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Dumbfoundead - Cool and Calm

by PARKER • 1,590,229 views

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Found this guy by accident. Was looking upthe proper definition of "dumbfoundead " lol
his name perfectly fits his flow game
+solo kr too bad he changed it to parker xD still good though!
She's cooking but the fires off...
thats how hot this song is
I said something similar about the laptop being off in Bubba Kush xD
Damn got the feels listened to this hella freshman year
How has this guy not blown up? Or in the glorious days of the internet, has he done it without media attention? Pretty cool, pretty neat, subscribed. 
lol good rappers are always ignored my man
Is dumb still making music? Can't seem to find anything recent. 
This is Not cool calm pete.  Why is up with the title ?
perfect wake and bake song
i don't get it  this afro American dub over this Asian video?
holy shit are you ignorant as fuck or just stupid?! LOL
This song gets me really pumped and also eases nerves before a competition
Not cool...or calm. Jk, you are just a bitchasshoefaggotpussyniggauncircumsidelittlekuttimotherfuckingasshole
"i like my weather good, i like my women hood".  Dope!!!
Wakin up to instrumentals playin.... That first line was great..
This track is too dope yo.
That joint looks so delicious. I wish I knew what kind of papers those are 
lyrical wordplay on this track is so dope
man i dig ur flow, respect.
This is my favorite song by Dumbfoundead. Love the instrumentals.
Killed it! Luv the vid.
No no EOM was probably REALLY high when he made this beat.. Follow his twitter hasn't been sober since high school quit everything a couple months ago.
this is fucking dope dude good job. 
Mannn dumb always gets the hottest chicks for his videoss
Bump this shiz in my car 👌
Sounds like the producer sampled Dexter
Those beats are fucking insane yo
damn dumbs killin it, what a beat too
Dre Lopez Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Cool and Calm -  Dumbfoundead
yeah this song is pretty cool and calm yknow ;)
the is the only song that keep me cool & calm
Hey you've met my friends James at SOHO after your concert
this song needs more plays, i love this shit
Reminds me of hieroglyphics - make your move. 
Hey you've met my friends James at SOHO after your concert
I'm high from just listening to this, without having anything to smoke. HIGH BY NATURE DAMN YEA
He has an unusually large number of videos where it starts off with him waking up.
My song to listen too when am high as fukk
This is like the perfect chill song.
dfd you should do something with cool calm pete
whaaaaaaat.!? haha. Mac Miller is good no doubt. but two completely different styles. IMO. :)
Dope af' saw this live , shit was bumpin
Almost forgot how chill this song is. He's now PARKER. :)
nice song nice beats nice girls Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
▶ Dumbfoundead - Cool and Calm - YouTube
Ima buy your cds as soon as I get my check and card
Im not gonna lie. I think this is his best song so far. Good shit!
once hurd u got me subscribed no stoping words are your whore please i want more . GO BIG SON !!! So CAL Love
some reason i still think he is w/e dont kno y, not a true fan yet
Original and, cool style. This song doesn't get old which is a rarity.
and still get chicks like these, you wanted to say?
Listen to the album 'Fun With Dumb' 'bullets of truth' is the best song imo.
so what. She Can Roll a joint man!!!! :)))) haha
What is that Diamond Supply hoodie?!
yeah i would rather wake up feeling like dfd than pdiddy...
A little bit o this a little but o that its whole lot of living keeping me on track
I never really appreciated this song..
This is my favorite song from him
One of his best songs, wish he made more songs with this style.
really? Check out Are We There Yet or 24KTown, if you want something lyrical, check out Bullets Of Truth.
im such a calm and chilled and happy person every where i go and people ask me why im always like that.. so i tell them that you should never be sad nor angry but always happy thanking god that u r alive another day
I bought this song and I made it my alarm on my phone so the second it goes off i sit up and start singing it and go about my house doing random shit for like 3 minutes while I sing the lyrics to this song. Best way to wake up ever.
This is my favorite DFD song hands down, awesome beat, awesome lyrics, awesome song, rap is in need of more stuff like this, wax and dfd always kill it
wow get off of Cool Calm Pete's dick bro.
HOLD THE FUCK UP. Did the rapper "Problem" just bite on dumbfoundead? If you listen to Problem ft. Bad Luc - Like Whaat you'll know what I'm talking bout.
So glad at 1 million, well deserved
ive always noticed DFD fans are all cool and calm.
Im watching this on my potatoe
It would mean the world to me if you took a minute to listen to my music.
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