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Motorcycle Fail Compilation

by NY slice • 4,038,817 views

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Look at that fat useless cunt!
It should be obvious by now, SHOW OFFS ARE LOSERS !
Wow, wtf? Do men even know what a motorcycle is and how to use one? I've seen more women like myself who ride way better then these kitchen monkeys-who apparently ride with their (dicks) instead of their brain.This is why you don't buy a motorcycle without knowing how to ride it first. I bet their sandwich-making skills are way more impressive. ~laughs~
+OfficeBear IMBACKURMAD  Well, first of all; that comment was meant to be a joke. But, I do suppose it's difficult to catch the tone at which a comment is written. It was a stupid and funny video. So who could help but make fun?   Stunting is cool, but sitting on the handlebars isn't how you ride a motorcycle, such as the examples at 0:30 and 4:07. That's why it has a (seat). Second; You don't ever wheelie with a passenger on the back like the moron at 1:04. My point being; these are not toys, but very expensive, and often (dangerous) machines in the wrong hands. That's how people end up hurt- like the guy at 3:08 to 3:20. If these guys simply just rode a motorcycle like it's meant to be ridden, none of them would be in the predicaments they're in. I'm sorry, but I can never defend this sort of stupidity. Why? Because people witness this crap and automatically dub every motorcycle rider (even the responsible ones) "idiots" because of it. It creates a reason for people to be disrespectful toward motorcyclists. Would you say that's fair to the rest of us who ride our bikes properly? Of course it isn't-which is why I said what I said about it, and with no regret.
alibiker Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Do dumb shit and this is what happens.
These morons do not deserve such machines.
Correction: He has another job too; (Sandwich Maker). LOL!!! Just like their machines, riders need their fuel too. :)
Its like saying Guns dont kill people, people do. I felt sorry for the bike at 3:06 but did not actually feel sorry for the Guy moaning in pain on the ground..He should of known better not to misuse a bike other then its real purpose.
I just don't understand the people that act shocked and surprised when someone wipes out and gets hurt. What do you think is going to happen? These stunts are an open invitation into getting mangled. It's a conscious decision. Your skill level can lower your odds of being hurt, and some learn faster than others, but no one's exempt.
My apologies in giving you more intellectual credit than deserved. I totally missed the 'CoD Fanboy' in your tag. Please return to pwning nabs on multiplayer and I will try and avoid you and your skateboard on the streets while I legally ride my motorcycle.
1:36 full on nerd...dickhead...sourcrout...anus....conehead....asshole......etc...etc..etc..
Hopefully all these guys found their way to the kitchen where they belonged (originally) making sandwiches. >:)
after i read your comment i was suddenly mad... like if you felt the same way.
If you are dumb, you must bleed.
Positions now open at the Sandwich Shop! Looking for: Full-Time "Sandwich Boys" to work (busy Kitchen). All of these guys should apply ASAP. :)
HAD IT...Most of 'em. That's the risk of freestyle stunt riding man, and real man would get up, learn the lesson, then advance to perfection :-) -NO PAIN NO GAIN-
What assholes... I noticed most of these wrecked bikes are gixxers. They're trash anyway...
that dudes leg was busted up pretty bad
Minivans and stupid drivers and their cell phones need to be off the street.I was one my bike once when some stupid driver ran a red light coming out from the left and swerved right into my lane.I went down at 50 MPH.The police called her at fault, Because obviously the thing o do at a red light is to (Stop) right? Did I rape her insurance company for every dime it was worth? Damn right I did,and I even got a brand new bike out of it. :) (proof) that DRIVERS are the main threat to motorcyclists.
They all better be alright enough to cook. lol!
tank slapper. while bringing the front end of the bike down after a wheely, the angle of the front isn't in line with the rear cause the bike to begin a leaning turn while the rider is fighting it. this causes a "tank slapper"
And if thats not good enough for you, I was stopped at a set of railroad tracks to let the commuter train through. The lights were flashing, the gate was down, and the train was passing through at over 60 mph when I looked in my rear view to see some idiot in an SUV slam on his brakes just in time before almost rear-ending me. (He was on his cell phone). Once again, DRIVERS are a threat to motorcyclists. Had he hit me, I would have been injured of killed while he would have been perfectly fine.
2 rules to a motorbike 1. Always wear your gear 2. Don't act like a twat
So,the whole twirling around on your tyre,apart from ruining your tyre,what does it do ???
Damn right. If you cannot respect the machine and treat it right, then you should be in the kitchen with a frying pan, or at the grill with a spatula (Cooking and grilling up burgers for motorcycle riders), and nowhere near a motorcycle. LOL!
Thats why they should always be in the kitchen and nowhere doing anything else. Especially if it involves anythign with wheels and an engine. -BIG no-no for these guys.
Front wheel misaligned from the rear wheel creates speed wobble usually ending up in a fierce top-side.
Sort of makes you wonder if ANY of these people earned the money to buy these bikes or if they were all from Daddy's pocketbook.
@3:15 don't freakin touch him call an ambulance.
Bunch of retards on cheap lil bikes
Mmmmm. Might wanna rethink that statement dude. The ones on sport bikes with reckless riding habits-(Yes). The riders that are involved in biker gangs-(yes). But I also own and ride a motorcycle and am a perfectly nice young woman. So are my friends and neighbors. My bf and his mom both ride. We're not gang involved, and ride very safe defensively. Every year many bikers raise money for cancer research and other terminal illnesses in children and adults. So, not all bikers are assholes.
IntelligentCodFanboy your name is oxymoronic and you are just moronic
Only someone who's never ridden or owned one would say somethign like that. LOL.
True. A painful way to learn for not remaining in the yard flipping burgers at the grill (where they should have been in the first place).
stupid ways to get yourself killed, not the bikes but the people riding the bikes.
@IntelligentCoDFanboy Ur fuckin retarded dude just because cars crash we don't take them off the road
the funniest part is they get back on the motorcycles and do it again lol. squirrel huh in the middle of a field lol. intelligence at its finest.
So have you even ever been on a Motorcyle? No? Then don't talk something that you obvosly don't know.
You do know cars endanger lives too right? I'll keep my Harley, thanks.
You are quite ignorant aren't you. While some of these riders did crash due to poor rider ability, some of them were actually very skills at how they managed to 'control' their crash. Also do you think some people just become professional stunters the moment they jump on a bike? No it takes many breaks, bruisers, blood, skin & bikes.....Practice makes perfect, and you don't know your limit until you are beyond it.
@4:30 poor fzr600.... thats my bike right there lol!
hope they got hurt hard to stop this crap
oh myy, suddenly everyone is a fucking expert when it comes to riding a bike.
All that scuffing.. ouchhhh! Lost his footwear first too - proper boots mean your ankles don't get destroyed.
I hope i never get tot the point where i treat my bike like a toy
Flashfire (aka flashsandwich) u r biggest yt troll, posting same guano on EVERY yt bike fail vid on yt. U claim to have bike and yet u spend entire life here. Congratulations!!!!
U wer doin this u wer shakin ur lega bd i was lik ahhh
Your life rotates around a computer game. What the fuck would you know about what happens in the real world. Go back to the basement of your moms house and cry with all your internet friends.
back to riding a gn250 for all of you. Check this out!!!
@3.21 - fuck him lets go have some tea 'n crumpets ladies
5:12 And don't forget your brain !
It looks like the rider at 1:05 didn't compensate for the rider on the back.
I'm gonna buy an expensive bike and wreck the shit out of it
One thing all in common-----------showing off!
You mutha fukers should have more respect for motorcycles, there not fuking BMX`s you deserve all the gravel rash you get!!!!
Trust me, these videos can be most mind boggling to those of us who (Ride Responsibly) and treat our machines with (respect).
Why don't you drive like normal people?
HAHAHAHAAHA to every last falling idiot.
Is kinda shocking watching people who are willing to risk their lives just to be noticed.
The CODEA are now here to enlighten us on the motorcyle danger we have brains u idiots
:40 this nigga bike starts rolling away
not disagreeing with you or anything but its a mustang in your avatar lmao
Its the bikes i feel sorry for, not the complete and utter d!ckheads riding them
Everyone Crashes, few get up, Many don't and Few cant.
יש משוגעים. ויש גנובים. ויש מתאבדים,
At 18 I rode an RD350LC almost like these fools, then stopped for a long time. Now at 45 I've just finished years riding in Bangkok/Thailand, on a CBR150, where I had no trouble leaving the tourists on their rented 650 Ninjas in the mountain dust. Small bikes teach line, RPM, throttle, and much more that big bikes can't. Big bikes and piss-poor riders can't ever match a skilled rider on a bike that's just 1/4 the size, yet US riding culture insists the opposite.
"Motorcycle Fail Compilation" aka Squids
oh, because your god "CoD" tells you not to ride motorcu- waaaaaait, you were supposed to be enlightenment on game vids
How many SRAD GSXR's have been totaled by squids,In the thousands.It's fucking genocide I tell you!
I think it's an awesome hobby, but there will be a few accidents!
Its not risking lives if you know how to drive one you can risk lives in a car just as much as a motercycle
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