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Peter Schiff at Harvard University (part 2 Q&A)

by matty tripps • 4,001 views

click the link to sign up for tom woods's liberty classroom 11/7/09 watch peter...

why is it so hard for him to say that the wall street is paying the politicians? they "convinced" the politicians, lol
Peter Schiff: I should be able to smoke Marijuana *Golf Clap, clap, clap, clap. Took him long enough to get an applause there. All the economics talk in the world doesn't quite do it till he gets right down to taking drugs with these hippie ivy league elitists.
1 marxist or keynesian didn't like this
Is goofy still alive? I would love to knowreplypleasee
i want to see him debate krugman or stiglitz
How he didn't win the seat in CT still boggles my mind
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