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Wale - Triumph (Produced By David Andrew Sitek)

by Cytek • 68,509 views

Album: Attention Deficit Artist: Wale

true hip hop finally being played
Like Michael Vick, if yall bark nigga yall through....damn.
@MadMonkeyCinema Waynes lyrics? His lyrics are just throwing random rhymes together over expensive beats.
mad chills from hearing the metaphors
swollow everything like kirby
classic first album just wish it would have sold more... so wale wouldnt feel the need to make more albums like ambition to get sales
I Mac like Bernie, She swallow everything like Kirby haha
cause I mac like Bernie, and she swallow everything like Kirby
"first truth moment, now i'm really over it".
Cuz u a slumdog and ima millionaire'
It's about time for Wale to get a major push. He's about as talented as anyone in the game today.
thumbs up if the new episode of the game brought you here
This shit go hard. Plain and simple.
me and you, that's the movie of the year. cause you slum, dawg. and i'm the millionaire. doppeee!!!
I Mac like Bernie, She swallow everything like Kirby haha
good talent gravitates towards sitek.
Hey everyone I’m just going to cut to the chase. I’m a 17 year old Guitarist, Graphic Designer, Rapper, and Producer. I record all of my music, and edit it myself. I take my dream very seriously, and all I’m asking from EVERYONE that’s reading this is to give me a “THUMBS UP” so others can notice, and read this. If you have the time out of your schedule to check out my music I’d surely appreciate it. PLEASE Comment, Rate, And SUBSCRIBE! Thanks you ALL for your time! -Sydney Boone
sounds like a mix between wiz's voice and wayne lyrics
Wiz and wayne?? idiots lmfao. learn about hiphop before saying he sounds like them! Now if he talked only about weed and lean then you can compare (: But otherwise Wale is poetry!
I thought this track was produced by Emil?
I was lookin everywhere for this damn song!!!!! I finally found it!!!!! Thanks to da first episode of The Game!!!!!
Too raw . Hope Wale keeps it going.
Why is there people comparing Wale to Wiz and Wayne in the comments below me..? You're some dumb bastards, wow...
why does this sound just like Wiz??? i dont reall like that
@Harvey81491 i was like OOOOOOOOOOO when i heard that line lol
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