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Lakers Fan Hits Half Court Shot, Wins $235K

by JerseyChaser3000 • 488,143 views

Craig Calloway hit a half court shot during Game 2 of the Thunders-Lakers series worth $235,000. Must Be Nice

 Keep that hand up son. Total boss shot
God really wanted him to win
Kobe probably made 235k from that one game
What's the song in the background at the beginning.
Just take it for what it was, it was indeed a great shot.
The only video where you can say that this song is "darude - sandstorm" where no one will get mad haha
If you think this shot is good, check out ours!
Kobe's pissed thinking he has to play the entire game to get that much money!!
This "God" fella seems like a great guy, how do i get hold of him?
Did you think you could make it? Says: you know I think did. Thinks: nigga pls, I'm black.
The guy won Kwame's Salary 
That Laker Cheerleader at the beginning though. Booty had me like, "...dead"
that was nouuououououuouice
That was niceeee indeed!!!!!
I Love the Yell at the end when he makes it
that celebration was awesome
get some rims nigga...."they spinnin nigga they spinnin, they spinnin nigga they spinnin, they spinnin nigga they spinnin!" ...lmao
well theres 8 years of work salary.
winnings like that aren't taxed.. like the lottery
Well theres 50 years of work salary.
why are all these half court shots amounts different? This is the largest I've seen so far. The lowest being $3000 in giftcards lmao
He kinda sounds like Charles Barkley
he looks like a fat version of Tupac
I bet he took that cheerleader too xd
0:42 Adam Morrison celebrate :)
Guess who got robbed at the parking lot
I love how the Lakers were all into it too. Awesome.
@stankalmighty lol i bet kobes did something with her already
When he makes it, the black ref starts to celebrate, but then he realizes that he's not supposed to get excited about anything, so he puts his hands back down lol
0:02 hahahahahahahahaha 69 - 73 ( 69 )
shot win, reaction to
It costs him 30,000 dollers just to shoot that...
somebody is getting there dick wet tonight!
its more than likely extra cash laying around. the lake show has a gang of money so this one should be high, let me guess the giftcards were from the bobcats??
It's so funny to see the players reactions hahaha
swag, the way he held his hand up when he let it go.
man i love this commentator... ,,that was niiiice,,
wow lucky! we dont even have that much money xD and he got it by just shooting -_- lol
Now that is one FINE Lakers girl
@KATOMATE01 I like how u bit off my comment lol
the fat version of vince carter
huh most contradictory statement.. praise god and i believe in myself
and then he got robbed when he got back to the hood
Wait... He believed in himself and "knew" he could do it... What if he missed? LOL. PRAISE THE LORD!
My favorite reaction is of the ref walking at 0:40 He's like WOAHWAT
Adam Morrison even cheered for him at the end... lol
The fans hit more half court shots than the NBA players lol
well that was nooooooiiiiiiiccccccccccceeeee
He seems like a good bloke. Well done!
He must already be paid because i would be going a lot fucking crazier than that.
The lottery in the us is taxed.... but not in canada :)
of course it was on 4/20, bet he got so blazed after this
have the transfer done in serbia and bring it back on a plane in cash
Too bad the people sitting on the bench are making more than that for watching a NBA basketball game..
@thesuperjag I agree that god didn't create AIDS, cancer, etc, since god is a myth. However, if you're a christian you must believe that god created those diseases since it says in the new testament that all things that came to be came through the father. If you think god is omnipotent and omniscient, he would also have known that adam and eve would fall and that lucifer would rebel before he created any of them and yet chose to create them anyway knowing what would happen. It's his fault, lol.
The thing i watched most were the women in the back, jumping.
@LazloLT not so lucky afterwards he put the spin on the ball
420!!! TOO FUNNY!!!! OMFG. And people say it's not a holiday... was for that dude.
"This has gotta be the greatest moment of your life" what a dick
you see that form at the end of that shot,lol
I would react better. Hes to coccy. I would be crying
they must go up when noone makes it like a lottery
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