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God of War 3 Kratos vs Hades Gameplay Walkthrough pt 2 / 2

by GameZone5000 • 2,461,247 views Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III allows players to take on the climatic role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he scales through the...

Obrigado pelo vídeo;ajudou muito
Ezequia De Souza Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
God of War 3 Kratos vs Hades Gameplay Walkthrough…:
LEON KENNEDY Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
LEON KENNEDY Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Correction* Aquires the power to swim in the river styx, which means the souls wont hurt ya ;)
He is ruler of the Underworld, where all mortal souls must go. So, he is god of the dead. Thanaton, however, is god of death.
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Hades was a great god in Greek mythology, brother of Zeus and Poseidon. he was a son of the titans, but defeated them with his two brothers and split the world into 3, the underworld, the ocean and the skies. Hades was not a lonesome soul of the underworld, cast away to stay there for eternity, but a feared and gruesome god who actually enjoyed staying there. so, he has a soul and it is abominable:P
reminds me at The Force Unleashed 2 Battle Starkiller against Gorlog
In reality, three seconds Kratos would be dead.
nope... hades is the eldest... zeus is the youngest... dont misunderstand power with age....zeus was the only one outside of cronos... the others were eaten by him..then rescued by zeus later on when he became of age.
I dunno who voiced Krabs. But it would of been funny if hades would sound the exact same way...
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kratos: i dont want to kill u hades: really kratos: just kidding hades:fuck
He's a God, so he's capable of changing his size at will. I don't believe Kratos has that ability, since at the current time he's a Demigod.
Lmfoa! Kratos stole Hades soul!!!! =O
a normal day in kratos's life...
the last part of this battle needs muscle energy too, it's the hardest part i think
if im not mistaken thanatos is the god of death. he decides if someone lives or dies. in most lores he's known as death.
What makes me mad is that he kills poseidon and hades, 2 of the top 3 gods in mythology, early in the game. It's so stupid, it should be minor gods first, than poseidon, than hades, than finally zeus.
such power does not come from the limbs, but from ones conviction to victory, needs but a stare, the quick darting of eyes, to unleash such a blow
Dante's Inferno came in 2010. God of war 1 came in 2005,god of war 2 came in 2007, and god of war 3 came out in 2010. And god of war is SO much better than dantes inferno. Kill Yourself and btw, dantes inferno is from the same developers as god of war.
You're right but Hades is the ruler of the dead to
He has souls of people who commited "crime" i think if i'm wrong i apologize to you xD
false in this one kratos becomes mortal he survived because you know, he's kratos
Ok any 1 agree if u wish these gods werent real, IF they were if u even be good ur going to Hades and hes hell............ :(
Hades is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. That makes him a god, not a human/god (also known as demigod). God's are immortal(will not age and die from being old) but they are not invincible(which means they can not be killed). So, I hope you like this little educational trip we just had. Next time, do research before spitting out false facts.
dantes inferno technically originated hundreds of years ago... just sayin
God of war has been around much longer than Dantes inferno, if anything Dantes inferno copied this.
When you're going to rage.. make sure you have your facts straight.. Because this shit is just so retarded.
You sir are a moron, why would you use "virgin" as an insult, we were all virgins at one point and having sex doesn't make you any better than someone else.
Hades is the god of the Underworld, seen in God of War 1, 2 and 3. Thanatos is the god of Death, seen in Ghost of Sparta. Know the difference people!!
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They may maintain their power, but what use is it if they can't move the limbs needed to deal the final blow?
No it didn't!!! You LIE!!!! Dantes Inferno came out like 500 years ago!!!! Now go kill yourself!!! xD xD xD
You are correct. There is a difference between "the dead" and "death". Hades is the ruler of the dead while Thanatos is the personification of death itself (sometimes viewed as the personification of peaceful death while the Keres being violent death). Atropos, one of the Fates, decides who dies, however.
i hate boss fights like this where you have to actually hit the boss when hes 100x your size... it just doesnt seem very effective and gives you a depressed feeling
can everyone tell me what is the story of god of war? why kratos want kill all god including zeus? what is kratos purpose? PLEASE ANSWER!!!
Yeah, reminds me a lot of Duma's death. Now that was a great moment in gaming history too. Raziel literally crushed and ground up his ex-vampire-now-hulking-degenerated-monstrosity-brother and snorted all his power in, cocaine style.
damn kratos cracked open hades skull thats bad ass moment there
i hate when people think they know everything about mythology when their gravely wrong, I love Greek Mythology and it really frustrates me
That sounds about right, I think that was in a Percy Jackson book.. Iunno.
not as useful as dead, they still maintain their power and can deal the fatal blow, and yet fate governs us all, even the gods, so why argue if a god can be beaten or not when all we need to worry about is how we go about when ones mistakes come to pass, and betrayal lays accountant for those who struggle to keep balance without any other power, than fear itself, which buries itself deep in ones flesh to eat them alive, while they don't notice any of the horrors committed by their hand.
Xboxes are, in terms of computing and graphical power, worse. Also, ps3 has better exclusives.
This game sucks! They copied everything from Dantes Inferno (A much better game anyways imho).
you know if the gods truly tried to kill kratos, i bet they would Hades could have sent all of hell to stop kratos right?
hades is only the god of the underworld and thathanos is the god of death in god of war series(of course common sense.its in gos of war series XD)
this is the most challenging boss fight in god of war 3
woooooooo!!!kratosssssss i lov ur fighting style
why is ps3 so expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We didn't jump on you for a hack and slash video game, we jumped on you for your ignorant ass comment.
Hades and Poseidon are the Coolest gods in this game!
gamezone5000 please don't fail minigames at the rate you will make kratos look bad 1:16
I like Dante's Inferno better as well, although I'm not belittling God of War. I love the story of Dante and his quest through Hell, the brutality/graphic nature, and the baddies of Dante's Inferno
go kratos gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I was talking to drakofiara666, not you. Dunno why it replied to you, I chose to reply to drakofiara666
in fact the leading cause of gods dieng can be traced back to chuck norris
like a true greek i know the he is the god of both
Well, you just let me know when you slash someones head off by staring at them with conviction! Reminds me of Elfen Lied kinda lol :D Lucy just staring and walkin' around, slashin' people the fuck up with her vectors.
Hades is the god of the underworld, not the dead.
yea the mythology... not the game play or story of kratos dantes inferno was written long before
@leaudusboub take a look part 1
Nah i won't :p... if were going to have to i would just buy the ps3 outright and keep my xbox. because both console's have good exclusives.
kratos: i don't want to kill you hades:really kratos: no i want your soul
Big thumbs up for mentioning Soul Reaver 1. Great game that...
Why the fuck does anyone care about realism in a purely fantasy world? What the fuck people seriously?
Am i the only one that said wtf in the end end? i mean. Killed hades. Aquires the power to swim.
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