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by Smosh 2nd Channel • 8,363,190 views


Amercians think we brits speak like: Oh, my goodness! We have absolutely got to go! What we British actually speak like:Yo, man! Wassup. Yeah, we've gotta go!
I don't think everyone talks like: wassap we've gotta go. Normal people like me would say: oh look,it's time to go
fuck you, shrimp crackers are the best.
Easy! Especially to Asians and Black people, we're equal!
You idiot that pokemon food is curry eat it damn it
3:04 I actually liked the prawn crackers.
me tooo!!!! i love it
Yeah prawn crackers are tasty!!
Well I guess Singapore is traditional homemade yummy!
I'm Malaysian. And Sticky is really good but too sweet tho. I'm wondering why nobody is sending them Malaysian snacks?
OMG Did she just say she wants Pikachu meat? >.>
She wants the "P and the D"
As a American I'd like to say that IM FACKIN SKINNY AS HELL like my lungs look like hills P.s. What's the point of making fun of Americans?
I lose hope for british people when I read the comments. (I'm a FILIPINO by the way) 
My mom was from the phillipines
Mari has changed so much since Smosh Games. She looks different and sounds different. Changes will happen but... nostalgia much.
My favourite Asian food is Pocky, especially the strawberry flavoured one<3
I mean.. Do you call that asian food? Us Asians have better things then that...
+Dan Nguyen Aye, I know you guys have better things. Like sushi (Yummm! I love sushi) and other things. But one of my favourite Asian snacks/food have to Pocky. Thats the only kind of Asian snack/food they sell here in Canada. Other than Sushi and some stuff from a Chinese and Japanese restaurent
If it was Americans vs British people British people would've won, I'm not only saying this because I'm British but here is facts Most americans are fat | most British are not fat Most Americans hog credit | most British share credit Most Americans think there the best on the world | most British do not think they're best in the world SEE FUCKIN TAKE THAT AMERICAN BASTARD FUCKS
That my friend......was a marvelous speech.
Really man? I am not supporting this whole British-American comment war BUT Russia (While in Soviet Union) Launched the first rocket with people into space. USA and the leading countries of Europe are equal in space knowledge and progress
This whole rating system is flawed.  Female Mario gave out like five 10s.  That totally diminishes the value of a perfect score.  What is going to happen to the economy of scoring systems?  What about inflation?  She obviously didn't consider the ramifications of scores.  Where does it stop?  Pretty soon we'll have Olympic athletes scoring a five for just showing up, and a 10 for a normal swan dive.  Shame on you!  Dishonor on you!  Dishonor on your family!  Dishonor on your cow!
That Mulan reference earned u my like
Any one else notice that Mari, Japanese girl, liked all of the Japanese candy? Not trying to be racist or mean XD
You may ignore this but if you have Filipino food. TASTE TEST FILIPINO FOOD also isn't Mari Japanese, and she has fluent English? I though Japanaes was suppose to say r instead of l, please correct me if I am wrong
+๖ۣۜAlex Mercer I mean, I guess in Japanese it sounds that way, but it isn't that exaggerated.
Yeah. I am Japanese and I know what honorificabilitudinitatibus means
Mari isn't asian. She's japanise
Your so dumb you spelled Japanese wrong
Actually , some of the snacks you ate as Chinese snacks are Japanese.
no, they ate cuttlefish on here.
The girl is so annoying.
Oh my sister wrote that, she for real has to stop going on my account but I love Mari :D
I'm from hong kong.
what the fuck! the girl is not really thinking she is not Asian!! What is not good to be an Asian!! before you taste food, you should give  it a rest of being prejudice!! 
Woah sounds like someone's trying to deny she's asian. Lol
Women and their Crisp Chocoo 
R u going out with Mary?
At the time he already had a gf
I wonder if anyone in the pokemon world has ever eaten a pokemon..
6:25 Ian: Oooohhhh shit she's throwin some fractions in this B. Me: face palm "Decimals not fractions" shakes head slowly
i give all that food 153 point
Like if you saw it flash This is way to easy.
Guess what, Hawaii ain't in Asia. lt's a State. Part of the U. S.
you are stupid he even said "it's not a Asian country"
Hawaii is filled with tons of asian people.
4:54 someone farts (immature little 4 year old side of me just happens to notice it)
You should really try white rabbits
Thank you for trying the best candy in Singapore, it's so GOOOOOD!
This is from 2012? Holy shit time flies.
mari is funny and im a youtuber
niahah mari is just crazy :D
i am from asia phillippines i tasted koala march there so tasty an yummy and i was like nam nam naum num num um nya naf 
+SPOON you are right, fuck off filipinos!!!
Nice Job Korea  YEAH
Lmao everything they ate in this video I've had and I live for it 😹
What type of Asian is that Asian chick?
That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard
... Sorry I just thought she was koreon then Japanese, then to Chinise... oh and please if you want to start youtube war, do it somewhere else. Thank you 
These two are retarded
Hawaii is a state lol
I think the prawn crackers taste very good
I do eat them at the philippines
Decimals not fractions
Yeah Japanese rock I am half Japanese
Yeah! Rock on, man! I'm also half Japanese! I'm also fluent in the language, and I've been to Japan, so the all Japanese packaging was familiar to me!
fucking stupid Americans us British we dotalk fancy but we  dont talk fancy only the royal family but smosh are not  supid 
+Jessica Dancer​ well, I'm only 9 ,but thanks. You too have a nice day.
I'm from Hong Kong and totally, we eat those snacks ALL THE TIME ( except for the ones dat look like cow shit and its hard and some are salty like crap ) but, tbh, those are always in our convenient stores, so we got kinda used to them.
Im half from hong kong but i havent been back there since i was 6 and i cant remember anything about the sweets
Fuck you Ian how can you say Hong Kong it is china I live in China
Want some cream with that butt hurt?
I actually like prawn crackers their good.
마리가 일본인이라서그런지 막 차별하는듯이 일본과 맛있는것만 점수높게주네..
마리는 일본계 미국인입니다. 본명이 타카하시 마리코이긴 하지만, 대부분 미국에서 생활했기 때문에 미국인이라고 봐도 거의 무관합니다.
+정재현 근데 그렇긴하여도 ㅠㅠ 일본음식에 맛없는것도거의높게주잖아요
We don't talk like that biatches
What are we fighting about again?
They should become a couple there sooo cute together.btw I'm one my cousins account
They broke up last September .
I think the Hawaiian powder was mango powder
If you're talking about the sour ball powder, it was li hing powder.
You want my meat? Puts sunglasses No you will not eat me Takes magicaly out two pistols DEAL WITH IT! PEW PEW PEW
No i dont know what im saying :/
Im from singapore those stinky cqndy is awesome
I'm from Singapore and I believe these candies are a waste of money.
The only Chinese food that is actually good are the noodles and egg rolls. 
Those are just the stereotypical foods. You haven't tried any other, have you?
That wahs a chicken feed
I am sure that some Asian people found this video offensive...
Is It just me who think Mari and ian are cute couples?
Okay so japanese food is absolutely better than others, and It's true Ian
I find Korean food better. Opinion cannot be fact.
I sometimes wonder, who is  'she'? People say "that's what she said" but who was the original  'she'?
All moms.. that's who.. that's also where your mom came from.. your mom is she... DUN DUN DUUUUUUN
When the girl (I dunno her name) says "9.5 out of 10" Ian said "ooh we puttin fractions up in dis bitch" I think he meant decimals
Exactly a half usually = 1/2 unlike point five which is .5
How dare you say the chicken flavored chinese food taste like crap you are a bitch unsubscribe son of a bitch
I agree they should date and Mari is koerian sorry spelled that wrong
Mari is Japanese though... and Mari has a boyfriend already :P
There should be indian food in the asian food test because it is part of asia b*tch.......
+Kyle Palado He should. INDIA IS IN ASIA. And had the second largest population after China... And we invent spicy versions of food which WILL make you feel like they were made from HELLS KITCHEN I guess +Smosh 2nd Channel Didnt do their homework...
Not all Kereon food tastes bad cause I'm Kereon .......
You don't seem to be Korean because you can't spell Korean.
hey ian your face and mari face looks the same
See when he said Hong cong did he mean China?
U forgot about philippines
As being filipino Philippines is Pacific Islander . No offense.
Gays yu luk osm tugezr ..... no seriously you could be a nice couple
9.5 out of 10 = Fraction XD
It technically is. Or both a fraction and a decimal.
that asian girl is annoying as shit trying to hard to be funny
do not copy this the japanis food is terable
Do you know how to spell?
Huw u get 7 000 000 views when tehre ish unly 700 pplZ in teh wurld?! I cal haax
+Suhyuk Kim ironic you say that when you cant even spot out a simple joke, look whos talking bout stupidity
That joke is getting really annoying. I can tell it's a joke, but that doesn't mean he isn't a fking idiot.
Should They be a couple!!?!?!
He was dating Melanie not MARI Mari is the one in this video they were never a thing
Is she freaking Japan
That made no sense.
Kolas r Australian not Japanese
So? Doesn't mean Japan can't use them on a snack bag.
WAIT!.... MARIS NOT ASIAN! thats a suprise, then what race is she?
I think that was a joke.
Smosh are looser , doing like kids and i think  they are stupid.
i meant no indoensia????}
At 04.12 thats not vomit its curry with rice on the pokemon box
I thought it was a type of soup XD The Sailor Moon commercial was in Japanese so I wouldn't had understood it
Offencive to English people? 😨😨😨
You past indonesian food come on
........ cause they have no indonesian food..
Chine? She's Japanese.
Are they dating Anthony is married
5:59 thats actually a south indian food 
i mean sri lankan my bad -.-
And millions of people say Fuck You!
Japan being a country in Asia
WHERE THE F*CK IS MARI FROM KOREA JAPAN HONG KONG WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wtf this is so racist
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