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by Shane Dawson TV • 10,636,405 views

Get "SUPERLUV!" on iTunes here: ******* Thank you guys SO much for all your support. I am so lucky to have you guys in my life. I love you!! :) Want a chance to win props...

Superluv this song <3!
Back when Shane Dawson was good.
He's still good. I just miss when he was like this
Love this song!(: Who's watching this in 2014?
Had to come here after Shanes new video 😂
Well I'm still watching this. I love this so much omg
my digital escape brought me here cx
I love MDE! I like Bryan, Jordan, Johnnie and Jayden
+KatyKat Selle I've met Jordan before he was in MDE :3 he's the nicest person i ever met oml
whos watching in 2015? I am! Sereiously...
Did anyone notice the person who pushed him the first time was sawyer???
Yeah he probably chose Sawyer cause he has the tough-guy look and looks like he was a jock in high school. No hate on Sawyer fans.
Yeah thats true he does give off the tough guy look
Who's watching this in 2014?<3
I really started crying😂
Same and idek why xD
Clicks on video Me: Aww he was so cute then Me: #fetusshane Mom: ... What are you on about! Me: continues watching video saying Awwwwwww Lil fetus Mom: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? me: ERMAGERD HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE mom: LONG ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU'RE WATCHING VIDEOS WITH FETUSES Dad: 0_0 Bro.: 0_0 Dog: 0_0
Trevor Moran brought me here!
This describes my life....A lot
+vanessa devalle every body laughs at me at school and beats me up but i beat the hell out of them im like an emo at school and i always get punched by my uncle but im a boy it does not really hurt
Omg I love it.   One question though  .         why pink
He's boss like that
Pinks the colour of love i think
my digital escape brought me here. 
No its 3057 don't let her/his numbers deceive you
I'm a her AND 2016!
It's so cute how Shane actually had a heart, JK he's cute... But joey is cuter in my opinion 💗
Am I the only one who just noticed that Sawyer was in this?
Back off Sawyer where is your mf chill?
middle and high school is the werst im 16 someone was lick sending me home with cuts and bruses and a guy did be supper love his my boyfriend he loves me so much he saved me and I was liderly running out of time it was so bad I had to go to the haspidl his is still my supper love ;p
Sorry, but i guess your "supper love" can't save you from your terrible grammar.
emo shane is hawt af
my fav part of this video had to be... the part where Shane stood up against the bully and punched him in the face a few times.. if I were to have a superpower it would be to turn into any animal I wanted to at my will
Like if you're watching this in 2020
Like if you're watching in 2416 :)
i wish i had the power to be strong,fast,invisible,and can FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s i wish i had the pink with the black heart shirt so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love this music video and the lyrics aha :) I love the way you looked in the video Shane you looked amazing! Very good job on the lyrics and the singing I hope this becomes a career for you and that you get success from your incredible talents! XxOo
It's sad and cute... But he only saved her from Another bad relationship. What about her abusive dad? I get the point of the song but I just noticed this... XD
I bought it and still love it and the video is my fav :) Shane is so cute! <3
I would the power to midread plus I liked and subscribed
Like this comment I your watching in 2015!!!
Chloe Frailley Shared on Google+ · 21 hours ago
You looked really good in pink. I wish my super power was to shape shift and to have super speed
2015 now! Revisit the feels!
did anybody notice sawyer hartman in f up? and at 2:23 on the far left?!?
Shane, you should make some new songs soon <3. I miss this so much, I know you are busy but literally everyone loves these heart eyes emoji
he looks so,GOTH, and i LOVE goth people!
Donnie the turtle im goth
Like if you're watching in 10,000 B.C. on the iRock
And I have a cute cat her name is jill And i have a dog named jack but just dont Eat your pet
mega obsessed with this song atm <3
Cant stop listening to this love it so much
Where's this Shane? I love u Shane come back to us
I would like to be like batman
Shane I have a parody  suggestion for u. It is happening but changes to awesome
Happy but changes to awesome
i still love u Shane my favorite singer in the houl world
I think shane looks quite good at a goth 😂
ok one im a girl and two is it just me or dose shane look cuter that way
ah, never fails to make me happy :)
Cool video I would like to fly
I wish I had the powers to go inevitable so I can go to someone that hates me and punch them or play pranks
I just love when he sings
the power I whunt is flying
wish i had powers of water
This is one of my favorite songs
this is the cutest thing ever :)
I miss this Shane Dawson... <\3
This song is from 2013 :-)
This almost made me cry
You really helped me stand up to myself shane :) You're an inspirational guy and I <3 ur vids :D I got my bf cuz of this song :') thx alot 
also, shane you're like my inner animal. You're an adorable person! ;) (i'm not hitting on him. I know he has a gf)
Hey Shane did you make this to enjoy or to be funny?
love this i made my mom buy me a itunes card just to bye this song always listen to it its my jam hahaha lol!!!😊😊😊😀😀😀😛😛😝😝
Anyone else watching this in 2015 I love all Shane Dawson's music videos
This explains my life but I always look like I will cave there skulls in. I think it because I'm the only angry black girl in my grade. But I slapped a girl who wanted to mess with me. I guess life is okay
"I'm the only angry black girl" that sounds so stereotypical😂
What happened to the old shane i know people change but he doesn't do his funny videos anymore and all his friends are pretty much gone so with his long hair
I still don't want to except the fact that this video is 3 years old!!!! And how good was Trevor Moran's performance of this?!
Amazing I was laughing so hard I started to cry
Yas I literally was watching this in my living room and I swear my whole house could hear me laugh
Actually Siri told me that the world will end in 2032
Sorry to tell everyone but If you listen to Shane's podcast he said he hates this soo....
In one of his live streams he said he likes the song but he doesnt like the way he sang it cuz he sang it as his emo character
i can't stop watching this is my 4 time and I'm supposed to be alsleep its 3:12 i have to go to bed =(
i dont i just stay up really late cause i so swag 
Dud .I love this song. Can u make a Nother one. Or u having sex with a girl
Fifty shades of grey dude..just watch the trailer...
Watch the Not Cool movie. Shane has sex in it more than 3 times :3
Shane .... this song is so awsome ...thank you and your awsome. I want to be able to read minds.
poor kitty :( it looked so mad!
Is that Sawyer Hartman???
um i thought u were dating lisa
This is from two years ago.
Time and mind control I could make a guy kiss me with the mind control and then when he figures out that happened he'll be like "WHAT THE FUCK FAGGOT!!" Snap my fingers, time stops and I rewind it
Sorry but I've watch far too much* doctor who to know you would create a paradox. The solution would be to control said boy's mind to remove the homophobia and bigotry.
Shane I have to tell this so here it gos ... I HAVE A CRUSH ON U..... kisses u on the cherk and walks away
this is my favorite song OF ALL TIME!!!!
is it just me or is emo Shane SUPER hot? XD
Fun Fact: Shane hates this song.
That is unfortunate if it is true.  This is probably one of my favorite songs from him.  I just wish he would make more original music videos like this, all of them were pretty outstanding.
Yeah, he said it on his most recent podcast, but he is very proud of his Christmas songs. Personally, I would agree that they are better.
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