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Minecraft: Survival Let's Play Ep. 28 - Evil Kenevil

by CaptainSparklez • 1,122,893 views

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Build another story and make it encased
U R $O (00/ !    =      YOU ARE SO COOL !
When the pumpkin spawned right in front of his face a laughs hard
The tree looks so different I haven't seen this episode since well... When it was released
He made a mistake in what idk but the jungle is dieng lol
You know your white when you call freestyle improv
+Dexter Jackson Or maybe he's saying white people call freestyle improv? And seems like you had 4 butthurt white people +1 your comment.
+GunsBlazein180 Eminem, Macklemore, Yelawolf. Are you implying they call it improv?
You made me laugh so hard
Just give it a rose (:
I have a sister and she lies to me
I just realized, this was uploaded on my birthday 2 years ago! <3
He keeps doing like a tobuskus voice ore something
What? Whos Tobuskus?
Jordan it's ok I have crazy OCD too
I like minecraft. Lol! Why did I type that? XD
Did anyone notice his armor missing in the last episode
Iron golems don't take fall damage
You made crack up so hard
does he know that iron golems don't take fall damage
is there a download link for this map?
The map, before he made any changed on it, was a random map. But as soon as he destroyed a block, you can't find that exact same map. So, no, no link for that map since he made it and since it's in survival, so in single player, it can't be shared
I hate it when he hoes the ground where pumpkins will spawn. It is such a waste of his Iron Hoe.
Jordan is like death the kid
...or raisins... hahaha
If only you could play as well and fast as Antvenom or he could be as funny as you... Oh well, you can't have it all ;)
Iron Golems will not fall down more than three blocks without being pushed. They also don't take fall damage.
Technically you killed the medium sized slime and then jerry and Ben came out. You killed Jerry's brother and then trapped jerry in a cell with no food or water
These pumpkins are trolls. :3
we can harvest pumpkins so we can keep on rockin
Then we'll make some iron golems to get rid of all my problems
LOL trolling Iron Golem XD
i thought golem dont take fall damage
We're gonna build some iron golems that will solve all of our problems!
Evil Kenevil, original parkour pro since 2012!
LOL he's like this is my treehouse too I can walk where I wanna walk.....jerk.
The iron golem always finds a way !
Make fences instead
You sound like pewwwwwdiepieeee! (Pewdiepie)(pew di pie)
10:50-11:00 laughting soo hard :D
I was laughing so hard when the golem some hoe got on the wall then mob trap
Lol, he's not the smartest iron golem around.
Don't try to rap you can Barley Speke englis
That iron golem is a dangerous guy. He's trying to act all cool and stuff
Iron is cold and metallic tasting.
Has anyone else notice that he no longe has boots or a helmet and that his leggings are almost disintegrated.
He ruined the tree house with the jungle wood
iron golems dont take fall damage
Iron golems don't take fall damage
Good to be proud captain sparklez I've been proud of you from the start so be proud stand up tall and just say It and I've been waiting for you to say you're proud
1, SPOILERS! 2, he despawns. delete that comment
The reason the iron golem does that is because he likes to go around the perimeter of ur house
You know that you don't need to use the hov or how you say it, to get the pumpkin to grow!!! ;)
You should have named him ezio.
oh nah 9:58 iron golem doesnt obey leader
Put hoppers under your mob grinder and chests under the hoppers so when you are upstairs the items the mobs drop wont despawn
Can you make an infinite lava sorce
if iron golem fall, it won't die! i tested!
if he dies you should make evil kenevil tree
His rap is better then lil wayne xD
dude he wont look at this it is over a year ago ......
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