slices the same way :)
That was an amazing experience.
+Becca Grant we do get them in England! I have them all the time. They're the best and the worst noting flavoured cheese. The other being cheese strings.
Kinda because it's kinda good or only kinda cheese?
this video was published on my sisters birthday! x
The "cheese" you talked about reminded me of my childhood, back when my family was able to afford fake cheese. Those were the days.
Was this a fullmetal alchemist refererence?
CAROLINE get off the Internet and read el&ic!
CAROLINE get off the Internet and read el&ic!
Harry Potter Escape From Gringotts ad!!!! Yes! This is my kind of advertisement.
3:04...a precursor to 17 Rants in 4 Minutes...
I wish you would have kept the old video descriptions.
LOL...I used to eat the exact kind of cheese slices by folding them into quarters and eating them :D
He's slowly getting better at this.
Kraft Singles are amazing on saltine crackers. Don't know why, but the just are.
I've never had that kind of cheese... You don't get it in England. I feel as though I've missed something.
This is really funny because years later, John calls Hank out on not talking about Red in the video blog, when Hank did talk about Red. XD Somebody please get John and Hank to see this!
red is that he dog that pooped in your NES
thank god there are old vlogbrother videos to make me feel better when I've, once again, got myself a tiny chicken disease. what would I be doing without the clever insanity that are these videos?
That cheese reflects light. That's not normal.
im convinced that John and Hank discovered caffeine after these videos because they both seem kind of subdued in their brotherhood videos
I do that with the quarters too! Epic! Also... i eat the, now 4, slices individually
Whenever you say "viewers" in these early videos I want to shout "THEY'RE CALLED NERDFIGHTERS!"
You can come back to NC whenever you like? Really....please?
Um... I was eating cheese as he did that.. cool :)
The first mention of Red Green! :D
They both talk super slow in these old ones compared with now!
@Philoishness I've been plagued by the tiny chickens too!
@CanIFrenchTheLlama He's bad at days...
How about one brother must watch an entire episode of keeping up with the kardashians or dress up like on?
That's how I eat individually wrapped slices of cheese!
I always thought I was the only one in the universe who folded craft cheese. Hank Green, you have proved me wrong.
L0l i always eat my kraft cheese in squares t00!
Do you still go to Athens ga? That would be awesome.
If I comment on Youtube too many times or something like that. I have to re-type these little squibaly security words. So sadly I must type every other comment on every other few videos or so. (What does that mean, M.R.?) Well that means that for the next two videos I must refrain from commenting then I can comment on the video after that. Cheer up I'll be back and being silly in a couple of minutes. DFTBA- from M.R.
Did anyone else blow on the wrapping of an individually wrapped Kraft American Cheese?
Sometimes I feel I'm getting far. Then I remember I'm still on January.
Yes you do o.O I've always lived in England, and I've had them loads before :P You can get them from Asda, or Tesco, or Sainsbury's, even local shops sometimes. You just need to look in the right place, or ask staff :3
I LIVE IN ST. PETERSBURG!!!!!!! How did I not know that he visited!!!
Option 1: Continue a Brotherhood 2.0 marathon Option 2: Prepare for the exam tomorrow... It's pretty obvious what I'm gonna pick
Checked my bookcase: The men who stare at goats in your pants.
OMG THAT'S HOW I EAT CHEESE! I thought I was weird for doing that... but apparently I'm not! You don't know how happy this makes me feel.
a month a day. and then my homework. and then I go to bed
when i was little i used to roll those 'cheese' slices into one big ball and eat it like an apple. eww...
3:30 .. I know they're related and all, but this was the first time I really noticed their similar looks
Oh hey, I live in Tampa/ St. Petersburg. c':
oh my god ive done the 4 square cheese thing forever and i thought i was the only one!
also I really do hate these extra wrapped fake cheese things, we even have them in Germany, so sadly it's not just the US. And folding your cheese into quarters before eating it is the only real way to eat cheese slices! (see how the chicken's slowly making me delirious?)
When my mom used to get that kind of cheese, my sibs and Iiked folding it too xP
I like his cheese noise: murwwaa!
you do a yearly tour of the entire south eastern united states? thats where i am!
Damnit! I missed them by six years! WHY AREN'T YOU IN ASHEVILLE!?
I was just about to comment, "Only 32 'pages' of videos to go." It's exciting!
hahah i do the folded and quartered thing to. but a grilled imitation cheese sandwich is the only other way I will eat one.
Hey, I do that too! I also do the cheese on the tortilla thing sometimes, although I sometimes also add peanut butter to the mix.
You went to Englewood Florida? That's awesome! I live there!
I used to catch grasshoppers too, but the cages worked. I'm a grasshopper mass murderer. Yes it's sad.....
AHAHAHAHA..... just keep telling yourself that.
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