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The Jackson 5 - Shake Your Body Down to the Ground (Sega Genesis Remix)

by TheLegendOfRenegade • 3,343 views

This one is much more accurate to the original song, with the funky instruments of Earthworm Jim and Toejam & Earl --- Sega Genesis / Megadrive remix album MJ's 'Off the Wall' tracks and a few of...

I thought the the multiplayer feature was nice touch, it defenetly brings something new to the game despite being an HD remake. I do wish it had more bonus levels though. Also, I wish the music wasn't based on the SNES tracks, it should've been the CD/PC version's, much better quality. BTW, I played your Get back vs. Buttville mix when I got to Buttville. :D x)
So how come the first version's a little longer than the second?
I hardly play it at all! this video footage was from the playthrough I recorded on it when I first got it! I'm not a fan of the multiplayer I just play 1P mode!
Sounds really good man. Hey, how often do you play EWJ HD anyway? Everytime I start it, I look for online sessions but never get connected to any, or anyone connect to my host games. I thought more people would be playing this, like almost everytime I plau Guardian Heroes, there's usually a game to join. x)
yeah I agree I wasnt really sold on the remixed soundtrack! but I love EWJ so much that I put up with it!
Sounds like shit fucking up a good song
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