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Bobby Brown - Humpin' Around

by BobbyBrownVEVO • 507,432 views

Music video by Bobby Brown performing Humpin' Around. (C) 1992 Geffen Records

I was obsessed with this track as a kid and the thing is, it still sounds pretty good to me.
You gotta give it to him. Bobby ass was Jammin in this video.
Best New Jack Swing song ever. 
Back in the day when music was music and the Britney Spears and Kardashians of the world knew their place.
Say what they want now but Bobby was the KING in the late 80s and early 90s.  And this song was the perfect comeback for him.  Still one of my favorites.
I'm only here because of stamper
This beat is the hottest I've ever heard. My Prerogative is a nice beat, but this one has the funk, the flava, it's just the best. Nothing can touch it.  Fuck what ya heard about Bobby, he's a muthafuckin BOSS.
Bobby Brown was the man back then.
So this is what 1992 sounded like
yo stamster lemme holla atcha
i start watching your animations, they're fucking perfect, then i find out you have great taste in music...have my children. Or beat them. Either or.
The dude could rap!!!!!
You can tell something is crap when the first thing you remember it for is the backup dancers' lines. Fuck this waste,
The 18th Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Happy hump day n Christmas eve 2 all
this sounds like a Britney spears song a little
dude, it's the other way around.
Get your facts straight, we don't have to steal styles to create good music. FYI, Spears could never create something so funky and new jack swinging as this.
I love this man! Older and heavy he is still the man! He was the man back then! Ol school Chris Brown!
Carlton's been humpin' around.
James Corleone Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
"Ain't nobody Humpin' Around!" #humpday   #humpdaywednesday  
One of the first albums i bought! ahhh memories
Ain't nobody Grumpin' around!
That does it. Danny is now officially "The Nostalgia Grump."
there wasn't no humpin' around because ol' whitney was doing coke 
Classic track from my lost youth
one of my fav bb joints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome back to hump grumps!
This is my late brothers favorite song. I miss you and I love you Bro!
And now I remember this song. Thanks Game Grumps.
This is my hump day jam. My favorite lyric being "You think I got some dip on the side." Amazing.
the rap dude got a high ass kick hell naw ahahhahahah
Nola J Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Happy Birthday Bobby Brown#Humpday
iam MANOLIS Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This #humpday  I wish all a happy Humpin' Day :)   #humpdaywednesday  
In honor of Hump Day This song is guanteed to give you a  *wake up call as well.
i was humpin around and jumpin around
going out by request robkelley shows 
Today's his birthday and I'm not Humpin Around!
Bobby makes me laugh when he raps and the other guy Styles that raps makes me laugh.
this guy is a DUMB ASS! Had it made... money making tunes, sexy, married to one of the most talented beautiful women in the world and he fugged it up. shame. i am a big fan of his music...
HIDEKI NAGANUMA Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
からの〜 ♬ Bobby Brown - Humpin' Around を聴いている。これもカッケー! Bobby Brown - Humpin' Around これは80'sではなく、90's New Jack Swingなのだ。Swing Funkと呼びたい。
Humpin Around is my jam and his album that's called Bobby that has this song is pretty good. 
this is the  camel from the insurance commercial theme music
Dave Pipe Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
1993 - Bobby Brown was arrested in Augusta, GA, for simulating a sex act onstage. It was the second time that he had been arrested by the Augusta police department for the same offense. #dapimusic   #mymusichangout   #newjack   #bobbybrown   #onthisdate   #onthisdate  
Charles Rivers Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Desiree Westerink Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Bekijk deze video op YouTube:
Vannie DelRosario Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Ain't nobody humpin around.....unless it's humpday! Lol. Happy humpin +ers! Enjoy your day!
Ruben Diaz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Bobby should teach Justin Beaver how to sing real pop music
Robert Partridge Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Bobby Brown - "Humpin' Around" Hope everyone has an awesome "Hump Day" today! #MusicBomb   #HumpDay  
I posted this on a #humpday too!
Red Buengkoom Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Bobby Brown - Humpin' Around
dory cv Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Haha !!! It fits !!!! ;) happy hump day !!! 🎶 HUMPIN' AROUND 🎶 Bobby Brown .
Happy hamp day dory :-)
Oh fuck off! If you can't see the stupidity and sheer pointlessness of what you wrote then there's no hope for you.. To be fair, the 'I don't blame Bobby' comment fairly sealed that point. Sap
Dance jam! This songs sounds better than anything played right now
@Allinmoderation88 i was wondering the same thing too...
BB n' WH the worst "hook-up" in the history of hook ups? what 'bout OJ Simpson and the wife that he allegedly murdered? or JB (James Brown 2U) and the wife he constantly and repeatedly battered? or Ike n' Tina Turner (did U ever watch the movie?) or Curtney Love n' Court Cobain? or Rihana n' CB? and I could go on n' on n' on but why bother,I think you get the picture. Nigga please,and U thought I was hiding under a rock? I strongly believe that U've been living under that rock of yours 4ever.
OMG!!!!! just listen to you.BB can live in peace now? I strongly believe he'll be haunted and pointed at for the rest of his miserable life for NOT being there for her.Specially since WH was and still is a bigger singer than BB.He is NOT your type 'cause he's NOT good looking enough and he's TOO black? damn girl/boy (you never know these days) now you're WAY out of line and into racist territory here. Are you certain that BB would like you if he sees you? maybe you're way TOO white 4 him.
Goddamn I miss this Bobby. This is Bobby BCBW, as in "Before Crack Before Whitney". Today's "singers" ain't got shit on this.
Damn, i was 12 when this came out. it was all about good dance music back then- loved bobby back then.
Bobby and mike where both amazing during these time periods :)
@rareunheardsound u lucky i cant reply to your comment ya troll first of all i AIN'T YOUR BITCH! AND SECONDLY YOU ARE STILL WRONG ABOUT WHAT U SPEAK OF LOSER
your the type man that enjoys enslaving women, your are f***kin control freak and a narcissistic schemer that likes to coerce women and trick women......
my dude BOBBY BROWN was a freak lolz
This dude was rocking snapbacks before they were even popular... MAH NIGGAH!
@Allinmoderation88 i was thinkin tha same thing.
@srekal88 Totally agree with you! The guys today are too afraid to really be "singers" and use their voacals, instead they all just let out aggression and cursive words that doesn't even come close to where artists like Bobby-B left off.
Bobby was the SHIT!! til he start doin crack and beatin Whitney =/..still love his music though
@srekal88 this is true, not to mention back then the artists could DANCE....all of them. Even R.Kelly, sheesh, Diddy or whatever his name was used to dance before he became A&R exec. What happened to overall talent. Dancing, singing, rapping all in one. Don't get that anymore.
First saw this video on Beavis and Butthead. "He's wearing a Burger World headset!" "I'll take 2 dozen chicks in tight shorts." "Thank you, drive through"
" get up off my back, save your heart attack, carlton's been humping around" haha fresh prince when sindey brings home the baby lol so funny
everytime i hear this song it makes me wanna hump around
Damn the back street boys stole the whole formant of this song, white people play no games when it comes to imitating black music. ESPECIALLY ELVIS
Bobby Brown is the king of R&B, ROCKS and BLUNTS.
ahh.. the good days.. when hip hop was amazing.. today... its soo dead :P
Ain't nobody was humping around oh yeah bobby was humping around alright
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