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Can she be THAT stupid?

by spyderlc • 19,908,874 views

Kelly Pickler On "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader"

This comment section is full of: -MURICA OWNS THE WORLD! MURICA FUCK YEAH -America is the worst and dumbest country in the world! Europe owns the world bitches! -Oh I'm British and I think we Brits are superior to USA. The country that belongs to us -The entire population of 300 000 000+ have an IQ of one -MURICA WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD! WE OWN THE MIDDLE EAST! -You stupid Americans -This is what America is -Europe is superior -No America is good too -MURICA -EUROPE FUCK YEAH! -OMG WHITE PEOPLE ARE SUPERIOR! AMERICA IS DUMB BECAUSE OF THESE N**GERS -WHITE PEOPLE ARE SO DUMB! ESPECIALLY THE BLONDE GIRLS -CR**KERS VS N**GERS -NO (Put country here) OWNS THE WORLD Regular comments 0.88888%
Fucking bitch america isn't for brits it americans it's for native americans cock sucker
+RClittleKING  my brain actually hurts from trying to decipher that un-punctuated grammatical train wreck.
She was not stupid she was brilliant! "Well they could just call the show Are You Smarter Than a Man". Great on-the-spot come back. "Hungry? I have heard of turkey". I could tell she was playing into it. I DO believe that she is uneducated but she has a quick wit and a clever method of conveying it. Bravo!
+DragonPhlegm that's not supposed to make sense, right?
"That's just called being a woman" XD
+m3ntl3g3n - knock knock - knock knock who? That's what I do whenever anyone tries to tell me a knock knock joke. But yours made me laugh anyway, it was just so facepalm.
She wasn't stupid, she simply didn't know. If someone didn't know about the Higgs boson, they wouldn't be stupid in quantum mechanics, she would be uneducated in quantum mechanics. And "are you smarter than a man" and "I've heard of Turkey" comments were hilarious.
Sorry it's common knowledge that France is a country and Europe is a continent. She's pretty stupid
As an ethnic Hungarian, I am offended
+Mast3r1908 I don't think I can mention all of them but many of them. But then again, I've got about 100 more countries to keep track of. This is all the states I could think of barely trying to think: Washington, California, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, New Mexico, Mississippi, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Alaska. Now if I thought long and hard enough I'd come up with more of them. However, I also keep track of the Warring States (China before they were united), Qin, Zhao, Wei, Han, Qi, Chu, Yan (can't remember the minor ones, sry). I am truly sorry for my ignorance. xD
+JMPERager You should be! No but really that is pretty nice. :D
Here's the reality. The reason the national IQ is so low is because of Blacks and Hispanics. Subtracting those two races, the American average national IQ would be 103, tied for third place with Japan. We aren't dumb, Blacks and Hispanics are and they're dragging down the average.
You're such a f**** racist.
Sure scapegoat races that aren't white, you fucking racist.
Most powerful army in the world (U.S.A) Most used currency in the world ( U.S dollar) 8 out of the top 10 best universities in the world are from the U.S ( Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Columbia etc). This means that MANY of the best minds are forging their way through the American Culture.  HOLLYWOOD ( yes, this is the reason why so many Canadians and british actors end up moving to the U.S. The U.S is champion in movies and tv programs). Silicon Valley ( even China is trying to replicate it but so far they have been unsuccessful).  Olympic games : The U.S is the country with the most medals 2684. Half of these are Gold medals and while Russia is the second country with most medals, they only have half the medals the U.S has. What does this mean? The U.S has the best athletes in the world.  Of all the so called "powerful nations ( China, Russia, U.S ), only the U.S is on the top 10 of the best  GDP . The GDP measures the best economies.  Almost all top 10 most valuable brands ( those which sell the most) are from the U.S ( Apple, Google, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Mcdonalds etc). Shall I continue? U.S= Most intelligent country in the world.
Wow resorting to personal attacks because you cant back up your argument ? You Americans must be dumber than i first expected. Your country really gives North America as a whole a bad name. Canada is great just like a lot of other European countries.
Americans so dumb. They totally just disregard other countries lmao.. dumb slut. And for those who keep saying the kids are american therefore smart, the game is rigged.
+Lmclean89 Who said they were? I was asking what you meant when you said "worst racist"
There was never any doubt that Yanks are retarded motherfuckers. And that they don't know geography of "their own" country, let alone the rest of the world, which their country brainwashed them into thinking it doesn't exist. Why would they do that? Because the best slave is the one who thinks he is free, and that he already lives in the "USA #1 WOOOOOOO!". For fucks sake, your top military men don't even know where the countries they are bombing are! And here you all are telling me that you KNOW those wars are "fighting the good fight for freedom and democracy". Retarded motherfuckers. Here's hoping your end comes slow and painful. 9/11 ♥
+ThePalo48 Hahaha and here you are bitching about how "terrorists from a thind world country no one gives a fuck about" bombed the shit out of "Twins", Pentagon, Boston... I would say your logic is retarded, but that would suggest I didn't expect a retarded argument from a retard. No one gives a shit? And yet trough history many people, including Hitler, cared very much about which way my country will go. Some even argue that Hitlers decision to postpone "Barbarosa" and attack Serbia instead, caused his troops to get caught up in the infamous Russian winter, eventually causing them the entire war. Sound pretty important to me, but then again, I know history, while you are a moron who "doesn't give a fuck". How do you know I've never been to Americas? Can you sense how moronic you are when you spew these idiotic statements that are mere guesses that you present them as facts? Yet you have the balls to talk to me about logic, arguments and validity. Again, you assume wrong. I know about Homeland Security and I also know that Boston Marathon Bombing happened AFTER 9/11, and not that soon either. Do you feel stupid making that comment now? So clearly, instead of giving BILLIONS on military spending to INVADE OTHERS, they should be investing half of that to protect their own soil :) The world wouldn't hate them as much and they'll even have enough money left over to enact better social programs or pay that debt :) Tragedies? You mean Karma? Karma can't be stopped :) Either it's some suicide bomber, or a huge wave of fires all across the Cali :) Riiiight photoshoped, and the announcement of investigating those Marines by the army/navy is also false. But it's not like a degenerate like you would even give a fuck about it, even if they ACTUALLY SHOWED YOU JUST WHAT THEY DO ACROSS THE WORLD, which they won't. In the information age, they wage a heavy media wars before actually bombing the shit out of civilians :) But you wouldn't know about that, because you live in a bubble :) Heh, you suggesting that those "African women and children" have low IQ, shows only that you are racist, and also a complete idiot who doesn't know what IQ is, and how it differs from knowledge. So go ahead and suck a dick, you provoking retard with IQ of 20 and knowledge pool of an average toddler :)
USA is the greatest country ever. Fuck all you European losers who hate on us, we saved your asses in both world wars so you should be thanking us.
+valleyvortex I agree, other countries make change, and that isn't just on the scale lol (Jk, not all Americans are fat)
All of you shut up. USA is the greatest country of alltime! Screw the rest of the world, especially europe.
a typical American Americans are so fucking dumb
+Dandiest Who Dandy oh puh-lease, loads of americans stereotype everyone else in the world so dont get all offended if the rest of the world does the same to you, what goes around, comes around
Going down flagging all the offensive comments towards Americans. :)
Bull fucking shit that 5th graders just know the capital of a random country. This is so fucking fake, she is still stupid though
Different schools have different orders in the stuff they teach. For example, one state might teach algebra in 10th grade, and one state might teach algebra in 9th grade.
You do realize that a kid WOULD KNOW BASIC GEOGRAPHY IN 5th GRADE. I learned about that stuff in second grade. Sorry for the rage, ignorance gets me mad.
Maybe you should first come to Europe and then make your shitty jokes.You Americans are not even a bit better than anyone since your "great country" is too stupid to do something right. If it's in political way or even in humanity I mean look at your whole system it's fucked up. And now you wanna mess up Europe too with your whole shittiness but guess what: WE DON'T NEED YOU
There was not one single shred of fact in that comment, just an opinion. You seem to think america is stupid because we are fucked up... And we are fucked up because we are stupid. I shall enjoy my extra large bacon stuffed crust pizza, my 50 inch tv and my guns, because i enjoy living a high quality of life. I dont know what its like in your country but eat a big mac, its a little taste of america. By the way, are we saying america, as in 2 entire continents are bad or just the united states? I kinda wanna know
I can't believe so many people are still wasting their time arguing because a few aliens that have probably never been to America think they know everything about it. Is it really that important that a few idiots hate america? congrats to them but I wouldn't waste anymore time arguing with them. They can look stupid if they want but I would let it go and let the other countries starve and whatever they would do if they didn't have us.
Oh the arrogant Europeans in this comment section make me laugh.Let's not forget how bad your country is as well,in fact I'll list down a few for you- -The most unstable continent before,during,and after the age of exploration. -Home of two of the longest wars in history-aka The hundred years war between Britain and France,and the Thirty years war between the Catholics and protestants. -Has enslaved,oppressed,or committed a genocide against nearly every race. -Lost a war to a country that didn't even have a formal military at the time -Had the most revolutions out of every Continent -Birth place of Hitler and Stalin,two of the most famous tyrants in history. -Britain and Russia were responsible for turning Germany into a septic tank after both world wars -Home of both world wars Do I need to go on anymore?
Wow just like to thank you guys for the hilarious comments it was an interesting read. A few opinions I'd like to share. ( take note just my opinion ) Stereotypes are there for a reason but you can't take it too literally for example being irish I have to deal with everybody thinking we are all drunks but that's not true. As a culture we base a lot of things around drinking e.g. weddings, funerals, etc but although we drink we do it for social reasons not to get drunk Lots of other cultures are similar the polish, Russian the French and their wine etc  So while the stereotype of us liking to drink is true but we're not drunks (also like to point out I have irish friends who don't drink) So the stereotype of Americans being stupid is something I don't agree with I do think that a large number of Americans are uneducated whether that is down to their poor education system or down to their media not giving them a better world view I don't know The other opinion I wanted to share is that the U.S. is really just an infant country in comparison to all the countries of Europe and they have a lot to learn. But I do think they need to sort out their problems at home before they stick their noses in to other countries problems.
+sharky0405 i definitely agree with you on sorting out our problems before sorting out others,and our Education System is piss poor.
+The Epic Ninja Sloth  Excuse me? I can track my family to 9 generations of Germans and Swedes and i live in Sweden, always have. i don't give a FUCK what YOU call it you imbecilic fucktard, i give a fuck about what is actually true. Europe is a continent to everyone who has ever passed third grade. Unless you are from Eastern Europe where education is mostly frowned upon, of course.
This is just so fucking typical. The reason everyone is bashing the Americans here is because you deserve it. All the anti-American comments are criticizing the peoples general attitude, whereas you yanks are just trying to prove us wrong with fucking statistics? Grow up. That's what makes every country outside of yours hate you : you're all obnoxious, narrow-minded bastards who need to take a look at reality. You all judge everyone by stereotype,I'm Irish, but I'm not drunk,ginger or short.
+kael austin Your IQ is not above 160 buddy.
Only0.00000001% of the world has an iq above 130and 100 is the average this woman was at 56
CAN SHE......?  Hopefully education developed little bit further since the lady left 3rd grade (ES)......     That's just another proof that beauty is not everything!
+davidaleman777 Ok, understood.....will see what I can do   hahahah!!!!!!!  :)
what can you do about us guys being dumb?.. o dear you can just love it or deal with it... xD haha
Hey everyone (especially Americans), if you REALLY want to know what England is like, I have a few shows for you, I listed them for what I think would be the most helpful first, to the least helpful: 1. The Inbetweeners 2. The only way is Essex 3. Life on the Dole 4. Big brother 5. Britain's got Talent 6. X Factor I hope these shows give you some insight into Britain before you make ridiculous stereotypes and comments, enjoy lads and lasses!
+Sam Bunker Essex is Englands New Jersey. Fake plastic wannabe's.
+Nephi Samuelson Yeah lol, that's plastic I could've been using for my GCSE controlled assessment. -_-
"America's population adds up to the I.Q. of 1." Then why am I American and have an I.Q. of 160? Anyone who makes that claim has to have facts to support what they say. Just because some hick from the South is nearly retarded, doesn't mean that nobody of an entire nation has passed 3rd grade. -_- Seriously
Hey, guys!  I just sat here and silently read that entire argument.  Let me just say that it was a pretty interesting way to boil away an entire half hour!  And what did it accomplish? Yup, that's YouTube.  Often times the comments are more interesting than the video.
What a sexist shitface dumbnuts is that game show host. He would lose his job if he said those things in Europe.
In Europe, there are many countries. Why do you speak for all? Europe is a continent, that's all. Do you know what is a joke? This guy just joked. Go be strange feminazi somewhere else :)
+Glov00 Yes indeed Europe is a continent, It also has social, fiscal and political unions within it. Within the EU there are common laws and rules, all these countries and more are members of the European Convention on Human Rights. It is under the later the host would likely be punished
If are countries ever go to war against one another, I blame the YouTube comments. You guys are making it really easy to shoot one another down and not care. Who the Fuck cares what country were from, we all humans and all have the exact same potential as a species. Argue all you want but every country has someone corrupt, stupid, rude, fat, etc how ever you want to insult them your country has them just the same.
I wish everyone would think like that, but too bad there will always be idiots and if you look to the comment section, I would say 80% of the people on youtube are ignorant racist people
Well she is a blonde soo....
Ok does anyone notice that the guy pronounces Hungary wrong? It's pronounced HUN-GEH-REE. He says HUN-GREE which is the same as hungry, hence the misunderstanding... 
Yes, I guess that makes sense. 
AMERICA is not a country either, neither is Europe. America is a damn continent.
If its the unnited states of america, then isn't it a state?
+Wynton Samuels It's an union of states I think... 
It's so funny to see hate comments against the United States. First, I must point out that we must be of importance to someone, because those from other countries are always speaking of us. Secondly, most Americans spend approximately 99.9% of their time NOT thinking of people from other countries. (Note: that is not a verified statistic, but one from experience.) Of the 24 hours that we spend in one day, the thought of Canada or England or France does not even cross our minds on a larger scale. Sometimes we even forget that they exist, to say in the politest terms. Finally, we certainly don't spend our time dissing other people's country. Making 15 lined comments of nothing that is relevant or that just might make their country a little more superior over the U.S. That just goes to show other people's fascination with us.
And the reason that most know so much about us is because they're obsessed. lol
Don't worry Americans, the people here in Europe are bad in geography too.  For example, German students don't know all the 16 capitals of the german states...and they call Americans stupid.... I bet at least half of a german school class don't knows the capital of hungary.
natan, bist du auch über die westboro baptist church hier gelandet?
He say: "hungry" but he was wrong. The name of the country is: "Hungary". Not same. But she is uneducated I think. 
All the Europeans calling her dumb..... yet they are the dumb ones who couldn't even figure out that she's trolling you. She's been to France many times, she's a famous singer who tours all over the world..... of course she knows it's a country..... it's called a fucking joke, even if you don't consider it funny, the fact you can't recognize basic sarcasm is pretty sad. And the "Turkey" joke was clever and hilarious, she's a lot smarter than all of you fucks
+BigApple2AM I think with that kind of energy we could colonies other solar systems and fly there every damn day faster them speed of light
lol she made blondes stupid as a living being i am offended and how did she graduate?
Earth is the greatest country ever! Fuck all you other countries who think you're the shit. Stupid non-Earthlings. Earth is obviously superior!
i know this is satire but earth is a piece o shit
So, you are beautiful, you have a good ass, boobs etc and moreover you want to be smart? Aren't you asking too much?
This is sad. Murica lol. Murica
American are so fucking stupid,and ugly,and America allways attack smaller country!!!!
+wallpain wall No dumbass Tesla did not create electricity.  He worked for Thomas Edison at one point.  Benjamin Franklin proved lighting was the same as electricity.  The first city to have electricity was in the United States.  So no, you are the idiot.
My country is the best duh, My town is the bestists too. I don't sound like a retard or anything. Your countries suck.
I highly doubt that you have been to all counties so you are in no place to say that
I thought I was stupid because when they asked the question I was like, "oh shit I don't know either..." and then she said Europe was a country and is France a country and I'm like... oh... I see....
Europe is becoming a superstate with its HQ in Brussels.
She's actually a comedian, her name is Kellie, she was also on Ellen...
I FOUND THE PROPHET!!! Quick grab the bomb vests and lets pray to Allah and practice some jihad
They should never put someone down..
nope she's right, France isn't a country neither is hungry.
I'm german, and I'm sad about that. Is this what you learn in american TV? Europe? A country? Seriously?
it's not "hungry" it's "Hungary"
+Pucok Don't Starve Don't worry. I proved him wrong on another video's comments section so now he's following me around being nothing but offensive. But I don't mind. He's just a pitiful sore looser.
+ChronicLogic Sorry, i'm taken. Nice try though ;D
She is exactly the reason why everybody in Europe thinks America is a big, fat, uneducated clusterfuck on the map.
Is she from Texas? Which was at one point its own sovereign nation.
This is why there is no cure for Cancer.
Your sir are a cunt. I would bet you yourself are pretty dumb. I'm sure of this because we all have short lived dumb moments. You should stop judging entire countries because of one dumb girl in a YouTube. Thanks
"... girl in a Youtube." is this even grammatically correct?
Heheheh, she doesn't get that they're laughing AT her.
Does the fact that nobody ever told her Budapest is the capital of Hungary really make her stupid?
No, but thinking that "Europe" is a country does.
Not that doesn't make her stupid.90% of the comment section wouldn't have known what it was the capital of ...but thinking Europe is a country, asking if France is a country... Or thinking Budapest might be the capital of France when everybody knows the capital of France ... Or not even knowing Hungary is a country and replying "I've heard of Turkey not hungry"..that definitely makes her stupid
The "a" in Hung"a"ry is also pronounced so the anchorman is one stupid motherfucker too.
I think America is a lovely country and Europe is a lovely continent. I'm saying this cos people are arguing over this topic.
+Buck Rogers You're seriously going to judge us on that? You're probably just joking around, but seriously?
+bailey cohen  What? Are the Americas not one country, you say? Seriously, watch the video and then read my reply, i'm inferring that if we are counting continents as nations then the Americas is one nation. It's not funny when you have to explain it. :(
i met an american who hadn't heard of Portugal he though i meant portland
Yeah, don't stereotype us on that. Everyone thinks we have the "better than anyone else" attitude, and therefore don't . Don't sink down to the level of these haters on the comments section. Thank you and good day.
Yeah america owns the world with Mcdonalds. Concerning the rest, Murica sucks. Even vietnam won the war against your lazy sorry fat ass.
Hello not everyone in America is fat. Your comment is just hateful. Hate breed a only violence and conflict. So you sir or madam just needs to shut up. By the way there is no America. There is North America and South America the continents, or the USA the country. Also the is the American nationality.
This show shouldn't be called Are you smarter than a fifth grader. They only call it that for one reason. When younger, your brain is still new, not to mention they get this all covered when they are young. They are kids probably studying these questions to be smarter than the contestants. They attend private schools with amazing sources and probably extra time tutors. It's a stupid show and makes other people look dumb.
+Dian Adams Lol you called me a "dummy"? And I'm not talking about these questions in particular. Just the rest from what I've seen on the show. The first grade questions are easy. It's the fifth grade questions that start getting hard not to mention those subjects haven't been taught to an adult for a while. You don't expect someone to know most formulas for algebra class when they do a simple internship job.
you almost have it right. It's not really the kids that are studying to be smarter (obviously they have to hand-pick students that do well to not make the education system look completely busted), but they also hand-pick contestants that aren't great (because it reels in the viewers)
Don't bother reading the comments.
She is a blonde she better go back to 3rd grade (from grandpa)
they may dumb as fuck but they can make war ...
Gosh I dislike intensely when people compare all Americans as you so call "dumb" when clearly this young lady was just nervous because she was being filmed I am sure she knew the real answer she just could not think straight
+Margaret Spear Um no. Thinking straight requires the ability to think.
groaning intensifies 
they were both idiots
get rrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkttttttttttttt
This can't be real. But it is.
Hungary?? Lol. "Ive heard of Turkey but..." Cracks me up every time!!!
They never taught me the Capital of  Budapest in 3rd grade and it was a private school.
Shit chill, I meant to say Hungary. I'll read before i post next time. God.
This was painful to watch
I'm American. My plan was to move to the UK when I graduate. Now I'm DEFINITELY going to.
+Tom Brock Well I just like what I've heard about Britain and I wanted go there. Now this just sent me the envelope with my plane ticket to London. 
lol i didnt even know that but i just thought of a country in europe and i got it right :D
and even if i didn't know the capital i at least knew that france was a country XD
Being a women? I'm a girl and I can name all countries of Europe plus capital cities. It's not that hard once you've learned it
America is a continent, not a country
sorry i thought u said usa is a continent nvm 
I wanna see Europeans naming the American states and their capitals. I'm European myself and I guess New York, California, Texas and Florida are the only states I could place on a map lol
+Rk gaming 03 also louisiana for its boot shape and crawfish 
+Rk gaming 03 How about Hawii and Alaska? I know they'd probably be obscure outside of the US, but they stick out like sore Michigan thumbs because one is ab island and one is at the top left of Canada.
She's dumb as fuck, but I bet she's an ace in sucking cocks.
David Crosswell Shared on Google+ · 18 hours ago
why the heck would you know anything about hungry ?
its called geography, i think we all took it in school, i know i did, i must have been the only one paying attention
She's a symbol of a dying empire. Try to cope with it. Good luck!
So, she represents all of America? Seems legit.
I think she's a darling. It's okay with me that she didn't know. She's still good company.
She may not have her geography down but what the host of the show said about women is WAY more stupid than her not knowing the answer to her question!
I was thinking the same thing could have been said about men. My interpretation is that he was just going for a gag.
I would've laughed my ass of if she said to Nathan "Good job, but you mispelled it." after he got it right XD
Americans are so fucking stupid, if you would just do the world a favor and kill yourselves, we'd all deeply appreciate it, fucking scumbags
+george hassard I'm an American. I'm not saying America is dumb, but what does going to the moon and being rich have to do with our IQ? I hate our "Murica!" stereotype.
As stupid as Kelly is, if she couldn't sing she'd be getting fucked in the ass for a living 
you'd like that wouldnt you?
Stupid, thick, blonde Yank cunt stick.
+Tom Brock Indeed your right, of course not all Americans are stupid. And not all blondes are thick. But on this occasion it is indeed embarrassing .Apoligies for my sterotisum. Have a great day sir. 
Good day to you to, sir.
I thought Europe WAS a country. Wtf? American people are stupid
Even Nathan is literally about to explode
TrialWith AnError Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
I think we just discovered negative intelligence...
Of Course she's stupid she's american
What about the fifth grader? I don't think one idiot represents the entire country.
Is this the average geographical knowledge of the Americans?...God Help Us...LOL....
She probably didn't have a good education.
I have actually met someone even more stupid than her!
This woman is great, but US education is bad.... but not much - knowing any of such small countries worldwide and far away of USA  makes not much sense.  But those TV shows like such non-sense questions.
No, sadly this is real..
I feel ashamed that I never learned geography in 3rd grade. ;-; So I actually don't know the answer in this.
Dear world, Please don't take it that all of America is like this. This is only typical of the south. We want them gone too, trust me. Our education system will once again be up to specs for it.  Sincerely, An American who has opened a book to learn that wasn't the bible.
If the networks wants her to, then yes, she CAN be THAT stupid.
Albert Dandl Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
ganz tief.............................
0:31  The kld is like 'Bitch please! xD'
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