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Call of Duty Black Ops: Top 10 Greatest Freakout Reactions: Episode 13 by Anoj

by Machinima • 1,524,872 views Click here to watch Call of Duty Black Ops: Top 10 Search and Destroy Kills: Episode 12 by Anoj Call of Duty Black Ops: Top 10 Greatest Freakout...

If anyone's looking for the "Where you at! Where you at!" reaction, type in Wombo Combo.
this game is 99% little kids
Theres also a 1% margin for error
So much cancer in this video
its leaking to me 
"Don't say that word. That's not nice."     "Awww...WooHoo!!!! \o/"
i like number 5 with baby shrek. get off my swamp!!!
12 year old white kids saying "nigga" is why I havent played COD since COD4
gorilla mating calls KILLED ME LOL
who the fuck plays this game O.o
+Jaythegtanerd19 I do, bunch of invisible god mode noclip retards all day
wow, i just realised i haven't watched anoj since halo 3 and mw2, i forgot he even did this stuff for a while lol
The last shot was bad ass
Number 6 is on MLG SIMULATOR
The end looks like top LOSER ies
Hace you ever had those freak outs that make you the best at black ops
"Oh oohhhh! Oohhhh! Moom!!! Mom! Mom! Look at this!" Is always the classic reaction I will always remember and make fun of.
This video gave me cancer.   I mean who the fuck plays this? You don't need even skills for this.  No wonder why there are so many fucking infants.
U have notie this video is old right?
Because ice cube is in this game
the best reactions always come from the noobs when they think they do something hard, I wounder if they would die if they got a quad collate  or a 6on screen or a triple collate head, lol
LOL "Don't say that word, it's not nice" xD
+INSANEWitG18S Same, especially I do the exact same thing O_O
just reliving the days... rip black ops 1
That boy isn't Scottish 👀
He's English btw, you can tell by the accent, sounds Northern, difficult to tell exactly where.
5:55 Did his balls explode or something? XD
"Don't say that word, that's not nice" "awwww..." ROFLMFAO!
that kid wasn't even scottish ahahahaha
I have liked and subscribed you and liked your video can I have a free 20 pound psn card please
I will never forget that "OOH MAAAAI GAAAWD" , I say that every time I do something pro
[Angry Groundkeeper Willy]
[Someone being Murdered] [Another Murder] I CRIED.
cod kids keep away from counter strike...
ya stole all mahh kills
2:42, that actually sounds like someone getting a proper deep throat.....  you can hear gurgling and everything....
1600 Microsoft card if i win
what was #2 all about? what did he get and why was he tellin everyone to jump off the edge?
What the actual fuck is going on at the #1 freakout
gorilla mating calls made by people? XD
Last video: jurassic park
Ix phenom ix: jump of the edgeee of gloryy NEW SONG LADY GAGA
by 6 you see he self have grenade's to lol
wait, so the bomb exploded after it was defused? 
Everyone is board of crazy knife throws now
Raely realy realy realy funnnnnnnnny bro
Don't say that word it's not nice lol!
dont need ask its already in my favorite omg its so funnY LOVE IT!!!!!!
I like the one when the guy says " don't say that word, that's not nice". It is soooooo hilarious
If you have a hd pvr how do you record the reactions
like subscribed and favorite.........1600 point will be good ... I really like the last one
Don't say that word that's not nice
dont say that word thats not nice occurred silence XD
Congratulations! You're a finalist! Please write a 500-character paragraph stating why you should be given 1600 Microsoft Points.
Stellbean80 needs a friend now I'm gonna help him out
yeah!!! thats right n*****......dont say tat thats not a nice word
incase you stupid fuck faces Didn't realize the giveaway was over more than a year ago.
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