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Minecraft - Calmere Nightmare Part 3 (Halloween Special)

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 1,160,620 views

Simon and Lewis embark on a creepy adventure, made specially for Halloween! Xaxk's Calmere Nightmare! ● Yogscast...

Lewis stop hogging the food you have 16 pieces of meat and Simon needs to heal! You probably got his share last time he died :p
theres a zombie in the riverrrr
+Claire Hines your grammar is so bad I can't reply to your comment
i love yogscast so much!!!!!!!!!!
oh gosh tats scareyier then i thot it waz
Every time some music comes on I turn down my volume and begin to panic a bit
lol simple same way you can mod the texture of a pumpkin to have a smiley face or a creeper to have a smile. or anything really. just paintings.
so simon has a severed head and lewis has a sword with blood all over it.... the cops will totally buy that
even though its a year past already i havent watch this but i watched the 2 already and i say good job and i cant sleep now cus its really scary
lewis: bloody hell me: yes, yes it is
anyone know what the music at 3:23 or there abouts is?
theres a zombie in the river !!!! (softly)
the circle is made up of tiny squares :) you can tell if you look closely
It's a painting/picture, you can see at 9:47 when Lewis walks right next to it.
If you loose your soul you just keep on crying that is what I heard actually thats what happened to me when I was a baby. :( But at least it's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Is it me being a big pussy or is everyone just being creeped the shit outta yourselves.
Ok I love this but y does Simon do the grizwald voice???
Nope, the satanist symbol is more in the upside down direction.
It's not a Pentagram, as all of this is based on the Cthulu Mythos its known as "An Elder Sign", the symbol is a distorted or warped pentagram with an eye or pillar of fire at the centre, it was originally devised by August Derleth and was first described of in Derleth's "The Luker at the Threshold" however this was slightly different to the symbol described by Lovecraft himself.
The music in this just makes it so much creepier.
In fact it would only be a satanic symbol if inscribed upside down (representing a goats head) while it is in the position as shown in the video it is, in the Christian faith used to represent the 5 senses or the 5 wounds of Christ, in other religions it is used to represent faith, this particular pentagram is known as an "elder sign" and was devised by August Derleth, it shows a warped pentagram with an eye or pillar of fire at the centre.
OMG i cant believe for that that they almost died was just a dream imposible
oh god whats that terorfying noise "baaaa"
What was that awesome battle music you guys had?
I know how it feels when you have headphones on bacbaconxeve
I wonder how so many people in the comments know so much about Satanism. o_O
10:58 They're coming to take me away, haha! ^_^
Aliens god my user name is true
i love u inkeeper u my squidward to my clairinet MWHAHAHA I LOVE THE SQUIDWARDS!!!!!
Xephos: this penta gram looks lovely Me: ummm I'm not sure if thats actually xephos honeydew it might be evil xephos so u might wanna run
9:36 i think great the villagers are part of a cult...
the spiders on the notes freak me out
this is minecraft in 2011. there is no nether quarts ore :P
because it was made with little squares? If you make the general shape of a circle with blocks and look at it from far away it looks like a circle
I agree 100%! People really need to learn proper English, don't they? :D
You do know what that symbol means 11:30
it is kinda creepy and simons humming/singing desnt help any lol
Technically no, that's is just a "generic" pentagram. A satanic pentagram would be rotated 180 degrees and have an elongated point.
Omg. A pentagram with the Eye of Horace inside it... this map is creepy.
Argh! You missed one of the notes!
why not do the grizwald voice every one likes a good grizwald every now and then u kno to brighten up the MOOOOOOOOOOOD =)
Does anyone know the music at 3:55?
You know, it's been almost 2 years since this got released...why didn't Simon try putting the head on like a helmet? XD
I KNOW THAT SONG!!! theres a zombie in my lawn !!!!!!
I Think they have the paint mod installed for the map so those markings and stuff is just red paint the creator used
this is actually kinda scaring me....
i <3 the adventure map n the locals thumbs up XP
It's not a pentagram if you play ghostbusters it's called a Mandela
12:26 I like how Lewis has 14 pork chops and he only gives Simon one :P
Hey that cuthulu photo my English teacher printed it and we r using it for a monster story
@31sexyhobo there is nothing wrong with santanism but satanism is bad
i'm sitting down eating popcorn with my little sister and she is freaked out
I should not be watching this at night. :C
Lewis sounds sick. Poor him. -Daisy
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