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Coconut (put the lime in the coconut)

by XxSasuHisoxX • 31,213 views

i love this! im more proud than i was with th banana song! i hope u liked it! the ending song was God Blinked (swing it sister) by Rick Springfield (i told u u would hear him a lot!)!!!

I said WHOOOOOOO I DOCTOR is nothing can take Put the lime in coconut Call me in the moooorning whhhoooaaa
WTF does this have to do with any of the song? You completely ruined a great song. At least make a video that has some sort of reference to what the song is saying instead of this gay-ass anime shit
What's the artist who made the song
ahha th eelmo thing is so funyyy :DDDDDDDDDD
The picture of Saskue is cute, but I don't think he's ever been seen that happy. Complete with the curved eyes and all. ^.^
yay it started w/ Gaara that made me happy :)
dude the song is great but the vid was just a bit of a buzzkill
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