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Buckethead - Angel Monster

by BucketFullOfHeads • 88,013 views

Angel Monster by Buckethead off his 9th studio album "Electric Tears". Enjoy, I know I did.

I was walking under a quiet night, may the Gods take care of you wherever you are. +Carolina Azcurra 
The first 20 seconds of this song remind me of the campaign to Halo ODST. Just the background music when you're out walking around at night. :) Absolutely incredible song.
happie slime Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
I am gonna be off for awhile be back later listening to this more than once.
How can someone dislike this :|
Med Ghastly Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Josey Mayne Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Beautiful... <3
So the pattern of this rhythm portion is: Play style 1 4x, play style 2 4x, play style 1 alternate as whole notes... Repeat..
and the lead sounds similar to that of "Swomee Swan" especially with the slides. Although the quick hammer on/pull offs are different.. and the "Killswitch"
(This isnt an accurate statement but I did view the guitar pro file last night for this song and mimic it's formular to start an original composition)
beautiful. such a master at the melancholy and slow compositions.
i can feel the message... this song is meaningfull to me, like so many others from this great artist, we so proudly call buckethead. i wish he keeps doing more and more work. i honestly think that, if everyone would understand his music, and everyone listenned his songs everyday, there would be less wars, there would be less greed, and injustice. the silence in my room, is now replaced with this musical masterpiece, thank you again buckethead. always your fan
Beautiful, amazing, that as dream. Buckethead is the sandman.
Sexalicious. Buckethead is a beast. All of his songs are completely orgasmic.
This is probably one of my favorite emotional songs by Bucket.
I love this so much my kidneys hurt.
I came across this song/buckethead last summer when I couldn't sleep. It was just after midnight, but it was really hot. And outside my open bedroom window it was raining heavy. Epic atmosphere. I love buckethead, man.
turn the monitor off and leave the computer on :D
The notes at 1:55 get me every time
This suits Silent Hill so much.
Mushi Shi on the tv with snow outside the window in Colorado, and a hot bowl of soup. Ahh, the memories :)
It's like he's playing for angels!
I had headache soo much ,i tought 'lets listening to bucketehad ' i done witewash next electric tears now im listening this and where is my headache ? : good i can continue drawing ... so good ᒕ엤齥ᇗ
Just makes me wanna lay down and think about how beautiful life really is. Especially how beautiful this music really is. I love Buckethead.
Squirtle !! thanks for this song ;) amazing like youuu........
This sng has changed my whole perception of music, I find myself being able to pick up the broken pieces of mylife and put them bacck together when I listen to this. I feel as thoe i Finally belong in this world... I thank you Buckethead
i still cant get over how beautiful this song is
I find it funny no matter how hard I try to be depressed I come listen to bucketheads electric tears album and it completely disappears from me and than I feel silly for feeling that way.
Buckethead I doubt that you can accually read this... but please don't stop making music, you saved my life...
Angel Monster is a fucking epic name.. This song is epic . epic guitarist epic fans epic poop.. wait what?
1 person has been slayed by an Angel Monster.
Great song. After hearing an interview with Buckethead, either something is seriously wrong with that guy, or he totally fucking with the whole world and is acting weird to get noticed (don't mean that in a mean way). He probably uses that mask to hide his grin whenever he goes into public and screws with people.
buckethead is too much for words...songs travel straight to the soul
Buckethead simply proves thats songs do not always need lyrics to be enjoyable. Thumbs up if you agree.
may the poor children that died in Connecticut today rest in peace.
@Thoronos93 You're so right man...Listen to ISIS as well...You won't regret it...
after work hear this and then i felt in sleep like a child
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