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Ratlin - Fire In The Booth

by CharlieSloth • 133,666 views

Ratlin passes by 1xtra to burn down the mic for charlie sloth

that's belly you soft cunt
4:24 went in with the real deep talk!
@TrilogyMusicUk showing he's using some seriously old bars
why the other guy there? did ratlin need someone to hold his hand?
Not gonna lie RATLIN goes in and hes bound to blow, but who the f**k is the retard next to him??
loving it feeling it boom boom boom
I didn't say he did, I'm saying that's why people are saying it, nothing to do with him being like him musically. And should of gone to specsavers? Are you 9?
bars are hard but the beats aint !!!!!!!!!!!!
@iamjhw I clocked on, but he did say he was 20 at 0:34
One of the best fire in the booth's I've heard. Where's the views at darg?
Someone name all the instrumentals for me?
Youtube is fuckeries it says 3,000 b4 u watch den wen u click it, it says 303
Other guy in the booth is pissing me off wastemann!!!
4:17 somewho know the beat ??
Nah he bangs out that Gucci hat though
Only if you never ripped the cover of the boost bottle :/
1st Track Ratlin-My Life Ft Chrissy 2nd Track Ratlin-Hood testament Ft Chrissy ENJOY!!!
why the fuck my man just makin sound effects
"I'm bout to bust in this game no condom" @3:42- LOL
guy wit him is a fuckin downie
Ive just gave this 1000 views been playing it 2 days straight. feeling sorry for the replay button
da dkead freind ur talkin bout iz rugrat man like him will run down ur system
Ratlin looks waaaaaay to much like Don Tanch lol
Ralin is 20!? NO WAY! He goes in though
I can't listen to this on my iPod bcoz of the sideman and his stupid voice ruining the song! @realcharliesloth re-invite ratlin on his ones!!
@LilLoon100 He says He wants to join the game, get money, bitches, fame!
@crazyfuckinaj Dont fukin mind him init? just appreciate da musik brudaah
the guy in the back is just a sideman, backup singer lool
this should have at least 100,000 views!!
he looks nothing like him either should of gone to specsavers
Ratlin goes in, probably one of the few rappers that dont overuse some of those dead metaphors
omg rugrat telll ummm likle jezy lookin at me like she want give me head look at my team if u want see swag jhezze
dick head mate said it rite for me man. Scorcher eats this in jus 4 mins
them times your pregnant sister is sitting on the phone next to you and you give her the Wet Mexican Back hand cause you wana hear Ratlin set the booth on fire!!!
bout to bust in this game now condom!!!!! tunee
Rugrat went in deserve it more time blood
" smoking on this weed got me think bout my future, heard my lil cuzzy am the fone say am a shoot ya, life is a bitch kus hes only 13, tried to show him different but he wants to be a g, i told him that a g dont last till hes 30, look at me alot of niggas wanna hurt me, am probally die soon so ur gonna cry for me, he looked in my eyes and said hes gonna ride for me" RATLIN IS HARD! realest talkkk
the guy next to him is extremely annoyin
I swear he kinda sounds like boss belly
lol his dickhead mate needs to grow a back bone n make some of his own bars insted of beggging it with ratlin. you know hes ratlins bitch, gives him foot massarges n shit on some homo flex loool
fire ratlin went in but they way rugrat gets me gassed loorrdddd he needs a fire in the both
What's the hype mans name??? His bits greeezy
we need to get this to a million asap to show these other rappers ratlin is a problem put this shit around
and last 1 was the game and lil wayne red nation
The guy in white needs to kicks hes annoying with hes dead adlibs
/watch?v=XLV4iFu5d6c everyone listen to this
whos the woman on the tv behind ratlin and rugrat ;D
Goin in as always rating 2012 is guna be a crazy year for ya World wide Movers keep dem bangers coming
@dantemckenzie His couzin goes to my school and his in my year :)
Guy next to him needs to SHUTUP. IDC who he is man he needs to be silent !!
any1 no the last intromental.... 7:29
like if u think RATLIN going to BLOW??
Rugrat my ass crack ... He looks like a crack head
What's the second beat? The one where he says it's a true story?
anyone know the last instrumental??
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