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Russian Orthodox Choir, Sacred Russian singing Chesnokov's "Gabriel Appeared" Eternal Counsel

by Vitaliy Bezrodnov • 901,992 views For more This choir is from Moscow. They were recorded while they were touring through the Europe. They defiantly are the great bunch with beautiful voices but it looks like...

God blees you my Orthodox brothers and sisters! Big love and support from Macedonia
I up voted you, and I'm not Orthodox.
Gänsehaut pur - was für Stimmen! Da können die Back Street Boys einpacken und nach hause gehen.....Gefühle pur! 
God bless all the christians in the world From syria
Замечательно! Что такоеимя солиста?  Есть ли у него другие записи?
When the basso first opened his mouth, I nearly fell off my chair.  Only Russians could sing with such soul.
Beautiful voices! very touching! God Bless them and God bless you all!.
Кто знал тот состав "Дороса", подскажите, пожалуйста - на этом видео есть Евгений Баданин?
+costanoan Thank you for this info. I haven't found the DVD yet but hopefully I will. 
+costanoan I am not sure if Google+ photos can be hotlinked here in Youtube comment, but you could just post a link
I listen to this video about once/twice a year because it's one of the few musical pieces, outside of Mozart's Requiem,  which allows me to feel as if I'm touching the hand of God..
Got a response from Doros today via email: all 3 albums are now available on iTunes! Priced at $9.99 each.
I wish i knew what he was saying, but awesome anyways
Was lucky enough to hear them in Carcassonne last week - glad to report they are going strong and have two (at least) CD's out
+Karen Stevens Thanks for finding that article. I enjoyed reading it. One might conclude from reading it, however, that Doros sings Russian church music exclusively. While that is clearly their focus, the two CD's of theirs that I am aware of feature Russian folk songs and some modern pieces on the majority of the tracks.
+costanoan Quite true. As I just posted above, all 3 albums are now available on iTunes. I haven't listened to all yet but they contain a variety of songs. The latest album was released in July of this year.  
Потрясающий голос. Вдохновляет.
Have seen this many times and without fail I'm teary eyed within seconds of the main singer joining in.
Absolutely some of the most beautiful and angelic music on earth!!!!! Makes you wish for Heaven even more!
What expressive and beautiful voice has the soloist ...! Who is it? Are there any more songs with him in Youtube?
more than nice ... mesmerising, resonant, crafted, moving ...
Wonderful Russian voices  !
A piece of heaven!!!! Beautiful!!!
Great performance! Russian Bass is awesome.
I can't find the Russian authadox religion in English anywhere.
+McTaggStar I think he means he can't find information in English about Russian Orthodoxy 
The Thu'um is strong with this one.
Simply beautiful! Bravo!!
Ещё раз спасибо!
Wow, they are wonderful. They need to come over to the U.S. to sing. Elton John is right. Music helps us put aside our differences.
Though I am not religious at all, I find this music to be magnificent. I highly respect the Russian Orthodox Church because of their beauty. Their architecture and music is what makes the atmosphere grand and unique.
Beautiful, Orthodox brothers from Russia well done. Greetings from a Greek Christian.
La fuerza  evocadora de la  composición de Chesnokov  se  convierte  en  un  momento de álgida  vibración  con la  voz  del grupo pero  en  forma mayúscula  con  la  resonancia que  logra  Egor Nomerov.
I can't stop playing this incredibly beautiful piece, the voices of the choir bland so well one would believe they were a larger group, it is so harmonious, the voice of the soloist soars over the group all of a sudden in a most beautiful effect. 
Uma verdadeira obra-prima! Vozes inexplicavelmente marcantes! Muito obrigado por compartilhar! A truly masterpiece! Unexplainable touching voices! Thank you so much for sharing! 
Holy Blessings to all my Orthodox family
Their voices are so powerful.
Qualche giorno fa ho avuto l'emozione di ascoltarli fra le navate di San Basilio! Bravissimi.
Amazing stuff. So tight, yet so felt, so free. Incredible. I listened to this years ago but never got around to comment. This is art of the highest order. It really brings one to tears. Thanks for posting.
One of the greatest singers i ever heard !!!! wow !!!!!
Красивый голос,но это больше составляет душевное удовольствие для нашей разгоряченной страстями крови.Нам нужно не душевное удовольствие,а духовная польза. Молитва на показ не должна быть,иначе все обращается в тщеславие и обольщение.
Благословени гласове от Бога
Go to the Moscow Music Conservatory Prior to the Revolution the choral faculty of the conservatory was second to the Moscow Synodal School and Moscow Synodal Choir
Just can't get enough, listening again and again ... and of course searching for more. Beautiful music ... and language too.  Спасибо
Beautiful, almost haunting.
Doug Voltin Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Самое ПРОНИКНОВЕННОЕ исполнение этого произведения! ВОЛНУЕТ очень сильно мое  сердце, как православного человека. Солист Егор Чернегов-Номеров. Небывалой красоты пение ПРАВОСЛАВНЫЕ! Христос Воскресе!
Ya lublu muziku.Ya sama prepodau muziku v Xoreografiçeskom uçilishe.No, tot çelovek dalek ot muźiki.
Воистину Воскресе !!! Необыкновенное исполнение !
меня просто трясёт... трясёт... до озноба. Я так не могу. Сколько не пробовал! Божественно!
This is truly the way music must be performed. No commercial and studio shits, just great human voices. Good job boys.
Still one of the best captures on Ytube....!! I still show folk this video, when they say we White Folk don't have any soul.......Tell that to the Slavs.....I say...... I'm not Russian, nor even a Slav,.............. I'm a Celt.....But I'm proud to call you "My Brothers!" Да благословит вас Господь братья!
Thank you for your kind words. God bless you!
+Galleone Svasiba! I was simply 'blown away by these Russian Gentlemen's "Soulfullness".....!! I have nothing but respect for Russian music, and me at least, it is so much richer and more sincere, than anything that America has produced......Yet, we NEVER get to see this great culture in Western Europe, unless we actually SEARCH for it..... THIS is the tragedy.....And Russians must take some shame......They do NOT promote their culture, and legacy as they should......Sadly!
Only the things he saw had names. To give voice to his feelings, he had recourse to sounds and so found his way to music. It enable him to express his exaltation, his fondness for dancing, his mourning, his love, his warlike instincts, and his belief in a supreme power. /Curt Pahlen
The orthodox liturgy is in a league of its own. Sure the western churches have beautiful music, but there is a quality about the Eastern Orthodox ( Russian , Bulgarian ) music that is so profoundly moving. I would love to know if this group has made any recordings.
Thank you for the great music!  Fabulous!
Fantastic! Thank you..:)
This ancient stikhera is sung at the Annunciation Vespers and is based on the words spoken by Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary: “Revealing to thee the counsel before all ages, Gabriel came and stood before thee, O Virgin; and greeting thee, he proclaimed: Rejoice, thou earth that has not been sown; Rejoice, thou burning bush that remains unconsumed; Rejoice, thou unsearchable depths; Rejoice, thou bridge that leads to heaven and ladder raised on high that Jacob saw; Rejoice, thou vessel of divine manna; Rejoice, thou deliverance from the curse, Rejoice, thou restoration of Adam, The Lord is with Thee.”
What beautiful music. So relaxing. 
Очень трогают за душу.
явно смереная душа
а поёт удевително
Marvelous. Russian Orthodox music moves me like no other.
Me too.....And I am not even Russian.....but I am a European, a Celt from the far west of Europe, and this music touches my very soul! Svasiba, and спасибо моим друзьям, (мы разделяем больше, чем мы знаем моих братьев), 'We share more than we know my brothers!"
I'm not Russian either. I'm an American of none-too-recent English, German and Swiss ancestry. A few years ago the local (Chicago) classical music radio station played a piece of Russian liturgical music called something like "The Mercy of Peace or Grace." It made such a powerful impression on me that I hunted it up on CD, but somehow over the years it got lost in the shuffle. However, during the 2012 presidential election campaign, which was driving me nuts, I remembered that music and I started listening to whatever Russian Orthodox music I could find in order to escape the tension. Eventually I came across the "Sacred Treasures" series, which led me to some excellent recordings. That's the story of how I came to this music. In the course of my journey I learned that R. Orthodox music is always sung a capella because pagans used musical instruments and danced during their religious ceremonies. This bit of information shed some light to the Russian gov'ts reaction to Pussy Riot's protest concert. Although I think the government over reacted, I understand better the power of the profaning offence.  
The Christ Consciousness.
Geeze that was suprising & gorgeous. That baritone voice was beautiful _
validates the human mystery. 
The russian nesting doll is the truth of jesus. The key of david. It refers to the genes of blacks which open the genes of all races and shuts them out. While no other race can produce black from its gene pool. That is holy
Yes Jason, Black people are the supreme race and the greatest of all people on earth, they are so holy because of their Genes and skin colour that they neither get sick, nor die, they are the smartest, fastest, greatest looking and the bestestest ever and are so great that they unlike the rest of the races they don't have body odour, and because of their genes their brains have developed so much that they can all levitate above ground instead of walking. Black people are just pure awesome, unlike the rest of the lower races.   Keep it up, you are impressing everyone with your genius ideas. 
his name georg chernegov-nomerov  he studied in moscow state conservatory
AMAZING !!thank you.............
Es la voz humana el instrumento de Dios en la Tierra.Nuestras manos y nuestra mente se unen con la musculatura centrada en el diafragma. Solo el cantante sabe lo que siente pero yo que le escucho siento su palabra cruzar mi fé como una luz silenciosa y acogedora :Jesucristo nos lo dijo al tomar el cáliz En tus manos encomiendo mi espíritu.  Perdonad mi entusiasmo
Να είστε καλά Ρώσοι αδελφοί!
I have rarely heard something more beautiful more touching, the soloist comes up so effortlessly it is almost a schock to hear his beautiful voice when he begins, Is there more from this fellow... ?  Thank you so much for sharing.
Is there more?  Yes, search on Egor Chernegov-Nomerov.  "Why Hast Thou Cast Me Away" and "12 Robbers" feature him prominently.  "The Raven" less so, but it is also strikingly well done. Everyone wants more, I daresay, but he seems to want to keep a very low profile. The group, Doros, deserves great praise.
Thank you for the links, it is beautiful. I really love this soloist. Even if he doesn't have the lowest bass notes the color of his voice is very pleasant.
Huge voice for a sweet song
Such an unassuming young man, but wow what a voice!
Ещё послушайте "Мужской хор Валаам"
Всех Православных с Рождеством!
Just like jews killed the romanovs. Jews created christianity to enlist you all against black african families. Jesus was black. Eat. Digest but do not deficate. Truth is iron in your bones
+KydoimosOfMachai Thanks ;-)  SO? - well I am think of making my Ultimate Conspiracy Theory into a movie, called 'Without Christ, Conspiracy Reigns', but also make Jason's conspiracy theory fit in there somewhere. What you think? Perhaps you are interested in doing a joint venture? I am sure Hollywood would love the plot, especially with some of the movies coming out. Maybe we can co-author a novel.  PS: some of the things I wrote about are actual 'real' conspiracy theories. Cheerios
Dragan Dimitrievski Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Pavel Chesnokov
This young man brings tears to my eyes.  He truly sings from the heart.
Он вроде учился на дир-хоровом отделении в московской консерватории. Я когда несколько лет назад впервые это увидел - нашел как его зовут, у кого он учился. Но где щас и что делает не нашел. Все равно спасибо ему и ими большое - они меня много раз в жизни этим поддержали.
Последнее что я нашел о нем - то что он работал в отделе кадров в какой-то фирме такси.
Такой ГОЛОС должен звучать над ПЛАНЕТОЙ!
Russian ortodox choir- sacred russian singing Chesnokov's Gabriel Appeared- Eternal Counsel
Мужской вокальный ансамбль Дорос (DOROS) Михаил Невзоров - 1-й тенор Александр Горбатов - 2-й тенор Константин Смирнов - баритон Константин Сенченко - баритон Роман Васильев - бас Егор Чернегов-Номеров - бас-соло Евгений Баданин - октавист я не говорю по английски,но может это вам поможет
Вот это глотка!!! Уникальный Человек!!!
If this music makes you happy , you should check out the Orthodox Church with purpose to join it,  as the Holy Spirit is talking to you through this music.
 Солист Егор Чернегов-Номеров. Небывалой красоты пение!
Доброй НОЧИ! Вы правы!!! Самое ПРОНИКНОВЕННОЕ исполнение этого произведения! ВОЛНУЕТ очень сильно мое  сердце,как православного человека,
Потрясающее исполнение! Спасибо, Ирина! 
A joy to hear such a passionate song in such majestic manner, Greetings from Ireland
спасибо ирландия. привет из россии
i have listened to them last year in Carcasonne! i bought one CD, but i would like to have more! Where can i buy them?
Email your request to doros [at]  You will receive a reply.
amazing and beautiful 
😢😂😭😪😥😰😅😓😩😫😨😱😠😡😤😖😆😋😷😎😴 🐶🐺🐱🐭🐹🐰🐸🐯🐨🐻🐷🐽🐮🐗🐵🐒🐴🐑🐘🐼🐧🔢🔣⬆⬇⬅➡🔠🔡🔤↗↖↘↙↔↕🔄◀▶🔼🔽↩
Who's the solist? He has an amazing voice.
Orthodoxy provides an atrium to heaven, . I can believe the angelic choirs sing in Slavonic. Such awe and respect.
Our dear Igor here shines with grace and gifts from the Lord - and in praises to the Holy Virgin our Mother and His! May God keep this dear talented singer in Christ in the heart of His Holy Orthodox Faith!
"Rejoice! Most highly-favored one" is indeed the beginning of the angel Gabriel's announcement to Mary that she will bear Jesus the Savior, but, as Christians can understand, the astounding import of that fact for all generations of the human race induces more awe than jubilation, at least at first. Thus, the composer and these singers admirably convey the awe of the Annunciation in a composition and performance of matchless beauty.
Очень хороший хорик. Солист прекрасен.
@mik0logy Russians more closer to Baltic Slavs,tu moch Scandinavian culture,Russia even medival was bigest shit in the world,even in Russia we all different,every 1000 km new story,you cant talk about Russians so stright,big country big different storys
Stunning. Compare to phenomenal ANDREY NEMZER singing SAINT FRANCIS PRAYER. Absolutely MUST WATCH. Исключительное пение. Сравните с феноменальным пением Андрея Немзера молитвы Святого Франциска.
Spieler,поверь мне,здесь ты не в своей тарелке:)
Haha i think you're a bass or baritone MiReLaNi you probably can sing this piece :) its cool btw to be a bassbaritone though hehe
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