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Minecraft Clay Soldiers Project - Episode 36 - Easter Egg!

by TheSneakyBros • 33,147 views

Today i almost finish off the dwarfs and i start the new civilization that has been requested since day one! Please leave your ideas in the comments below ;) Song by Nubby Cakums:...

U should make one of the mountains mount Olympics
you guys are awsome
why is is alwase dark?
@Tyler Rutland I played those original levels I loved greeen hill zone or dwarf cave factory XD
make sky and nether enemies and the sky people should have thrones
make a glass viewing floor area
Add a parachute (feather) so when they fall or go back to land they will float
Just started what hung the vids and love them! You should make a tree-house tribe!
AGAIN IM SORRY ABOUUT THE COMMENTS but message me if you guys are interested inanything io cmmented in
I can also help you run this server and build you epic battles and I guarentee you it will be awesome
In the dwarv place you should have cobwebs
Build a statue of the king and queen in the pyramid :)
Add numerous floating islands with open edges and stairs so that they can float down with feathers and climb back up.
Floating peoples leader should be Herobrine
i got some ideas for you to do before ep. 37 or 38: 1. bring the stables back and let some civilians ride horses for transportation 2. make a royalty worship totem in the pyramid for King Tutenclay and Queen Stuccopatra 3. put more ghosts in the tomb under the church 4. make a prison in the nether 5. (won't be done until the elves(green) are finished) move 3/4 of the cats into the elf village
it would be really awesome if they make the people in the sky holy guardians or warriors who are against the demon reds so they will have there own war where its gods people v.s. the devils people...who will win! :)
paratroopers or zombie attack please reply
Makke a persian-style palace to fit the oranges persian-like life
you should make road between the oranges and all the others then put stables outside of all the gates so the oranges can move between them and make some caravans along the road with some oranges trapped in them
I used the pinks as stripper slaves for the purples and the yellows come and save the pinks. thats what i did for my town, try it for urs.
the dwarfs should make a factory the pistins go up down up down like they are pressing down on things like a normal factory :D i would be happy if u add it
make sky kingdom be VERY holy and religous and stuff like so they can see dis
i knew there a sky town. i saw a piece of it in the sky and wonder what it was and only can be the town!
The tribe camp needs some place for water maybe a well or pond
for the greys in the mine make a stair way up to the top and make up there a little place to read,run around and look over the yellows
put a presher plat to get to the stairs to the tomb
that waz the best minecraft vidoe
when you add the clay soldiers back in and honeydew being the mayor of the dwarves sould have a clay soldier sized yogcave. just an idea
A in dwarf city A Invention room where they keep ingenous projects
Can you make them have war and can you make statue of the clay king
You should put feathers in the dispencers so that if the clay soldiers fall down they would look as if they are angels falling from the sky.
ladder to original town to the new island
Put cobwebs around the dwarfs town to make it a bit oldish
make the sky civilization make it all with white wool 2 make it match the clouds and flying horses
Make it so you can play as a clay steve
put a volcano in the reds place i dont care how big i would like a volcano
make a rail system from the blacksmith to the barracks wen u make it for the dwarves
for the green vilige put cages with enemys in them hang under the tree branches:)
You should make the island so it blend's in with the cloud's so like no other town's and tribe's get suspicous and go on an all out rage :)
you should make a spot in the ground where the island came from
make the floating island like a Paladin training place
sorry i have been commenting a lot bug in that room put a chest all the way across the room then put boby trraps everywhere
for the reds u could change sanandreas to duke nukem
For the dwarves make another room put a fountain in the middle and put diamond ores and blocks in it
you should make a Super Bowl Stadium. the people need to get more athlete instead of the Colosseum :)
secret area in the sky island like skyloft in skyward sword
HOLY SHIT!!! It's angel island!!!
Right.This is what I think about The FLOATING ISLAND. How about: Clay Colour: white. Clay Houses: Offices or White Houses. CLay Race: Gods and Goddess
Also, make the church a very impressive, large, and imposing cathedral
add a barracks for each faction each barracks will look the same with the exception for underground or underwater clay soldiers. The clay soldiers would have 1-3 barracks. The blacks would also have a barracks, but in the form of a tent. The yellows, the largest faction, would have the most barracks. oranges, which is also large but more of a neutral faction, would have 1.
the whites can be peacful and revive fallen clay soldiers of all colors!
for useful items from the merchants
Could u put a few torches I find it hard to see sometimes
u should add feathers to the sky so like if the raid they come from the sky
I know that what's been done to the sky town is done but, i think it should have been above cloud level it doesn't look right with clouds passing through and white clay soldiers. Oh by the way the black barwlers leader should have been batman!
war machines i think would be awesome
How do you get clay soldiers onto a server is it a plugin or something???
you need 2 story homes. or more!!!
As soon as you said floating island I thought SKY SANCTUARY ZONE Act 1
oh, and make their church bigger. they are a civilization of worship after all
you sould make a sphinx in the pyramid plz thumbs up
Make an Air Ship with feathers for the 91st Air Born!
when is ep 37 coming out because i can't find it and this is prett much all i have to do for fun :D?
in the pyromid put a stachu of the king and queen
Make a wood golem in the tribe where the totem please
In the cinamatec the sky people should perashote down to the yellows.
reminds me of Zelda:Skyward Sword....
In the dwarf area I think a mine area leading to a large cavern under ground would be nice, you could have another race of clay soldiers down there for the dwarfs to go to war with, who knows maybe even the reds have a portal down in a deep cave or you can enter the nether by going down deep enough. It would open up for a way to attack the reds if the portal gets shut down or if the yellows get pushed from their home.
what's good to do, is use snow blocks and make a cloud like thing for whites
Skycity : Can they please have a peagsus stable and A sky tower where mages live
And yes you should raise the island above the clouds... Trust me its alot nicer
I'm tellin ya drill mod! And dwarf prison, and give em some picks!!!
you should make a god clay soldier for the sky village that would be cool
You should get the guliver mod it work with the clay soldiers
The dwarves also need a place to smelt their ores
get rid of the fences and replace them with dispencers and pressure pads and fill them with feathers so every time they go near the edge (or jump off ) they will get a feather. a good idea in my opinion. ya know, so they can then bring their religion to the world in all.
By kill i mean fight cuz if they kill no point
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