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Minecraft - #1 - Joey Graceffa

by LukesArcade • 281,212 views

Watch in 720p fullscreen for the best quality! Next: Luke's Arcade Playlists! Joey:

You remind me of Alois Trancy when you kill the animalsXD
I don't mean to sound mean I am not a hater but you are horrible at minecraft
It was his first time at Minecraft
I love the hunger games to it is so good and I love it it is so cool and I love the name of the world l love it is my favourite word because I like the world name in the hunger games have you seen caching fire it is so good but if you did please tell me because I want to see how much you love the hunger games
aw this was made on my birthday :) that makes me happy!! and I'm watching in 2014
Joey introduced me to minecraft & then I became obsessed. No biggie
Who is whaching this in 2015
lol soooooooooooooooooo funny joey you are my fave you tuber
you were pretty good for being new to it the first couple times I played I was so confused
Why doesn't it need to be sheared by shears? Is that before the update?
I have the xbox version and had a mansion in just a few hours. 😜
I know this is late i'm rewatching for like the 5th time cause I love it :D BUT LUKE WHERE HAVE YOU GONE I MISS YOU and correct me if im wrong we all miss you.. COME BACK please :.',(
It like different worlds
Awe baby joey 😀😍😙😻😸😹💜
I thought he was maxmofoe for a second at the begenning
hey play on the xbox 360
the point is to get to the end and defeat the ender dragon
joey is one sexy boy!!!!
u used to look like smosh here haha
I watched all ur other videos and then this and I was shocked
He could have put the wood in a crafting table and made more wood planks
Does aneybody notice tht he kinda looks like anthony from smosh
Joey, I don't understand why it makes you so happy to kill 1) it's disturbing 2) it's mean 3) it's pointless
This would have been less boring if 1 he cussed    2 if he was a complete noob    and 3 if he was on pc would have been the best
I was given a Minecraft Upgrade Code and it worked! It's totally free too!
He was such a noob now hes so good
This was the first joey graceffa video I ever watched omfg his hair
can everyone please subscribe to my channel and watch my Minecraft tutorials?
Joey you need wood to build a house
why Does it FUCKING matter U a Fuckin Gay hater!!!!!!!!!!!!
He has a shirt on!!!!
OMG it is so wierd that he doesn't know what he is doing and didn't call the chicken a chickenanya
Watching this in 2014
I remembr I would hide in my room and watch all his mine craft videos on my sisters phone. Ahh good times
Jesus Christ if you would look at the other comments I said it's not a problem DUMBASS
Why can't joey be 13 an live by me! Everybody most likely wishes to meet him someday! I love him! I wish i was his sister sometimes so we could game together..
You should live in a tree
joey looks way better with his hair like this! omg!
joey is so mean......poor animals....WHAT DID THEY EVER DO TO YOU JOEY...HUH WHAT DID THEY EVER DO TO YOU
I got minecraft full version for free by just downloading it from some website I can only play offline thou :/
You even get some more stuff when you buy it.. well atleast i thought. Maybe I just did not see it.
U look like the guy from smosh
lol ik right that hairdo!
take this yo...ooohhhhhhh whats this...SEEDS........Oh joey the things you say     SSSSSSOOOOO FUNNY
Evil joey unleashed!! XD
What is his mine craft username?
I miss this channel ;(
its really adorable how joey was trying to firger out things on minecraft! XD
I Miss This Channel And Miss His Hair A Little <3
I'm a pro at mc now
I named my world Penem too 😄
2013 yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
LOL i'm compering your first mindcraft vid to now, first, your acting like such a newb, and now your a pro!!! LOL
Wow ........GAY HAIR CUT JOEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watching this in 2014
this was so long ago and the proof is.....he didnt call the chicken a chickianya
*You're *An +Callum Craig I think we found the real idiot. Learn to be nice.
How can you call someone an idiot, then tell them to be nice?
LOL same old Joeyyyy :) but different hair..
your a clown and a idiot
And what is your reason for that?
I remember watching this I while ago. Those were the days
joey and luke are friends they both played on this channel
He seems like a newb in this video, its hilarious because now he's so much better. xD
If you are reading this comment your parents are going to die in 5 years.the only way to get rid of the curse is to copy this on 5 other videos.
Zombies just pretty much PUNCH YOU
This is the birth place of the minecraft god! :D
your like a girl you talk like it
awwwwwwwwww joey is so cute
hahaha the sheeps skinny dipping!!!11
Guys he was just having fun ge is so adorable watching 2013
Haha he sucks at mc he'll get better like I did
+ACreeperDream LOL a first I thought you were serious but you were just awfully delusional. HAHAHA <3333  
I have a cool home for minecraft if you ilke to see it !
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