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LIGHTS - Banner [Official Music Video]

by lights • 2,739,967 views

LIGHTS' official music video for "Banner," as heard on the album Siberia, is out now here: Don't forget to subscribe to LIGHTS' channel, share, comment, and favorite the...

Disclaimer: don't use these methods in an actual gang fight.
lol you made me crack up
Lights is her own unique style, just as many musicians. To me, there are no genres. Each artist and musician is his or her own style, genre, whatever.
Miss Frodo are you looking for Mount Doom? Be careful now you here! XD
lights is my idol in life she is so perf
This is my favorite Lights music video. Its like Lights in Fallout 3 so prettyful :]
Or, you know, any other fallout game. Just saying.
I love this song so much I swear all her songs are best
I really wish she would just let 5vel be her produce her. His remixes of her songs are so fucking good.
Amazing pre-chorus, generic chorus.
She stated that she wanted this song to be anthem where in a concert they could be able to sing the chorus after hearing it once
looks like she's waving the flag of defeat :P
Can you say chorus to Everything has changed by t swift?
Everything has Changed was released in 2012... Banner was from Lights' 2011 album
 I love this song!!! I kinda forgot about it and now that I hear it again I remember how awesome it is! ^.^
Still my favorite song by Lights. She's wonderful
Lights is the prettiest person alive.
Jay Martinez Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Last video of the night that I'll share by Lights More tomorrow! BANNER So lift it up Like a banner Hold it up Over me If this war is never ending I'll take this love down with me Like a banner Like a banner
I miss her hair like this it was soooo hot!!!!! 😭😭
Love the acoustic version too haha
Rediscovering this track today. Lights is incredible
i love this song so much!!!
Lights is my queen :) I love her so much
I prefer her husbands music lol. Hers is not bad. Just not my taste.
i prefer the style of blessthefall, but i like LIGHTS more then blessthefall.
I love Lights and blessthefall equally :) I wish they would do a combined concert but as people have mentioned, their genres are pretty different
Her music is as beautiful as she is
Can't believe I saw her last night! 😁😁🙈❤️
lights... should come to Honolulu for a show..!  ; )
Blessthefall is metalcore, and lights and beau have a beautiful daughter named rocket wild... And they make a beautiful family, who gives a damn if she's popish and he's a rocker.
I totally agree! And they're both really good- I became a huge BTF fan through Lights 
Lights is a rocker too! Just because she just does pop music doesn't mean she isn't cause I know she likes that kind of music and they fit together perfectly
favorite song of all time. favorite artist of all time. Love you lights!
they going to fight zombies right?
Sounds like Britney here o.o
shawn is the hottest guy alive
when I watch this video, I imagine at the end instead of a white flag. Lights reveals a green lantern ring and fucks up all these fools
First time listening to her and shes freaking wonderful, and she might not be everyones favorite but shes got amazing talent :)
Where is this? Kamloops? Patagonia? Great scenery :)
I like how you express yourself like you always make it work. Especially your awesome Hair. Keep going for your dreams :)
It's good to know that they have hair product and the art of dentistry is alive and well in the post apocalyptic future O_o
He's, or she's, commenting on how the video is portraying a post-apocalyptic world and the people still have access to hair products and dentists.
I need to re-learn discourse analysis...
Congrats on Rocket Wild Bokan!!!
I think this is her best video yet, but I love them all 💖
That's the most racially diverse group of people I've seen in a long time...
great music...not sure about the video though...i don't like the connotation of the surrender flag i guess...
esta mujer es hermosa y unica la amo ........
Sounds a lot like everything has changed by Taylor Swift
I thought the exact same thing.
This video reminds me of the movie The Book of Eli. I wonder if that was the inspiration for the video...Things that make you go "hmm".
she takes fallout to a whole new level
why does LIGHTS have only a lil bit subscribers :c shes amazing n i love her n her music 
It feels like a freedom anthem against terrorism to me. We sure as hell need one now more than ever. #atheism 
when she smiles in full frontal angle she looks kind of like kandee
Startup band looking to share our royalties w/ fans and anyone who spreads the word
I don't know why people are saying her music is too calm and shit it don't understand this was always her style I like songs I can actually understand the lyrics and none of that screamo bullshit all those screamo bands sound the same I swear
her music makes me feel happy
She looks like a girl I know. Funny cuz she's going out with a guy in a rock band...
Beau Bokan (: He's Fucking Awesome ! Happy He Married Lights & Now They Have A Beautiful Little Princess ❤️
You're gonna be at Me to We omg so excite :')
By far Lights best song. Super catchy, and incredible lyrics, and message.
Idk her husbands music seems to be a bit dummer and partyish than hers she is more sweet in her music
Dummer? you're looking at life in the grammar slammer.
DummmMERRER hows that for grammar his music is dummbb and ignoranT
She has the best smile EVER!
Please, can someone tell me what this song talks about? What does it means? I know English so and so (I'm from Italy) and I understand every meaning of every song of Lights, but Banner it's one of the most difficult song to understand for me, even if understand the words. Please, can someone help me?
First time hearing her, and I dont like it .-.
@1:41 the dude is more scared of the rest than they are of him.
Her music makes me feel happy inside and inspired to live on.
Jeremy Stock Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
LIGHTS - Banner [Official Music Video]:
IPT IPT Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this playlist on YouTube:
It's around in my surroundings It counts me when it starts the counting In the chaos there is a standard I'm carrying it like a banner Incredible... Lyrics.
Does lights have xbox
acoustic version so much better
Great sound ! If you like Indie music and find underground artist, I suggest you to discover a new one by writing "Niko Laetailleurs" in the you tube search bar. Some good vibrations to share...
I love the sound of her voice
I'm so excited that shes pregnant. Beau and lights and baby bights is about to be the cutest family;)
I don't know why , but every winter i start listening Lights again .. <3 winter ^^
she is srsly the most perfect thin omf.
@Cody Lemos and that's absolutely ok^_^ the world thanks you for not being a douchebag about it:D
She's so underrated.
She is very narcisstic.
Beau Bokan from Blessthefall.
QT Pai. Would marry/10. Luff yhho xoxoxoxoxox
Miley looks hot in this video
I love her style, this one sounds strange :/
Electronica's not really my type...
"Husband" - Fuck...
i know this will never happen but i would love to see her cosplay as an ss officer.  i think her ancestors are from Austria so it would be very convincing and hot.
Check out my YouTube channel earthtomarta
I love this song I'm truly impressed lights is awesome :)
This is the first song I have ever seen her play live. <3
She looks like she's about to eat a fifty pound burger.
The acoustic version of her album is 10x better.
Omg shes pregnant and married Im so out of the loop
I think she does have instagram I think its lightsy
Wow!! Awesome!! I love this song... I just happened to come across this! I also came across another amazing singer/ songwriter - Brittany Kwasnik and her song called CITY... she sounds a bit like Lights with a mix of Paramore, Tegan & Sara, and Ellie Goulding!! You really should take a listen!! I love finding and sharing  great music!! Glad I found this video!!
Jamal Meic Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
lights is so pretty. I love her music and her husbands music. They are the perfect couple
What kind of music genre is blessthefall?
Post-hardcore, metalcore. 
redraider213 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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