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Terminator Chest : BFX : Build

by Indy Mogul • 389,822 views

The Terminator Movie franchise continues with Terminator Salvation, so Backyard FX had to answer the fans with a build from the movie. This week, Erik builds a ripped-open chest that reveals a...

I only subscribed to IndyMogul because of BFX! Bring it back dammit!!!!! DX
Yeah! And bring back Erik Beck!
you should make the reverse bear trap scene
thumbs down if you think indy mogul is cool at DIY stuff and thumbs up if you think indy mogul is the best DIY show in the world
@sweetluckydog12 it's already been done in a YourFX video, just add /watch?v=jCrEp6taGeM after
@stevenh1999 Same here as well as the first three films
lol hes using 31 dollars the cheater. foam: 3$, liquid latex 6$, shipping tube 2$, black makeup 5$, silver spray paint 5$, nose putty: 5$, fake blood: 5$ = 31$ THE CHEATER
I could totally do a better one than this add some wires and more gore to make more terminatorish
hey indymogul do you have a sliced off head effect? if so can you link it to me
Conor : you think you're human ?? Terminator : yes dude I'm a dude just like you dude... Jajajahajajaja that was pretty funny
not good az t2 but not az bad az t3
Hey Erick , why dont u build a prop of Ben 10 first omnitrix. It would be a hillarious video 4 me!!!!
@TheOceanspray99 you could just do a metal chest plate over your boobs
can you show how to get sucked in to a computer?
I only subscribed to IndyMogul because of BFX!
somewhere in between T's 2 and 3
bfx comeback you are awesome BFX BFX BFX BFX BFX BFX BFX BFX BFX BFX BFX BFX
@RobloxSugarFanta just google how to make corn syrup blood (may also be called golden syrup, not sure if that is just the UK)
Hey Bfx can you make a robot-dog ?
Why did you go all the way back a year in the comments to reply to a joke I made?
@DeanNickChase the spartans didn't have lasers, they had swords and shields and stuff like everyone in the ancient times
please please please bring bfx back, i will admit there is over youtube shows like it but bfx (in my opinion was the best) so please bring it back
Your not that bad at that imprsion.... better tehn anyone i know
please do alien vs predator and don't end it I saw it
When Combined There Is A Real Terminator!!
@MrMoiMasterLOLXD lol I only realized it after writing the comment. My bad xD
Makeman assassins creed hidden blade
It might look cool to add circuits or wires inbetween the skin and the shell and have then hanging out.
@JkwaZzT damn, i was joking, do you know what a fleshlight is? google it and rofl
a copy of alien from alien vs predator were the alien comes from stomach
@drlegorox101 oh boy umm how do i put this nicely... BFX is gone
Absolutely Lame,unimpressive,childish,waste of time,no reason for wasting your time doing something so unimportant.I honestly hope this Indy Mogul dude doesn't make a living doing this childish playtime type stuff ? Time to grow up ?
Hey Indy, could you try making some star wars stuff, like.the clone helmet and gun?
you can allso use the skin to slit trots in movies
☜☮☞☜☮☞ ☜☮☞☜☮☞
i am a little bit disappointed for this, of course with their skill, they could have done it better. sorry for this one
why is there barbwire behind you in the start?
u have justin biebers hair good bye now -.-
@famguyst2 Get a Camera and point it at your hand. record a pushing motion. get a camera and point it toward an empty spot of air, throw something through the air. there you go.
@herpderp323 the commerciality in these vids is going too far
The impression was actually pretty good
do the hand and arm from terminator 2
0:04 that;s how you chew gum what a sound
can you make a STH costume?(shadow the hedgehog)this is my request :P
They ended the show two years ago
@Halo3worldatGTA hi its anson! haha loland yea it looks realistic!
2:55 "now youve got a big flap of skin that has a hole torn in the middle." ha that's what she said
wen wus the last time u went to hollywood
why would a robot have blood?????
@k072491b And, both the t-600 and t-700 had skin made of silicone! It made them look human, but the resistance still found them easy to spot! The purpose of the t-800 being covered in flesh was to give it the ability to move amongst over humans virtually invisible because it means it looks even more human!
@spideyclone32 i could very easily do just that, except i have no need to spend $30 on a prop that i would never use.
no no no t2 is the bad 1 t3 is the good 1
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