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I think very exactly the same Fernando ndambuki,it's a heavenly piece of music
I always find alot of peace in listening to this piece of music. i dont think there exists any better composition in my opinion.
I totally agree with you 👼
After all these years I've finally learned that amazingly beautiful voice is that of Prelate Marcus Pavan of Brazil.
St.John Paul II.....Pray for us
e logo depois no conclave ratzinger foi eleito papa 
sante juanpaulo hora pro rebus
Proud to be a Catholic
A powerful hauntingly beautiful piece of music. The organ adds a lot of power here. I have listened to this a lot, and I like it best with an organ accompionment, especially the organ of St Peters.
Now this Litany of the Saints + is sung correctly the youth choir at our parrish. This is actually the Best here on YouTube
So usually for funerals the clergy wear white chasubles. I'm curious why they wear read here. Anyone know? Is this something reserved specifically for a pope? Or an Italian tradition? Thanks.
+Filippo Ortenzi I'd rather not argue about this, it's either both of our suggestions.
Hey why are you disrespecting my favorite pope?
We sing this in the Anglican Church too.
ora et orate pro Eo!
"Litany of the Saints", answer et latine is ora pro eo. 
MIEDO? para nada... la letania de los santos es produce una profunda paz y gozo espiritual
Jak on źle mówi po łacinie.Z takim niemieckim akcentem, brrr Poprwnie gramatycznie, ale wymawia okropnie, jakby ktoś z kałasznikowa strzelał
I don't speak Italian (I think that is what is spoken in the vid) but it was so beautiful and holy sounding
The answer: Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsigham
POLSKA o dnia śmierci JANA PAWŁA II się stacza !!!!
Welcome back! Well now he's been beatified, you can honour him without doubt that he is worth it, right? :)
¿can you upload the funeral complete' or send me?
Like an above statement has already stated, ecclesiastical latin is heavily influenced in it's pronunciation by Italian.
A "c" before an "e" is pronounced like a "ch" sound. For example, "in excelsis" is pronounced "in ex chel sees."
tiene un tono tenebroso pero a la vez refleja la profunda espiritualidad y paz conforme sigue la melodia
Pope John Paul II will not be John Paul II without St.Peter and Jesus.
I had my TV on for this and When i was sleeping while they were doing the Litany and I dreamed I was in Rome for the Popes Funeral with my aunt and uncle.
This has always intriguing me... I'll ask in this video too: Why for example in "Marce", he says: "Mar(ch/sh)e"???, would it be "Marke" if this is latin and I thought in latin the "c" was always pronounced as a "k". ?. O.O
What the hell did I just hear? It's cool. Dude.
The Litany of the Saints is powerful. Thank you for posting it. George Vreeland Hill
I like the haunted house sound of the pipe organ but the song doesn't have much of a beat or a melody.
Amen to that. John Paul was a great man. He is happy with Jesus and all the saints. We pray that he prays for us. He did what Jesus wanted him to do. Praise John Paul and Jesus.
Gracias..Poned mucho gragoriano. es la mejor predicación religiosa
Actually, it is Latin. But, yes, very beautiful.
So deep and spiritual. It moves the soul. Great man of God he was!
Welcome home! Not to worry, Blessed John Paul is more alive now than he was on earth, and he is praying for you, commending you to the Father, now. Pray that he soon be added to the canon of saints. Santo subito!
If I was to convert from the Church of England (non-practicing) to Catholicism how would I go about doing it? The Catholic Church really speaks and appeals to me instead of that sorry excuse for an expression of faith Anglicanism.
se siente el llamado espiritual... aunque da miedo las letanías...pero = es un momento espiritual...
The Litany is sung by Brazilian Priest Marcos Pavan who lives in Vatican.
Latin would never have a germanic pronunciation. Italian is a latin derivative language, not german at all. Latin has nothing to do with germanic languages.
today is all sainrts' day. perfect video for this day.
Welcome back! there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven't strayed away! (Luke 15:7). So don't be sorry and just be bless by our Lord!
Litany of saints. . As if all saints are paying tribute...beautiful. I remember singing this during my confirmation.
Please upload the Greek Prayers for Pope John Paul II after these clip..
PS: Ah, I found this: "There is the echlesiastic pronunciation where "ce = che, ci = chi, ge = ye, gi = yi" (from an spanish point of view). AND the most classical pronunciation where c = k. for example, "cecini = kekini" >^.^<.
Holy hell. I'm not catholic....not even Christian...but gives me goosebumps. I can almost feel something spiritual with this.
It's the other way around. The "soft" c is a corruption, as stated in grammar treaties dating back from the Roman Empire.
ora pro eo (Pray for him),, as a response when calling all the saints to pray for PJP II
I fill the tradition of the catholic church in this song
No doubt the liturgical Latin was at some point influenced by Italian, modifying somewhat the Latin from antiquity. And then there is pronouncing Latin words in American law, where it is routinely tortured and garbled.
italian pronunciation: che = KE(vlar) ce = CHE(guevara)
Thanks for uploading. also I want to see Greek Catholic rite for Pope JP 2.
John Paul II the best Pope without St.Peter and Jesus.
Pope Benedict has approved the formation of Ordinatures for Anglicans who wish to join the Catholic church so they are in full communion with the Holy Church and still retain Anglican liturgy and heritage. Either contact the Parish priest at a Catholic Church near you or look for a support group of former Anglicans who are now Catholic on the internet.
No siempre, el latín varia segun la region, no se pronunci aigual en alemania que en italia francia o españa
Omni sancte et sancti Dei, ore pro Polonia, semper fidelis, antemurale christianitatis, Sanctorum Mater.
We don't know original pronunciation. The Church decide to use more Italianate pronunciation. Personally, I also prefer more germanic pronunciation.
Pero cuando sepas lo que dicen las Letanías, deveras son hermosas y te transportan a la familia de los Santos en el cielo. Pides todo el auxilio Divino, Mariano, Angélico, y de los Santos. Como ninguna otra Comunidad Cristiana(protestantes) lo hace ni lo harán..
@Coilette3004 Like in italian... but I always thought in latin the C was always a K, no matter what... O.O
Ofcourse it does, koz we dont know original pronunciation, so Latin used at schools is pronunced in "germanic" manner, while Church uses "macaroni" pronunciation.
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