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DE-Tune - Mephisto (Epic Dubstep)

by Trailer Music World II • 32,597 views

Epic massive dubstep action by Dirk Ehlert (DE-Tune)! 'Like' his page on facebook here for more powerful music: Title: Mephisto Composer: DE-Tune (Dirk Ehlert)...

And he STILL managed to be far more likable and classy than Heller.
I dance out my chair this dupstep/audiomachine IS AWSOME THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE THIS SOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F A I L XD So , fucking great song , u can listen KILL by Xtortion audio too
Good question. Im confused too now >.<. i'll go with "no" unless they ask "epic dubstep"
This isn't audiomachine, or what are you trying to say? xD
Who needs epicness when you got James Heller?
what happened to your videos? i thought you had more
There needs to be a longer cut.
This is actually ...... FUCKING EPIC !!
I didn't know this account existed until now!
p2 was the biggest dissapointment in history! :(
Alex Mercer > James Meller any time.
Drop it like a B /watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=jCFdx4PaSVc#t=55s
James Heller > Alex Mercer. *Spoiler FREE* (Prototype 2, Alex is a dick, Ending makes sense.)
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